Mutti is Worried About the Migrant Crisis at the Polish Border

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Epoch Times:

Merkel calls development at the EU’s eastern external borders “worrying”

At her meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Berlin, outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) emphasized the “worrying developments” in relations with Russia and at the EU’s external borders.

In view of the Russian troop deployment on the Ukrainian border and the refugee crisis on the Belarusian border with Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, there is a “need for discussion,” said Merkel on Friday before she withdrew to talks with Stoltenberg.

During her tenure in office, she always “advocated a dialogue between NATO and Russia,” said Merkel. “Unfortunately, it has cooled down at the moment.” Nevertheless, “it is always better to talk to each other than not to speak.”

Putin accuses West of “escalating” the conflict in Ukraine

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of “escalating” through maneuvers in the Black Sea and arms deliveries to Kiev. Western fighter planes would only fly “20 kilometers from our border”, Putin criticized on Thursday at an event by the Russian Foreign Ministry, warning the West not to cross a “red line”. Ukraine had previously announced that it would buy more weapons from the West because of the threat from Russia.

“Our western partners are escalating the situation by supplying Kiev with deadly modern weapons and holding provocative military maneuvers in the Black Sea,” Putin said in his address.

The Russian President was apparently referring to recent exercises by US and other NATO military ships in the sea area. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby had rejected the criticism. “All of our exercises are defensive in nature and are consistent with our alliances and partnership commitments in the region,” he said.

For their part, the NATO partners and Ukraine have been accusing Russia for days of fueling tensions by deploying large numbers of troops on the Ukrainian border and possibly even preparing an invasion of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg also worried

Stoltenberg also expressed concern about the Russian troop deployment on the border with Ukraine. The NATO partners and Kiev accuse Russia of fueling tensions and possibly even preparing an invasion of Ukraine. The situation is being monitored and “political and practical support for Ukraine” is being provided by NATO, said Stoltenberg.

As early as March, Russia gathered thousands of soldiers, heavy military equipment, naval ships and air force aircraft near the Ukrainian border and in the region of the annexed Crimean peninsula in a massive deployment of troops. After weeks, Moscow finally declared the alleged maneuver over and withdrew its soldiers.

According to information from Kiev, Russia has again deployed 114,000 soldiers in eastern Ukraine. Around 32,000 troops are stationed on the annexed Crimean peninsula.

The Ukrainian army has been fighting pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014. The West accuses Russia of providing military support to the separatists, which Moscow denies.

Stoltenberg also commented on the refugee crisis at the EU’s external borders with Belarus: He condemned the “inhuman” behavior of the Belarusian leadership that used “innocent people”.

Stoltenberg appealed to the future federal government that NATO will also need a “strong Germany” in the future. In a speech at an event organized by the German Atlantic Society and the Federal Academy for Security Policy, he had previously called on the upcoming cabinet to take a leading role in strengthening NATO. “Germany has a special responsibility to ensure that NATO remains strong,” he said. The only way to do this is to put more money into defense.

Ukraine warns migrants in Belarus not to cross the border

With clearly drastic words, Ukraine warned the migrants from the Middle East who were stranded in neighboring Belarus not to cross the border into their national territory. In the event of a threat to border guards and security forces, Ukraine would “use all means of defense”, including firearms, said Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky in parliament on Friday. Last week, Kiev announced the transfer of thousands of border guards and security forces to the Belarusian border.

Monastyrsky warned on Friday that the Kremlin might try to relocate the migration movement to the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. “We are preparing systematically and thoroughly for this situation,” said the interior minister. The situation on the border with Belarus is currently under control.

8 thoughts on “Mutti is Worried About the Migrant Crisis at the Polish Border

  1. That women is psychopath, sick in the head , it’s not enough she did horrific damage in 2015 !!, she is not worry about own people, she is worry about this savages, potential terrorist!!, sick in the head !!just go away, disappear..

  2. ‘Strong Germany’-a long time since that was the case. Merkel pushed Europe deeper in the left/liberal hole the EU has been digging for years.

  3. Merkel has herself to blame and by extension Germany for where we are now and where we are heading. With open arms she invited migrants into Germany. When Hungary was building her fences in her defence of the external Schengen border she got nothing but complaints from the West. Now merkel has the nerve to talk about worrying happenings at Poland’s external border? Hah! She should shut up.
    Is it odd that this didn’t happen when Trump was President? Well at least there are no more mean tweets…
    Looking at what is going on in the West I can’t help but get a shiver which has its origins in th 1930’s…

  4. Mutti is Worried About the Migrant Crisis at the Polish Border

    She is worried that invaders will get cold or sick. Why is she worried if some hundred invaders are coming from Belarus, but she is not worried about literally millions invited to Greece, Italy, Spain. How Soros is destroying Europe and is respected by Merkel and others.

    Now prepare to read this:

    And listen to the kind of rhetoric used in the west everyday , nay, every hour.

    “democracy is the worst system of government except that ….. ”

    Fifty years ago I thought this was true and clever. Now it is full of jihadism.

    Is Belrus sending these soldiers of allah to that little miserable muslim colony , Britainlet, or democracies commit suicide?

    When people become faithless, honor-less, immoral and proud of that, then they find themselves. Once they find themselves they become insane and lose themselves.

    How could the whole nation become insane without knowing?

    Is an extra evil hand at work . . . namely the DEVIL. ?
    Or how can you explain this western universally general lunacy.

    And among them are recipients of Nobel Prizes?

    is there a preparation for Armageddon, brought on ourselves by ourselves?

    Or why is 5 years britain will be called The New Pakistan?
    Britain go back to sleep. “London is a vibrant city.”

    • A Chinese dissident explained how this “wokism” and cancel culture are just like the Chinese cultural revolution when children would report wrong think by their family members who could end up being sentenced to death (and having their organs harvested). He also said that it destroys all existing moral value systems as they are inconvenient to communist dictatorship. This is what we see with BLM, destruction of statues, burning books, cancelling religion, all our culture and values replaced by hate of resistors and their death. Chinese think we are headed for communist dictatorship because they have seen it before, so you are right but it is not the devil.

  5. Some questions to think about. Putin may not be Mr. Nice Guy but why has the West been pushing NATO right up against the borders of Russia for 25 years even before Putin became ‘autocrat’? How are ordinary Russians supposed to interpret this except as a threat, not to the defunct Soviet Union but to Mother Russia itself? And why push NATO into Ukraine; a glance at the map shows Ukraine as a knife pointing into the heart of Russia. And what are the Russian people and elite supposed to think of this incessant “Russian collusion” propaganda pushed by the Deep State and by the onetime anti-Reagan pro Soviet peace marchers that infest academia, the media and the Democrat party? Why are Western Europeans suddenly aghast at the prospect of Muslim migrants crossing over from Belarus when they are perfectly fine with enabling, encouraging and pampering Muslim invaders into their own territory with the object of replacing their native populations? Are we supposed to take seriously the sudden concern expressed by the American ruling elite over the Belarus Polish border when they encourage and pay the influx of third worlders crossing our southern border?

    Trump expressed the opinion that it would be a good thing to get along with Russia. If he had not been prevented from doing so we might well be cooperating with Russia on areas of common concern and Putin would not be playing the ‘gotcha’ payback game. And we would not have done what Kissinger often warned against – driving Russia and China together.

    Yes, we are very lucky we don’t live in a country like Russia. Here in free America inconvenient people with knowledge about the activities of the elite don’t commit ‘suicide’ in prison while the guards were taken off duty and the cameras were turned off. Here the national police force does not investigate parents protesting the miseducation of their children. Here opponents of the establishment like Bannon, Stone, Giuliani or O’Keefe are not arrested or have their homes and offices raided. Yes, we are indeed fortunate.

  6. ” And why push NATO into Ukraine; a glance at the map shows Ukraine as a knife pointing into the heart of Russia. ”

    I wish many people in the west thought that sensible way.

    We think clearly: Russia let Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine and others go free. For a few years Russia did not annex Crimea because they did not feel threatened.

    Why, once Bulgaria, Poland and others were let go, they immediately became a thorn in Russia side.

    Why do those countries hate being “colonized” by Russia but love being “colonized” by NATO countries and Turkey.

    Ukraine love being colonized by Turkey but not Russia. Those Ukrainian blondes are now available to Turkish beasts ready anytime.

    Why USA tentacles are everywhere: Guam, Japan, Gulf, in Turkey, Poland, Estonia. …. But forbidden for Russia even in Syria, long-time friends.

    Diabolical Pressure from NATO against Russia and China forced them to come not only together but also be friendly with Iran.

    Why, for the west, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey are always sweet, and given a lot of jizyas, in spite of so much enmity emanating from them.

    We give them jizya “to keep us safe here in the USA”. said an official.

    We can destroy 4 earths with our smartly made nuclear heads but we cannot

    differentiate between our deadly foes, soldiers of allah and friends.

    We try to convert foes into friends and friends into foes.

    Who would have thought that this miserable earth has possessed such

    hidden ideas. You cannot discover them until you are 90. And when you express them they will accuse you of islamophobia and dotage.

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