Liberty Convoy En Route to Paris

Inspired by the truckers’ convoy in Canada, a large number of people set off from various provincial locations in France, converging on Paris to protest the vax mandate and other repressive Corona measures. The group then departed for Brussels, but as I understand it, they were blocked from entering the center of the capital of the EU. Instead they were allowed to park their vehicles and walk to the government district of Brussels to continue their demonstration there.

The following video shows enthusiastic participants in the French convoy gathering in Toulon, Lyon, Avignon, and Dijon for the trip to Paris.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Liberty! Liberty! Liberty!
00:05   Thank you, “Macaron”! It’s all thanks to him!
00:08   He wanted to piss us off; well, today we love each other!
00:11   He wanted to divide us; we are all united!
00:15   I’m going up to Paris for our liberty, for the children, for everything.
00:19   We left our small child, who is four years old, with Grandma and left for this adventure,
00:23   for the liberation. At the moment, I’m reporting for Brut from Toulon.
00:26   I’m traveling with one of the Convoys For Freedom
00:29   that left from Nice on Tuesday. So, what you need to know is that others have left from several
00:33   French cities and will converge and meet in the capital [Paris] this evening.
00:38   Avignon
00:42   Just moments before departure, and as you see, there’s such solidarity.
00:46   There’s quite a selection on offer for breakfast before leaving.
00:50   It is fabulous, because in fact in the beginning we felt alone,
00:54   and then there’s this whole emulation and we make it grow even larger
00:59   until we find a sense of what we are doing, which bring us straight to a freedom
01:05   that we had completely lost. —What liberty are you reclaiming exactly with this convoy?
01:10   Freedom. It’s the freedom of movement. It’s the freedom to live normally.
01:15   It’s the freedom to go to a restaurant. We demand that our children
01:19   stop being suffocated by all these masks, by all these protocols,
01:23   by all these tests that are going to suffocate them as time goes by and
01:27   that will make them neurotic people, adults who are not comfortable in their own skin.
01:34   Liberty! “The day of glory has arrived! Against us, tyranny’s bloody standard is raised…”
01:50   So, just behind me you see the Canadian flag. Quite simply because the Convoy for Freedom
01:54   started first in Canada. It was the truck drivers who crossed the country
01:58   to protest against the vaccination obligation.
02:03   How is it being organized logistically, because it’s several days? —There are supplies,
02:07   there are trucks, the solidarity is huge, it’s impressive. There’s food, drink; there’s everything.
02:15   Really, it is the best. It’s been an amazing feat of organisation,
02:19   we had the tears in our eyes already three times yesterday. We cried.
02:23   It was so beautiful and moving, and voilà. Over here, there are really a lot of people
02:28   who arrived between yesterday and today… It’s beautiful.
02:33   Lyon
02:41   Liberty! Liberty! Liberty!
02:46   The participants in the convoy are arriving in Lyon and there are logistics in place to feed
02:50   the hundreds of people who are arriving on site and who are very hungry,
02:54   because the drive was long today between Avignon and Lyon.
03:02   Yeah!
03:05   So now, it’s a little after 8am and you have hundreds of vehicles parked in the parking lot
03:10   just behind me, near Lyon, which are going to take to the road again towards Dijon,
03:13   and then, the last few kilometers straight to Paris, before Brussels.
03:17   Dijon
03:21   As you can see here, there is a welcoming committee at each milestone. Here we’re in Dijon,
03:25   for example, and you have about 100 to 200 people who are there
03:29   to encourage those who participate in this convoy.
03:39   What motivates me is everything. On the one hand the vaccine passport.
03:43   There are also other things like… like all these increases in diesel, electricity…
03:47   Everything is going wrong, everything is going wrong.
03:51   People are at the end of their rope. They can’t take any more and we have to do something about it.
03:55   The Yellow Vests protested over, let’s say, the price of gasoline,
04:00   and we saw the protests and it was over gas being €1.50.
04:04   Now we are at €1.70, but it’s not just about that. It’s all the VAT [Value Added Taxes].
04:08   The citizens want to be able to fill their fridge at the end of the month.
04:12   To afford to take their children to the cinema, to a restaurant, or on vacation.
04:17   They want to enjoy life, simply enjoy life.
04:21   Working is necessary, there’s no problem there, but people also want to enjoy the simple things,
04:26   and they want to become once again a showcase to the world
04:30   in regard to democracy, citizenship and for human rights.
04:34   So, the this convoy’s objective is to go to Paris. An arrival is planned for this evening, and then
04:38   for some of them, it is on to Brussels, to be as close as possible to the European institutions
04:42   and where other Convoys of Freedom from across Europe are expected.

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  1. Go European people to this EU, mafia and destroy them like here in Canada they almost are done with this spineless vaccine dealer Justin Treu-dope ,, He have to go !!

    • Did you think I did not know that, you ridiculous goat?

      I mentioned the fact that afterwards they were stopped outside of Brussels, and forced to proceed on foot. Perhaps you should read more closely.

    • I’ll recapitulate what I said to the previous commenter:

      Did you think I did not know that, you caviling ankle-biter?

      I mentioned the fact that afterwards they were stopped outside of Brussels, and forced to proceed on foot. Perhaps you should read more closely.

      • Title your queefs correctly, based in factual reality, Controlled OP GRIFTER.

        • My title was precisely correct. The video chronicles the convoy when it was EN ROUTE to Paris, not after it had arrived. It was not promoted as current news; this isn’t a breaking news site.

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