“We Are Not a Pension Fund for Welfare State Nomads”

René Springer represents the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in the Bundestag. In the following op-ed he addresses the existential issues posed by the current crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

We are not a care institution for welfare state nomads from all over the world

Historically, in major conflicts, those who have brought a new weapon into use have often left the field victorious. Attackers with spears were superior to defenders with hand axes. Spears were followed by catapults, artillery and cruise missiles. Then as now, cunning, deception and as yet unknown strategies or tactics are always the most effective weapons. Glorious victories and catastrophic defeats, the rise and fall of great empires were tied to them.

That is why it was and is always one of the main tasks of the defenders to recognize a new strategy and a new weapon as such. Troy fell because it couldn’t see the troop transport in the wooden horse.

In the natural societies of past millennia, resources were often conquered by force of arms. A quick attack with a closed, armed formation was usually not difficult to recognize as such. However, a prolonged attack with a non-closed, unarmed unit, such as in the times of that great migration that significantly brought the Roman Empire to the collapse, is not always recognizable as an attack even if it ultimately also pursues the same goal: the procurement of resources.

Germany shares responsibility for escalation at the EU external border

Word has got around in the poor regions of the world that it is easier to enjoy the resources of the supposedly rich Europe if you leave your weapons at home and claim that you are being persecuted and your life is threatened or that you come from a war zone. The sympathy of Germans in particular opens the door to almost everyone.

A few days ago, the Polish eastern border, which is currently being defended by around 20,000 security forces, was breached, mainly by groups of men from some of the well-known asylum-claim countries. For the first time, Belarusian troops were on Polish territory. Germany shares responsibility for this escalation at the borders of our Eastern European neighbors.

Because the illegal intruders on the Belarusian-Polish border mainly want to go to Germany to apply for asylum and social benefits. The fact that a well-developed full-coverage state is likely to be the main incentive for illegals is shown not only by a study by Princeton University from 2019, but also indirectly by the Federal Statistical Office: Of the approximately €13 billion to non-German citizens in Hartz IV, around six billion go to people from the top eight asylum-seeker countries.

Consistent deportations, benefits in kind and border controls

The Belarusian head of state Lukashenko seems to have adapted the business model of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the least passive use of the migration weapon: With high immigration pressure on the core of Europe, presumably the calculation goes, the European Union may be blackmailed for billions.

The Federal Government is jointly responsible for the current escalation of the situation. It maintains the actual reasons for fleeing unchanged and is leaving our Polish friends in the lurch in dealing with the crisis.

Poland is now facing a conflict with Belarus that would be relatively easy to end on the German side: Immediate introduction of permanent border controls at the German-Polish border, conversion from cash to benefits in kind for asylum seekers, simplified and shortened asylum procedures, consistent deportations and above all: Return to the application of current law regulating asylum and migration.

My Bundestag colleague, retired Colonel Rüdiger Lucassen, summed up one of the most urgent tasks of German foreign policy: “The Federal Government must give Poland every form of support that the Polish government needs. Securing the EU’s external border has become an existential issue for Europe and Germany.”

Fixed security systems play an important role

Germany must make it unmistakably clear to the world: We are not a pension fund for welfare state nomads from all over the world. Immigration to Germany should only be possible with top qualifications and under strict conditions. And Germany must be a reliable partner for its European friends in protecting common external borders.

Of course, walls and other fortified security systems at the external borders of the European Union also play an important role. For as long as Germany continues to violate the provisions of the Dublin III Agreement and ignores the Geneva Refugee Convention and its own applicable law, the other European states will be forced to take the protection of their external borders into their own hands.

To support Poland and Lithuania at least financially should be the duty of every German government. It is precisely for this purpose that the billions of taxes squandered in the “fight against the law” and for other ideological projects would be sensibly used.

It is time for Germany to show solidarity with its European partners and take responsibility for the consequences of its actions. The new strategy of mass migration as a weapon can only be countered jointly at the European level. But Germany must make the start. With a restrictive migration and asylum policy, preferably based on the Japanese model.

Afterword from the translator:

This is all well said, but as long as the whole of the political elite, which is in power throughout Europe, is waging a globalist war against their own people, nothing will change. It is naïve to believe that the enemy within, which has been waging a culture war against the Western world for decades, would turn around and actually fight for the people they want to destroy.

“Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” — Frederic Bastiat

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  1. “the enemy within, which has been waging a culture war against the Western world for decades…”

    Islam always takes down countries and nations that have lost their Christian Faith. Look at the map: All the ancient Christian strongholds became Muslim, and today we can see how they did it: How they managed to conquer Constantinople, and all the other places.

    Remember the “Christian Morals”? It includes things like whipping, physical punishments for children, dire LGBT judgement, the notion that “marriage is a union between man and a woman”, but also freedom of speech and thought…

    Well, the West has lost it, and I suggest to see what is going on in Libanon, because that is, in my humble opinion, the Future of Europe.

    • Barn Swallow, sorry mate, what is coming to Europe will be more like the Balkans, only on steroids, the military will take over at some point and the return the strongmen is inevitable. It will be wars of complete annihilation of all 3rd worlders and the globull so called elite and their entire wretched families. Fighting uncivilized savages with civilized means is a sure way to lose. When fighting muslims, you must be absolutely utterly completely ruthless without remorse nor mercy, and it must be profound and absolute to the point the vermin of the 3rd world flee at the very word of your presence.

      • Sounds very radical, G, but you are right.
        History teaches that muslims or other ( redacted) will pretend to join you once in an inferior position, they will wheep and cry like babies and crawl at your feet to arise pity. This is the hard moment for you to go on. We are so civilized as not to be cruel to a defenceless person. You get weak, they will backstabb you the next moment.

  2. Yes, from cash to other benefits is the solution! A couple of years ago, I heard dogooders argue that food stamps were culturally unsensitive due to the different alimentation those people are used to. How fast would they run away from the prospect of a loaf of white or rye, some eggs and a package of bacon and an occasional banana? Our butchers departements are off limits because porc is displayed closely right next to non-halal beef and chicken.
    Of course, the trade in of stamps is to be rigedly controlled so no ” convertable” goods can be purchased, smokes and booze e.g.

  3. The enemy within is the risk that immigrant countries run. Australia has imported million muslims and million Chinese. Neither have interest in Australian culture or values and would prefer to have their generous welfare providing hosts removed from dominance. An invasion by another country would be to their benefit. When Australia started, our mass migration came from UK and Ireland, closely related religiously, culturally and politically.Now we scour the world’s hell holes (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Bangaldesh etc ) for a ready supply of new labour rather than breeding and educating our own children.

    • You are absolutely correct. We have imported those who would bring us down and have no real interest in adopting our values

    • This is key. Western culture keeps becoming more secular, losing faith in itself, stopped encouraging, valuing marriage, and having children. This is what is at more fault than anything.
      Throw in the bs about multiculturalism, many Christian denominations going full hog on ‘diversity’ insanity, BLM, CRT etc. and we have a terrible onslaught of enemies against true Liberal, free speech, U.S.A, as well as the rest of western civilization.
      When people like Thomas Jefferson, and Winston Churchill are given the boot, we are in big trouble. At least it sure seems that way to me.

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