Beware the Jabberwock!

I must confess that I was shocked — shocked! — to learn that there are hoaxters among those who promote the experimental mRNA treatments for the Wuhan Coronavirus. What happened to the incorruptible physicians of the utmost probity who previously inhabited the profession?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

“Impfluencer-Gate” [Jabberwocky-Gate*]: The alleged intensive care doctor on Twitter was a PR fake

The case of the Twitter account “Narkosedoc” shows the pathetic tricks that the pro-government nudge-and-frame agitators of vaccination propaganda play within Germany as well. The alleged doctor gave his 56,000 followers on Twitter supposedly shocking impressions of the Corona frontline in an intensive care unit. Now it turns out: everything was fraud and swindle.

The finance professor emeritus Stefan Homburg, who has distinguished himself as a tireless critic of the Corona measures and incorrect databases since the beginning of the so-called pandemic, managed to thoroughly demystify this “impfluencer” at the beginning of the week. He researched the background of the suspect “narcotics doctor”. There are many more testimonials of this sort to be found, primarily on Twitter. They claim to be surgeons, emergency physicians, intensive care physicians or otherwise, but do not use real names or provide any other specific information that could be used to identify them.

Narkosedoc is one of the most well-known “impfluencers”. He claims to work in a Corona intensive care unit in North Rhine-Westphalia and reports in a highly dramatic style, always bordering on kitsch, about the life-threatening consequences of the virus and his alleged everyday hospital life on the front line. In addition, of course, he does massive vaccination propaganda and tends to denigrate anyone who denies that the health system is overburdened by Sars-CoV-2 or who is skeptical about vaccinations.

Homburg has now found out through a security hole that the alleged doctor is actually a PR team run by women. They work for the “Doccheck” portal, which claims to be “the largest community for medical professionals in Europe.” Behind this in turn is the agency of the doctor and dentist Frank Antwerpes, whose financiers, ironically, include the vaccine manufacturer Pfizer.

Since the scam was uncovered, Narkosedoc has only been available on Twitter to its followers. Before that, however, he fired a full broadside at Homburg: “One day the humbug disciples will choke on one of those easily digestible bites that the confused professor throws at them every day.” Other profiles of this kind were also suddenly changed to “private,” and are therefore no longer generally visible.

It is thus becoming increasingly clear that said fake propaganda profile is not an isolated case — and that the Twitter profiles of alleged doctors who, out of sheer concern about Corona, are constantly calling for vaccinations (and otherwise pushing them on anyone who does not want to comply) are about orchestrated PR campaigns by pharmaceutical lobbyists and other interested parties. Cruel interest politics is being pursued here, taking advantage of the trust that most people have in the medical profession.

In an unconvincing but perfectly balanced statement, “Doccheck” denies having anything to do with the creation of Narkosedoc’s contributions and threatens to “consistently report personal or sexist attacks against existing or former employees.”

Amusingly, when asked what annoys him most, Doctor Antwerpes once replied: “People who stick to pointless rules.” However, this apparently did not prevent him from making himself a ruthless propagandist of such rules.

*   “Impfluencer” is a German portmanteau word that contains the stem for “vaccine” (Impf-) plus “influencer”. It was impossible to render the pun adequately in English, so we chose a different wordplay, JABberwocky, to use as a substitute.

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  1. If I recall correctly, Jabberwocky was an Old or Middle English term for excessive and mindless speech, usually between those who gossiped intensely. Then afterwards they would want their carbs fix and so they would indulge in a Snickers snack, and then get back to it.

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