“The System is Now at the Level of the DDR in 1989”

Markus Gärtner is a German journalist and vlogger. He writes for Politically Incorrect and acts as the editor of the YouTube channel Politik Spezial — Stimme der Vernunft (Politics Special — Voice of Reason).

In the following video Mr. Gärtner reads an email from a participant in one of the “Monday Walks” where citizens protest vax policies.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Today I just want to read you a short email
00:06   from a viewer of our channel.
00:10   And I want to leave that completely uncommented, because the email actually says it all.
00:15   It’s anonymous, and you’ll see why in a moment.
00:20   A viewer writes to me: Hello Mr. Gärtner,
00:23   yesterday, at the age of 58, for the first time I went
00:28   for a “WALK” in Frankfurt.
00:32   An impressive experience, because you experience first hand
00:35   not being alone in your resistance to a repressive state.
00:40   The participants were all peaceful people like you and me.
00:45   A few absurdly scattered counter-demonstrators
00:48   who yelled at us: “bourgeois”, “Nazis out”.
00:51   I assume there was a kind of traveling Antifa circus here.
00:56   Now to the real reason for my writing:
01:00   For some time I have been attending a clandestine resistance meeting
01:04   of unvaccinated people that regularly takes place at a free thinker,
01:09   and it is getting ever bigger. Among the participants are two police officers
01:15   with whom I am close friends , and who were on duty yesterday, of all days.
01:22   I know from conversations that they rigorously reject the measures
01:26   and actions taken by the police leadership,
01:29   and that they are in a serious internal conflict.
01:32   One of the two recognized me yesterday at the demo
01:36   and wrote me that I should not reveal myself to him,
01:42   because a lot of state security agents were present.
01:45   It seems to me that the system is now
01:48   at the level of the DDR in 1989.
01:52   Carry on with your valuable work.