A New Zeal for Repression

The new totalitarianism that has descended over the Western world in the last two years varies in its intensity and emphases. New Zealand has one of the most repressive Corona regimes, right up there with Australia, Germany, Austria, Greece, and Canada.

Even though New Zealand has almost no COVID cases, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has imposed a draconian and finely-tuned lockdown on the populace. The government is vigorously pushing citizens to get vaxed. Ms. Ardern has stated in no uncertain terms that the populace will from now on be divided into two classes, the “vaccinated” and the “unvaccinated”, with the unvaxed having a more restricted set of rights and privileges. The prime minister’s approach makes sense, given that she was groomed by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum as part of the “Young Global Leaders” group (as previously reported here and here).

The following account comes from an unvaxed young man named Scott. As a pureblood in max-vaxed New Zealand, he is now feeling the chilly winds of repression on a daily basis.

This report concerns his experience with the country’s healthcare system. The medical establishment Scott visits is a medium-sized clinic with mostly female doctors, which has segregated its clientele and relegated him to the back of the bus — or rather, the back of the ambulance bay:

One incident, the most recent and certainly a pretty indicative event, sums up the situation well. Something fairly innocuous yet foreboding.

Sitting there in the ambulance bay out back waiting for my medical appointment — yes, that’s right, in the ambulance bay — I wasn’t terribly bothered. I’d made an appointment earlier in the week and was told over the phone that because I was unvaccinated, my doctor would see me out the back. Oh, OK, I said, thinking some sterile room at the back of the building. But no, it was actually outside at the back. Segregated, I guess. But still… OK, I said.

Still not really bothered. Not until I was there in the bay, in my designated spot, and had spent some time, no idea how long, maybe fifteen minutes or so. Well, I began to think how this could make some people feel. And also wondered if this was really for reasons of health, or was it psychological and done to deliberately exclude and probably humiliate and degrade people? Wear them down.

Jacinda certainly had said there will be two classes of people going forward, vaccinated and unvaccinated. So to degrade certainly fits in with her own words. It made me think further, though. How far will this go? How far can it go?

And although it really didn’t bother me much at all, should I let on to that fact? Or do I faux-scream out that this entire situation hurts too much?

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

If someone being tied up and tortured for information feels that the pain he’s feeling is actually really light and quite tolerable, and not near the breaking point, what should he do? If the torturer realizes it, then obviously the pain will be turned up several notches. So, quick — cry, scream and act as though you simply cannot endure any more of this, it’s so excruciating. And he thinks, any information the victim had would surely have been revealed. No? When actually it’s not much bother personally to this individual at the moment.

I’m now starting to understand situations such as what people did to other people in World War Two. I’m beginning to understand just how levels of that sheer evil sadistic brutality come to exist.

People close to me are complying with the rules, following everything to be letter, believing they’re uniting together, as the “Team of Five million” campaign says. Unquestioning obedience is what I see. And for a while early in this crisis I did the same. They do see that far, the people I know, but they still accept it now, that because of this once-in-a-lifetime crisis, measures like this simply must be taken.

I’m at the point of screaming inside now, obviously. Because of what’s happening to others, and the way I feel they’re being slowly and subtly manipulated. Very smart, intelligent people who simply can’t see these certain subtly manipulative psychological aspects.

But then I turn to myself and think: Really? Is it true or am I seeing some imagined spectre?

After all I’m not highly educated, probably not that up-to-date with current local events as I might be, and have come to these thoughts on my own and in my own mind. So am I slightly paranoid and turning into some conspiracy theorist? Well, I don’t know; it’s not for me to ultimately judge that.

I do examine my own thoughts, though, and just why I think them. Why I feel what I do. I have to try to be objective. I can’t just state that I think others aren’t being openly objective if I don’t seriously examine my own thoughts and why they’re there and where they came from.

Because I don’t want it all to be true. Really, I just want to be wrong. I’ve even tried to prove myself wrong several times. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. I have to let history be the ultimate judge.

I’m not tapped into the anti-vaxx movement. I’m not involved in any social groups, media or otherwise. Not marching or protesting. Only sitting here and observing. Which then gets me thinking. Thinking and thinking about what’s happening, and why.

I really initially just had some concerns about things, many things that were happening, and that simply weren’t being addressed. Which only led to more mistrust and scepticism. I’m watching and seeing what one side does and how the other side reacts.

And this is now what terrifies me.

What’s next? 2022 in one week’s time.

22 thoughts on “A New Zeal for Repression

  1. Scott you are not alone. I am a regular correspondent to NZ newspapers and I can tell you that any letter I write with proven facts that do not conform to the narrative are not printed. For example the Herald will not publish letters pointing out that masks are poorly studied and offer little or no protection against Covid according to the Lancet. The Herald’s journalists will not examine the appalling MIQ situation for our own citizens. Criticism of “celebrity” socialist Ardern is heavily censored. Social control and fear are needed to get Ardern re-elected and a paid-for media (see massive taxpayer funded Covid advertising) will fawn over her celebrity wedding next year. The unvaxxed are New Zealand’s Jews. Shame.

  2. Re: “Jacinda certainly had said there will be two classes of people going forward, vaccinated and unvaccinated. So to degrade certainly fits in with her own words. It made me think further, though. How far will this go? How far can it go?”

    You can’t “comply your way out of tyranny.” Remember back at the start of the whole SARS-COV19 event almost two years ago how we were told the restrictions were only for two weeks, just to “flatten the curve”? Those two weeks became two months, then four, and so on, until the restrictions had been in place for a year. We’re now almost twenty-four months into this watershed and things aren’t going back to the status quo ante bellum.

    Scott in New Zealand asked “How far will this go? How far can it go?”

    It is probably best to consider those questions in reverse order. The history of man’s inhumanity to man shows us that when an evil group of humans sets out to eradicate another group of humans, there is often no practical limit to their malevolent designs, save the will and determination of good people to stand in their way.

    Or, as the famous quote by Edmund Burke says, ““The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    The work of the late political scientist Dr. R.J. Rummel, who spent his long career studying mass killing, genocide and democide in human history, and the conditions under which such events tend to occur, confirms that genocides occur according to a generally-predictable template of steps leading up to the actual act itself.

    As a society changes from a more-or-less stable and peaceful one to one in which its people are willing and able to condone mass murder, there are a number of intermediate steps which occur.

    Fairly early in the process, the dominant and aggressive group must identify and single-out an enemy, a scapegoat who becomes the focal point of the dominant group’s resentment, hostility and rage. In Nazi Germany 1933-1945, it was the Jews and other “Untermenschen” – German for “Under-man,” i.e., ones considered inferior to the dominant group. In Ottoman Turkey prior to the genocide 1915-1921, it was Greek and Armenian Christians. In the USSR of the 1920s, it was the kulaks. And so on.

    The scapegoated group, once singled out and identified, is then reduced to second-class status in a variety of ways. In Germany 1933-1945, the Jews were forced to wear a cloth ‘Star of David’ symbol plainly visible on their outer garments so that other Germans could quickly identify them. Jewish-owned businesses were penalized, and their owners harassed by the authorities. Later, Jews were accosted and beat up and their businesses vandalized and looted, and then burned in acts of arson. The regime blamed the economic and political tumult then occurring in Germany upon the Jews themselves and not the actual responsible parties.

    The process of scapegoating separates the targeted group from the rest of society so that it can be mercilessly attacked, vilified, blamed and further ostracized. Soon, the dominant aggressor group begins describing the scapegoats in sub-human or inhuman terms. Often as animals considered unclean or disgusting: Pigs or swine, rats or other rodents, or as insects such as cockroaches.

    This is when the danger reaches its peak for the targeted group: Once a given cohort of society succeeds in getting another group labeled in such a manner, the would-be victims are now de facto no longer human and can be targeted for extermination.

    Do you see the dynamic taking place, and how the regime authorities – such as Jacintha Ardern in New Zealand – are slowly-but-surely turning the “unvaxxed” into scapegoats for everything that has happened over the last two years?

    I don’t know how it is there in New Zealand, but in Europe and North America, a number of authorities – such as the masochistic Dr. Fauci – have termed subsequent waves of the SARS-COV19 virus as “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”…. a ploy which is obvious designed to redirect the anger and fear of the masses away from the actual culprits, people like Ardern and Fauci themselves, and onto innocent victims instead, those who they term the “unvaccinated.”

    It gives no pleasure whatsoever to this author to paint such a dark picture, but history doesn’t lie about such things. The lines are being drawn even now, between those who support the new regime and the new normal, and those that do not. Choose your side wisely: Your life and those of those for whom you care may very well depend on it.

    To return to your questions: We’ve arrived at an answer of how far it can go, how far it is likely to go if left unchecked. How far it will actually go depends on the people themselves, and their willingness to stand up against tyranny. You can’t appease a tyrant and expect to survive, let alone prosper. Mr. Churchill was very clear about that: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.”

    • I really wonder why and am surprised that no one has taken these traitors like the Commissars in Australia and New Zealand and dealt with them in a very expedient manner? Yes yes yes, we are in the same boat here in the US and Europe as well. The tipping point has been reached, now it is just a matter of who kicks the snowball over to make an avalanche?

      • Nothing kinetic has happened yet in either country because as long as people still have something left to lose (job, status, security, medical insurance, full belly, etc) they will do all they can to hang on to those things.

        No one wants to be first to storm the beach, especially if they aren’t sure if anyone else will be storming it alongside them or at the very least waving them on from the sidelines.

        • @ The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

          Re:”No one wants to be first to storm the beach, especially if they aren’t sure if anyone else will be storming it alongside them or at the very least waving them on from the sidelines.”

          Game theorists call that the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”problem, if memory serves. The effect it describes is how only a handful of armed guards can subdue an entire prison full of inmates.

          During exercise time when the inmates are allowed out into yard and the open air, you can bet a dollar to a dozen that most every one of those men is thinking about how nice it would be to escape. Many realize, too, that if the prisoners acted in concert, the guards would probably not be able to catch all of them if they moved en mass to climb the wall, storm the checkpoints, etc.

          So what prevents them from acting, either alone or in concert?

          The answer is that no one wants to be the first one to climb that wall, because that individual will probably catch it the worst, maybe even catch a bullet, from those guards in the towers. No one wants to be that guy with the searchlights trained on him, dogs unleashed upon him, rifles aimed at him….

          And that’s the prisoner’s dilemma…

        • I’m thinking about the lone wolves Moon, it is that there are literally thousands of them, and all it takes is just one to act and be successful, for the rest of the pack to attack and create chaos, panic and complete disorder.

  3. Re: “I don’t know how it is there in New Zealand, but in Europe and North America, a number of authorities – such as the masochistic Dr. Fauci …”

    My apologies: “masochistic” should have read “sadistic”….

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to discount the masochistic accusation. As a sadistic torturer of beagle puppies and monkeys, the likelihood that little Lord Farquaad goes home every evening and flogs himself isn’t in the realm of the improbable. I’ll bet he even does it without a mask, and stands upon a step stool so his flail doesn’t drag on the ground.

      • Nothing worse than a sadist with a hero’s complex. What I find interesting about all the health industry is they all used the naxi’s research after the war for their benefit.

  4. NZ only 75% fully vaccinated. Jacinta is having trouble with a hard core who don’t want to be vaccinated and are stopping NZ lowering restrictions. She sees Australia opening up so is pretty pissed off. “Hell hath no fury…” Part of our anti vaxxer hard core is NZ’ers living here. That’s why recent outbreak on the Gold Coast. Party town with lot of NZ’ers. To be fair, it is possible that Maori’s , like Aborigines, may have more adverse reaction to vaccines so they are right to be resisting.

    • What a [batch of material I disagree with] you write sara.

      What outbreak on the GC? When? Where?

      GC is not a party town. Only Surfers is. One suburb out of 5o.

      [Insults redacted]

      Show us the specific data on Maoris and boongs. Then relate it to all other races. Cant? well of course not.

      If you don’t even understand the numbers, nor can explain them – paltry as they exist now – then why [insult redacted].

    • sara;
      That’s all sorts of wrong. Apart from Auckland there are no restrictions for fully vaccinated. It’s a traffic light system now. 2 jabs = Green light. Nobody is holding no one else up.

      “Part of our anti vaxxer hard core is NZ’ers living here.”

      Strange that, seeing as only a part of your population are NZ’ers living there.

      “To be fair, it is possible that Maori’s , like Aborigines, may have more adverse reaction to vaccines so they are right to be resisting.”

      Is that really fair? I’m not so sure.
      I guess as you say, anything is “possible”

  5. I fear 2022 must be the year the corona mass psychosis and with it the vax campaign collapses completely or else we have the biosecurity surveillance state firmly in place and dissenters like ourselves so marginilized, banned from all media platforms, stuffed into modern-day lepresoriums. So much damage has already been done that the zoomer generation and the one following, the very little children, the toddlers and infants, are utterly destroyed.

    One can never predict the future, but what may happen, some catastrophe, an economic meltdown unlike anything seen since ’29, an ungovernable Europe, the anti-Islam faction vs the Left-Islam finally splits their societies, something else; and it will sweep away the covid insanity, the latter collapsing in a heap all of a sudden. However by then the biosecurity surveillance state will already be established, the goals of the WEF and cronies achieved, and the bogey of corona no longer needed. The die already cast. Yet even the biosecurity state may collapse under the weight of its own tyranny, its own insanity. Or not.

    We will see I guess…

    • Spot on Lawrence. That is indeed the trajectory. Make sure you have cash.

      Those cards or phones are going to have impositions placed on them for sure. You cant trade with plastic.

  6. The truth is now known about horse face communist ardern, she was groomed and bought years ago, with all the other current traitor leaders who have been cunningly placed as Trojan horses, probably using vote rigging machines as well,

    The nz people need to gather en masse, with legal documents, and lawyers, surround the homes and offices of ardern and her communist thug followers, and arrest them all!

    Put them all in prison, while trials are set up for genocide,

    The police must arrest them, the police have been duped!

    The police commanders and commissioners are corrupt, and must be arrested along with the judiciary.

    NZ yiu better find some balls asap, and arrest ardern and her world economic forum communist tyrants!
    Before they kill your children and you.

    • Prison? You people and your high moral ground in dealing with traitors, thieves and savage 3rd worlders never ceases to amaze me. The only thing these traitors, marxist, thieves and 3rd worlders respect and understand is the gallows or the wall. Soon we will live in a time of only killers and victims, so decide which you are going to be.

  7. Those ‘elite’ people in their doomsday bunkers in New Zealand may be in for a huge surprise if the PTB finally manage to piss the good locals off and all hell breaks loose over there…

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