The WHO Says: The Vax Doesn’t Work, So Mask Up, Everyone!

The communist who heads the World Health Organization has now acknowledged that people who have been injected with the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus are not prevented from transmitting the disease to others. One might expect that the lesson to be learned is that the current Coronamadness (including the vax program) should be abandoned, but the WHO wants us to crank up the fear machine and do 2020 all over again.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

WHO also states: Vaccinated persons transmit virus, vaccinations do not end any measures

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made it clear at a press conference on Wednesday that the effect of the vaccination was being overestimated and that those who had been vaccinated would feel like they were in a false sense of security.

He explained that, according to the “data”, the transmission of Covid-19 through the vaccines has only been reduced by only 40% since the delta variant appeared. Where the data come from that the transmission is significantly reduced by the vaccination remains open: New data show that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are infectious to the same extent (and for the same length of time), and the narrative of the less “dangerous” vaccinated people accordingly collapses more and more. Either way, the WHO chief calls on people to continue to adhere to the protective measures imposed, regardless of their vaccination status.

He noted:

We are concerned about the false sense of security that the vaccines have ended the pandemic and that vaccinated people do not need to take any further precautions.

He is giving a clear rejection to militant vaccination advocates who believe that the compulsory vaccination of the entire population would magically eradicate Covid-19 and prevent further lockdowns.

The discrimination against the unvaccinated is therefore virtually devoid of any basis. The same was recently stated in an article published on November 20 in the renowned science magazine The Lancet entitled “Covid-19: Stigmatizing the unvaccinated is not justified” (Original: “Covid-19: stigmatising the unvaccinated is not justified”).

At the same time, the claim that vaccination protects against severe disease can be questioned: There are no reliable data for this, as doctors repeatedly criticize (see, for example, this article or this article).

11 thoughts on “The WHO Says: The Vax Doesn’t Work, So Mask Up, Everyone!

  1. A good friend of mine, male aged 75 who has gotten 3 of the injections went to Thanksgiving dinner with friends who were also jabbed to the max.

    Yesterday my friend got a call from one of the people who was at the dinner who told him that they had tested positive for CCP virus. My friend got tested and found out he supposedly has the virus! By the way, no one had any symptoms to speak of.

    So there you have it- the CCP virus must be the only disease in history where you have to get tested to find out if you have it.

    Not to mention that the injections don’t do anything to stop you from giving it or getting it. If there is any benefit to be had, it seems the claim is that you won’t get as sick as the unwashed un-injected.

    I sincerely hope that all of my friends and relatives who got the shot don’t have any long term damage.

    • It does seem to lower symptoms for a while – long-term effects unknown.

      My guess is that if one is 90 and has a bunch of health conditions, it’s probably a good bet.

      I suspect that there’s probably very little point to it post-infection, and that the very best that could be hoped for from the jab is that it makes one’s first COVID infection easier, and then one is able to manage the rest.

      But what do I know? It appears, though, that I have a better rate of making “calls” on this thing than many “public health experts” do!

      Unknown is what it does to people in the long-term, as well as appearing to have significant – and frequent – side effects. Overall, I’m sticking to my opinion that it’s probably warranted for a few people as a reasonable risk and stopgap measure, but not for the population in general.

      • Mike, you need to go back down that hole in which you have been living for the past two years.

        [Material that I deprecate] like you have written can only mean that you [are in my opinion not as intelligent as I am].

        You stick to that opinion of yours because it demonstrates that you are [insults redacted].

    • Seneca, it was the turkey’s fault!

      As we all know, the PCR tests are a nonsense. You may as well bend over and take a finger up the chocolate starfish and decide if the colour indicates covid positivity, or just accept that the result is complete [effluent]!

      Whats with all this hope stuff? They are shagged and you know it. Get a grip mate. You know what is coming so buy the cards now.

  2. Eff the WHO and the CDC.
    I live in Florida, which has followed Sweden’s example and said “To Hell with useless and arbitrary ‘protective’ measure.”

    • I love looking at those US charts of cases by state and see Florida with lowest cases, no lockdowns, no masks, and no Mike.

      Those numbers and that situation are starting to hurt the narrative and as time goes on will only hurt it more and more.

      In wont be long before lawyers begin using those Florida numbers in cases against other state governors. Once they call in Peter McCollough and others to testify ( the best names in the field ) the judges will have no option but to say that there is no emergency that cant be overcome by measures already available thereby negating the EO and having Biden poo all over himself and Obama.

      Noone will notice it on Obama

  3. If you are over 60 and unvaccinated in Greece, you will have to pay the government €100 per month indefinitely.

    • This is actually quite interesting:it’s an admission that it’s not about keeping transmission down (which the vaccine doesn’t work for, but they pretend that it does), but about keeping people out of ICUs (which it does seem to have some use for, at least temporarily).

      One can hardly help but to conclude that there we go: another downside of socialized medicine.

      I must say, by now, I’m definitely more afraid of totalitarians than of COVID.

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