Spain Ends Corona Restrictions Because Almost Everyone is Vaxed

The following video reports that Spain has decided to relax its COVID-19 regulations. It’s not because the Spanish have decided that they value freedom, however — it’s because more 90% of the population has now been double-jabbed.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Spain has proposed a change in the method of dealing with the pandemic,
00:04   with the goal of returning to normality.
00:07   The Spanish Minister of Health affirms that the thorough controls
00:11   done with Covid tests could be removed at the end of the month,
00:14   in order to start treating Covid as endemic, like the flu.
00:18   Dr. Jeffrey Lazarus doesn’t think this is a new approach.
00:22   I think it deals more with politics, rather than with public health.
00:25   Every time there is a new Covid wave, they propose something new.
00:28   At first they just spoke of the use of masks, outdoors.
00:31   Now they even want to stop counting the cases, and to stop testing.
00:34   The WHO says to be cautious.
00:37   Despite the global momentum for vaccination, with almost ten billion doses
00:41   administered already, there are still shortcomings.
00:44   The governments in charge are supposed to think of how to face the next elections.
00:49   But they also need to implement a real public health approach.
00:53   Restrictions can be reduced when the cases decrease.
00:56   This doesn’t mean that they cannot be reintroduced if the cases —
01:00   and hospitalizations particularly — increase.
01:03   If there is a new variant. Or if we find out that we need an extra booster shot.
01:08   It is likely that the decision of downgrading Covid
01:12   to the status of flu will be opposed by both Germany and France,
01:16   where the acceptance of vaccination continues to be low, compared to Spain,
01:19   where more than the 90% of the adult population has already had the two doses of vaccine.