What a Drag!

Last Sunday a group of “French” culture-enrichers took a little joy ride in a Paris suburb and entertained themselves by grabbing three different pedestrians by the arm and dragging them along the road at speed until they fell, all the while recording their high-spirited mischief.

Below are three articles and a video about what happened in Noisy-le-Sec that night. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating the articles and the Swedish subtitles on the video, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the English subtitling:

Below is a brief English-language report on the incident from Remix News (hat tip Reader from Chicago):

French Police Launch Investigation After ‘Gratuitous’ Footage of Thugs Dragging Elderly Victims From Car Goes Viral on Social Media

French police have thanked social media users who reported disturbing footage of assaults on a number of elderly citizens, including one reportedly homeless man, confirming that an active investigation into the incident was now underway.

Amateur cellphone footage unearthed on Sunday showed a group of individuals driving a vehicle through an unconfirmed French city, grabbing the arms of elderly pedestrians and proceeding to drive off at speed, causing their victims to run alongside the vehicle and exert themselves before they were released by their attackers and thrown to the pavement.

This is a translated report from the French radio service Europe 1:

Seine-Saint Denis: A driver has fun dragging pedestrians while driving

January 10, 2022

An investigation has been opened after the dissemination of a video showing a driver who has fun by grabbing and dragging two pedestrians until they fall, Sunday at Noisy-le-Sec (Seine Saint-Denis), we have learned Monday through police sources. Multiple reports have been posted on the Pharos Platform.

“An investigation has immediately been initiated to identify the perpetrators of this gratuitous attack,” tweeted the prefecture of police in Paris, indicating that it resulted from multiple Internet reports on Pharos, a platform created in 2009 to report illicit content and behavior online.


Prefecture of Police

The Prefecture of Police thank the internet users who transmitted this video on the Pharos reporting portal. An investigation has immediately been initiated to identify the perpetrators of this gratuitous attack.

A video captioned, “Evening giggles”

The amateur video, captioned “Evening giggles”, joins two extracts each of which lasts a few seconds. The passenger films the driver, who holds onto a man while continuing to drive, which forces the victim to run until falling to the ground. Then it is the turn of another man to be subjected to the same. “Wallah (Arabic for ‘I swear by God’), you are going to run!” the driver tells him. “Stop your bull****!” “Stop, I’m going to fall!” the pedestrian begs, held by the hand.

The scenes provoked hilarity on the part of the occupants of the vehicle. One of the victims, in his 60s, filed a complaint for the events that played out early Sunday morning, indicated a police source. The man was lightly injured in sprawling onto the road and suffered head and body contusions, she stated. The perpetrators were being actively sought on Monday.

The final article, also translated from Europe 1, reports on the arrest of the alleged perpetrators:

Pedestrians dragged by car: A retiree files a complaint, two individuals arrested

by William Molinie
January 11, 2022

The police have arrested two individuals suspected of dragging pedestrians by car on the streets of Noisy-le-Sec, in Seine-Saint-Denis, and of filming the action. In a complaint statement that Europe 1 gained access to, a retiree aged 67, tells of being dragged about 100 meters.

Some of the facts were reported by many internet users on the government platform, Pharos. In Seine-Saint-Denis, at Noisy-le-Sec, a motorist had fun by catching some pedestrians while driving, forcing them to run so as not to fall. According to information received by Europe 1, two individuals have been arrested: The driver, Amin B., 24 years of age, and the passenger who filmed the scene, Davnys F., 23 years of age. A total of three victims have now been identified, including a retiree, first name Ali, age 67.

The retiree being held wanted to get a coffee

In the complaint statement by the retiree that Europe 1 had access to, the man tells of going to the bar Pyramids at Noisy-le-Sec Sunday around 7:45 to get a coffee. “A Renault Clio vehicle with four young men, aged 20-25. They asked me for a cigarette. I then approached the car to give them one”, he explains in his complaint. “He grabbed my hand, he wouldn’t let me go, he accelerated,” he explains to the Europe 1 microphone.

It was then that the 67-year-old retiree went a distance of about 100 meters, “before the driver let go. I fell headfirst on the ground/tarmac. I knew the driver by sight, I had already seen him in another bar,” adds Ali. He sustained injuries in his legs, arms, face, and hips, but his prognosis is not life-threatening*. In total, Ali has 45 days of temporary interruption of his work (ITT).

“If you withdraw your complaint, the guy will give you €1,000 tonight”

In front of the Europe 1 microphone, the retiree confirmed that a person who came to the police station Tuesday morning and offered him money. “He told me, ‘if you withdraw your complaint, the guy will give you €1,000 tonight’ (Monday). I told him, ‘I am not withdrawing my complaint, I am not interested, I have things to take care of,” Ali says. The retiree from Noisy-le-Sec explains that the police told him to avoid returning to the cafe, while waiting for the case to play out. “It seems that the guy has an older brother who is a bigger bandit than him. I don’t want to take a stray bullet or be attacked again,” adds the 67-year-old retiree.

The suspects are unfavorably known to police

According to Europe 1’s information, the implicated individuals have committed the same acts against two other victims, one not yet identified, another, a woman, having filed her complaint Tuesday morning. The suspects are both unfavorably known to the police; the second, who took the video, on probation and for recidivism for group violence with a gun.

*   Translator’s note: The French term, “engagé” is an official medical prognosis. I have chosen the term “life-threatening” as the closest English equivalent. Others may choose “serious”.

Video transcript:

00:12   I swear by God, you’re going to run. —Stop [unintelligible]! —I swear by God, you’re going to run!
00:15   Stop, I’m going to fall! —Stop your bulls***!
00:24   Stop! Stop, I’m going to fall!

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