Italian Ambulance Driver: The Vaxed End up in ICU

There’s nothing like a shouting match on Italian television — it makes a Hannity talking-head session look somnolent by comparison.

In the following clip from an Italian talk show, the screeching women on the panel are silenced long enough for an ambulance driver to explain to them that fully vaxed people catch Corona and end up in intensive care.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   That person is supposed to represent science, to have an institutional attitude.
00:07   He is laughing at a person who got ill.
00:12   Do you know what he meant by that phrase? He is quoting
00:15   Povia’s song to make fun of him, because he got ill.
00:18   It is exactly as if an anti-vaxxer decided to make fun of a vaccinated person who got ill anyway.
00:24   Again? A person who got three doses of vaccine will not get ill.
00:28   He will not end up in intensive care. How the hell is a person supposed to tell you this?
00:33   Aren’t you ashamed of spreading fake news?
00:37   Scientifically fake? So there is no such thing as an adverse effect?
00:41   There are no adverse effects? Stop spreading fake news! So you are affirming
00:46   there are no adverse effects, right? Is that clear? What you are claiming is false.
00:50   I said they will not end up in intensive care; that’s the data. I am speaking
00:53   of adverse effects. Wake up please.
00:56   Yes, you are smart, on the contrary. Please let Stanislav speak,
01:00   because he has worked on ambulances, and he knows what we are dealing with.
01:04   Is it true that vaccination excludes the risk of ending up in intensive care?
01:08   I feel like laughing, because in the past people used to claim
01:11   they were all soccer experts; now they claim they are all scientists.
01:14   There’s no doubt about that. I have worked on ambulances, and I know colleagues
01:18   who got ill, and some of them passed away, too. That said,
01:23   it isn’t true that vaccinated people… —I didn’t get it. Are you speaking of the unvaccinated?
01:27   No, of the vaccinated, because any healthcare worker has to be vaccinated.
01:30   Period. Without any ifs or buts. People who got the third dose of vaccine
01:33   became ill and ended up in intensive care. It’s a fact; I am speaking from my experience.
01:37   I guess it’s because they had some previous diseases and so…
01:41   But they ended up in intensive care, period.
01:44   It doesn’t matter whether they had previous diseases or not, they did end up in intensive care.
01:47   We cannot deny the evidence, nowadays.
01:50   We cannot deny the evidence. —You are right, but if everyone were vaccinated,
01:53   this problem would cease to exist.
01:56   Who told you this? Who guaranteed you this?
02:00   Listen, nobody did. I am nobody.
02:03   This is what science has guaranteed, which says that… —So science says that
02:07   when we are all vaccinated, everything will be over? Covid will automatically disappear?
02:10   It will not; the virus will not disappear. Nevertheless, a vaccinated person
02:14   has a minimal viral load, with minimal chance of contagion.
02:17   That’s not true!

3 thoughts on “Italian Ambulance Driver: The Vaxed End up in ICU

  1. The question arises, what are the odds that one person knows multiple people who died from covid while vaccinated or had an adverse reaction to a shot? In all fairness there is the possibility that they are lying. I presume healthcare workers are also more likely to encounter those people in the general population who died while vaccinated vs that group selected from healthcare workers who died. So if one person knows of two. That is significant. For a show, tv, call in radio, you can find someone who knows one or they can find you. Finding someone who knows more than one seems to be more significantly significant to me.

  2. There is a rising habit of claiming association with false stories to raise one’s own public platform and credibility. It is a variation of the “appeal to authority” logical fallacy.

    It also makes it difficult to the casual pundit to sift through these untruths and plays well into the media narrative.

  3. If you are considering getting vaccinated or a booster you may want to watch this to insist on an aspirated injection or finding someone who will do it if refused. They didn’t say it but a lot of people have been damaged or died to reduce injection pain to children unrelated to these vaccines.

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