The Corona Gestapo in Harpstedt

It appears that police in the German city of Harpstedt, near Bremen, became a trifle over-zealous in their suppression of “walkers” who opposed the mandate for the experimental mRNA treatment — colloquially referred to as a “vaccine” — that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Kreiszeitung, a local daily in Lower Saxony:

Harsh criticism of the police

“Vaccination opponents driven almost like pigs through the village”

Harpstedt — Passersby accuse the police of an excessively harsh approach to the recent “walk” by opponents of compulsory vaccination in Harpstedt. A married couple who were not among the “demonstrators” at all were nevertheless “right in the middle instead of just there” against their will. “My wife and I actually have confidence in the police, but that has been shaken slightly since Tuesday evening,” Matthias Bystron openly admits. According to his assessment, the proportionality of the means has not been maintained. The police, by screaming, speeding through the 30 km/h zone without any recognizable necessity and unnecessary harshness, acted more to promote escalation.

In his eyes, the “walkers” of the 40-plus generation that Matthias Bystron noticed were completely harmless and by no means “radical”. Nevertheless, the police were said to have been extremely “ rough” with them. His wife Katrin Müller does not hesitate to describe the appearance of the “citizens” in uniform much more drastically. Although the “walkers” neither rolled out banners nor uttered slogans, they were “herded through the village almost like pigs”.

According to their own statement, the couple from Harpstedt found themselves completely surprisingly in the middle of the action. “We just wanted to get to our car,” the 60- and 54-year-olds recall. On Long Street, they were instructed in a very harsh tone by an officer, who only revealed himself as a “self-declared head of operations” when asked. “I felt as if I had burglarized something and was arrested because of it,” says Katrin Müller.
In principle, of course, the police have the right to carry out personal checks, her husband admits. Nevertheless, he expects that an officer who stops him will briefly introduce himself in a matter-of-fact tone and make it clear why he is intervening. However, he does not expect to be yelled at, as happened on Tuesday. When asked to explain “the measure,” the official replied, “the measure is that we are a political group.” He, Bystron, replied: “This is not a measure. Now, please, explain to me why you’re stopping me! I’m willing to identify myself, but I disagree with the way you’re treating me. We can also clarify that with your department head in Wildeshausen.” The official did not want the latter.

He then wanted to issue a “banishment” [obviously meaning a sending-off]. “You can’t because I’m a resident,” Bystron claims to have replied. In the further course of the conversation, the police officer became friendlier, no longer shouting, but explained factually that he was acting according to the Infection Protection Act.

“Why are they running?”

Meanwhile, the situation on the other side of the street had escalated. Katrin Müller recalls that not only two, but even three officers, including a policewoman, ran towards a man who weighed between 60 and 70 kilograms and was “thrown on the floor like a mannequin.” She still asked herself: “Why are they running?”

The “walker”, whose face, according to Matthias Bystron, had fear written all over it, turned around but did not run away. The accounts contradict each other on this point: when asked by our newspaper, the police reported that the man had tried to evade the identity check. “We didn’t catch what was said between him and the officers,” Bystron admits.

Raced “like the insane”

After the incident, his wife claims to have complained to the “self-declared head of operations” in clear words: “Did you see that? Aren’t you ashamed? I am a native of Bremen. My uncle was a port senator there. 15 years. We have a Lebanese clan in Bremen. If you followed them like that, with seven police cars and 16 officers, I would have the deepest respect for you.”

The couple also considers the other behaviour of the law enforcement to be excessive. “Like the mentally ill,” the officials drove through Harpstedt “at full speed” in seven cars, remembers Katrin Müller.

The “walkers” were shouted at, describes her husband. He has a different idea of how a citizen in uniform should treat his fellow citizens, and that is with respect. “I want to feel safe walking around town at night and not get yelled at like a felon.”

However, he could only advise the “walkers”: “Register the demo, put on a mask! And keep your distance!”

Contrary to expectations, the Delmenhorst/Oldenburg-Land/Wesermarsch Police Inspectorate is now silent on the allegations by witnesses that the police intervened disproportionately hard and even promoted escalation during the “walk” by opponents of compulsory vaccination on Tuesday evening in Harpstedt. On Thursday afternoon she announced a statement to our newspaper on Friday. The day after, the press spokeswoman promptly “backed down”. The surprising waiver of a statement is justified with “ongoing administrative offense proceedings in connection with the events of the gathering.”

Afterword from the translator:

Just looked it up: Harpstedt has 4727 inhabitants. Quite a police turnout, wouldn’t you say?

It’s getting tighter for them. They soon no longer know how to prevent these protests peacefully.

Those who are afraid make mistakes. I wonder when the first “Walker” will be killed by these State-thugs?

The people just need to remember that fear drives all humans in this world. Those who wield it, WIN. So, learn to, and then carry on wielding it.

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  1. These police officers don’t live in barracks, safe behind a fence. They live in the same communities as the people they abuse. This abuse will continue until it is addressed at the neighborhood level.

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