In a Democracy, Opposition to the New World Order is Not Permitted

Below are two German-language articles, both translated by Hellequin GB, that bear on the current conflict in Ukraine. Russia has been the aggressor, but the casus belli that prompted it was designed and engineered by the CIA, the State Department, the bankers, and George Soros — in short, by the New World Order.

The first article concerns possible legal consequences for anyone in Germany or Czechia who publicly fails to support Ukraine. I’ve also read that a similar law is in effect in Slovakia, but the penalties are more draconian, with a possible sentence of ten years or more.

From the German-language service of RT:

Czech Republic: Up to three years in prison for “pro-Russian” statements

The Czech public prosecutor’s office has warned its citizens against criminal liability for “pro-Russian” statements in connection with the military conflict in Ukraine. In Germany, too, criminal law has norms under which consent to Russian action in Ukraine could be punishable.

The Czech Prosecutor General’s Office in Prague has issued a warning that “pro-Russian” statements related to the Russian intervention in Ukraine would be punishable as “condoning crimes” or “denying, questioning, condoning or justifying genocide”. According to the latter norm (Section 405 of the Czech Criminal Code), a prison sentence of one to three years is mandated.

The statement by the Attorney General states that the right to freedom of expression would take a back seat in this respect. Specifically, the following public behavior is warned of:

If anyone publicly (including at demonstrations, on the internet or on social media) condones (accepts or supports) the Russian Federation’s attacks on Ukraine or, in this context, expresses support for or praises the leaders of the Russian Federation, may he or she may, under certain conditions, also be prosecuted for condoning a crime under Section 365 of the Criminal Code or for denying, questioning, condoning or justifying genocide under Section 405 of the Criminal Code.

There are also norms in German criminal law that correspond to the cited laws. This is § 140 StGB, which provides for a fine or imprisonment of up to three years as a sanction for “rewarding or approving of crimes”. However, according to legal experts, denying genocide is punishable if it is a legally recognized genocide. In particular, denying the Holocaust is a punishable offense in Germany.

In view of the current heated mood in Germany, it is advisable to be careful when making statements about current events.

The second article describes the explicit public support expressed by a Ukrainian MP, who says she fights to defend the New World Order.

From the Swiss portal UncutNews:

MP of Ukraine: “We are fighting not only for Ukraine, but also for the New World Order”

Ukrainian MP Kira Roedik of the liberal and pro-European party Holos said on Fox News on Sunday that she and her team remain in Kyiv to fight. “We are part of the resistance. We are armed. We are ready to fight.”

“We fought against Putin for eight years,” added Roedik. “This is a crucial moment because we know that we are not only fighting for Ukraine. We fight for the New World Order, for the democratic countries. We knew that we would be the shield for Europe. We knew that we would protect not only Ukraine. We protect all the countries that will follow if we fail. That’s why we mustn’t fail.”


A few days ago, the deputy published a photo posing with a Kalashnikov. She wrote that she is learning how to use a Kalashnikov and preparing to take up arms. The post has been liked more than 300,000 times.

Earlier this month, Roedik announced that criminal proceedings are pending against the Holos party for its economic activities.

Late last year , at a roundtable on cooperation between Russia and South American countries, former Bolivian President Evo Morales said that “new world order policies are aimed at thinning out the ‘superfluous population’”.

The “redundant population” refers to the elderly and people with disabilities. In some cases, poor and ordinary people are also seen as a problem for capitalism, Morales said.

Afterword from the translator:

If the Devil is looking on, he must be rubbing his hands with glee, for even in his demesne there can be no spectacle more demonic than this.

6 thoughts on “In a Democracy, Opposition to the New World Order is Not Permitted

  1. Truth be told, the “marketing” of the current government in the Czech Republic was really good. Even I was surprised how they go and propose things with which I would agree – dropping the corona measures, etc… Although it was clear from the beginning that this government is an Euro++ Government, and I didn’t trust them from the start. And – I guess I was right.

    They dropped the mask by pushing in a “Pandemic Law” at the time they dropped all pandemic measures and mandates: This law basically made all the mandates – a law. Funny how they pushed it through while having no mandates in effect. Ach well – if the pandemic comes back – forced isolation and restriction of freedom of movement and freedoms for enterprise will be set in law, and offences will be punishable by million Krona fines and years in prison…

    And now – the new this Czech Euro++ government shut down fringe websites in the corners of the Czech internet: basically trampling down freedom of speech.

    And to top it off – our iDiot in chief, Prime Minister Fiala, speaks like he was Churchill in 1939, calling out Russia as our greatest enemy… I mean, Czechs generally don’t like Russia, but this rhetoric is over the top, and in the end, it will only harm average Czechs again.

    All the internet trolls who supported Corona Madness TM now turned anti-Russian madman, calling for “deportations of all Russians”, even “hanging all russians and all russian collaborants” – I mean, I don’t know where they are getting their scripts from, but they sound like the brown shirts in 1930’s Germany, literally. It’s a scary stuff, in my opinion. Very much like the 1984 “two minutes of hate” stuff, and “Oceania has always been at war with Euroasia” stuff.

    • Wrong, they sound like the czecks would said the same thing about the Germans after WW2

  2. The globalists commie Nazis, it seems to me they are very very desperate now,

    Without let or hindrance, there masks have come off,
    The globalists gangsters are in full overdrive,
    are now attacking full on everything Russian, and even creating laws to imprison people who don’t share the same views or dare to support Russia.

    This is communist full on tyranny! Facsism and looks like 1939 Nazi germany is upon us.

    *Putin pulled out the rug from under them, and has said no to their nwo plan. We need the Russian army to roll into the Uk, europe also to free us the people from these Nazi communist tyrants that are holding their own citizens to ransom, and murdering there own citizens.

    Now davos globalists soros gates Biden Uk eu, are trying to turn the whole world against Russia, cancel culture,
    to try to force compliance to them, to cancel Russia,
    They even banning Russian sportsmen women.

    Pure EVIL is operating, the western countries must be taken down, the people must revolt and overthrow western traitor goverments! Force now is the only way.

    Just like they try to force people to take the depopulation .

    ***Is the invasion into Ukraine real, or is putin really in with the schwab davos killers?

    The globalists wanted putin to invade, they provoked it.

    ***Putin was a member of the so called “young global leaders group” in Davos 30 years ago. This seems true.

    Is putin for real? Or Has he come over to the side of humanity? And god?
    And thrown a spanner into the plan of the evil globalists mass murderers?

    It’s clear that people in each country must now overthrow the globalists and force is the only way to get them out.

    We need the Russian army to free us all from these globalists tyrants who are running amok Genociding the human race,
    Spraying us like cockroaches from the skys with poisons.

    People must get armed and act, the globalists governments must all be taken down asap,mor humanity is finnished.

  3. Did this Ukrainian MP say “New World Order” in capital letters? Or did she say it in lowercases? That is very important since if she said “new world order” in lowercases then I would agree with her. Russia’s defeat will definitely establish a new world order where Russia (for some time) will not be able to attack its neighbors with conventional weapons. Dear Baron. Calm down and remember of Chechen’ units of Russian army, which have been murdering innocent Ukrainian civilians. Gates of Vienna are in the Ukraine at the moment.

  4. ‘MP of Ukraine: “We are fighting not only for Ukraine, but also for the New World Order”’
    Isn’t that all that needs to be said?
    I DO NOT want to live under Clown Slob thank you.

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