Culture-Enriching Sex Gangster in Leipzig

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the regional German news website TAG24:

Woman Raped for Hours on the Street: Leipzig Police are Looking for This Sex Gangster

Leipzig — He is small but highly dangerous: The Leipzig police are chasing a sex gangster who overpowered a woman last Saturday and raped her for hours.

[Three photos of perpetrator]

It was around 9:30 p.m. when the stranger got on a number 16 tram at the main station. It is still unclear to the police whether he followed the 20-year-old who was also getting on the tram or whether he only noticed her on the train. Based on the tram interior, the investigators know that it is a small man measuring 1.71 meters [5’7″]. The young woman got out at the Eutritzscher Zentrum stop, and the stranger followed her. When he thought he was unobserved, the sex gangster struck. He grabbed the young woman, threatened her massively and violated her. And not just once. The victim experienced this ordeal for almost two hours, which Leipzig investigators rate as a “particularly drastic case”. The police are keeping the details secret for tactical investigative reasons.

Just this much: When the criminal finally let go of the 20-year-old at around 11:30 p.m. on Apelstrasse, she was injured and had to be taken to medical care immediately.

Tram platform photo

Street corner photo

Rapist wore those grey work gloves

The search for the unknown perpetrator began that same night. In the days that followed, numerous police officers swarmed out and questioned residents and passers-by in Eutritzsch. But so far there is no trace of the sex gangster. The police databases have not spit out anything usable either, due to the few uncovered facial surfaces that can be seen on the images from the tram video surveillance. Since it cannot be ruled out that the pervert will strike again, the police are urgently looking for information from the public. The perpetrator is said to be about 21 years old and of slim build. Striking: He was wearing a dark jacket with white zippers and work gloves, such as those found in hardware stores. His nationality is not yet known, the police said. The police hotline is available around the clock for information — number: 0341/96646666.

Afterword from the translator:

Those mask mandates are really protecting the people, aren’t they? It’s just the wrong ones.

Also, since the perp wears a mask and isn’t of Black African descent, the picture — which isn’t of the greatest quality — could be safely published since it could be ANYONE who’s male and isn’t Black or Asian (not the British definition).

While growing up and living in Germany for the first 22 years of my life, I can count on the fingers of one hand the “rapes” that happened and I remember that they became NATIONAL NEWS for days on end, not just a byline in a local newspaper. How Multicultists have changed the face and life of/in my former home country. No wonder I’ll never go back there again.

4 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Sex Gangster in Leipzig

  1. I wouldn’t be so sure it wasn’t a Nafri. It could have been a Somali in whiteface.

  2. I would like to add to the afterword of the translator.
    The first time I walked through Düsseldorf Main Train Station Hauptbahnhof (that was in 1989) I think I saw two foreigners.
    When I walk through the same train station today at least 50% are foreigners.

    • Yep, I can imagine that.
      Düsseldorf Main Train Station was always our first stop towards home from Venlo on a Friday when we travelled home from boot-camp during our National Military Service.
      We had there 2.5 hours waiting time to catch the train to Cologne and home.
      We always went into the Altstadt for a few beers, one in each bar and we never managed in these three month to go to them all.
      I don’t think I saw any NAFRI roaming around and the very few Blacks we saw were mostly American Servicemen.
      That was in ’87.

      • I can agree with this. I was there 86-87 as a serviceman. Have been through this train station many times.

        My mother in law is from Dusseldorf

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