Alessandra Schilirò on Compulsory Vaccination

Alessandra Schilirò is the former deputy police commissioner of Rome. After participating in a demonstration against Italy’s “green pass”, she was suspended from her position.

In the following video, Ms. Schilirò, who is also a lawyer, appears on an Italian TV talk show to argue with the other participants about the legality of compulsory “vaccination” against COVID-19.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Doctor Cartabellotta. I just wanted to say
00:03   that tonight I agree with Mr. Paragone: the vaccine does work.
00:07   It has probably been a mistake to establish that the Green Pass has a one year duration.
00:13   So we need to reduce it to a six months duration, on the basis of the latest scientific findings.
00:19   In alignment with the requirements for the third dose,
00:22   because somehow, all this has been disorienting people.
00:25   And now it is probably time to make vaccination compulsory,
00:28   at least within the categories of people who closely work with the public.
00:33   Because, given that this approach has led us to this point,
00:38   we surely need to make vaccination compulsory.
00:42   Officer Schilirò, have you heard? Have you heard?
00:46   Yes, of course, I have. I think that…
00:49   Officer Schilirò, have you heard? About implementing the Austrian Green Pass system?
00:53   We are going to connect with Maria Quarato, a psychologist
00:57   who didn’t take the Covid vaccine, and who lives in Austria. So I guess she is under lockdown.
01:02   Could you please answer? I can only see your chin right now, I would like to see your face.
01:08   Here we are. I guess we are mixing up different frameworks, here.
01:14   I mean, making vaccination compulsory is not doable, since we are in the EU.
01:17   It is the EU which states that, I did not.
01:20   I am a lawyer, I am a jurist and, pardon me, I am a cop too.
01:26   And what does a cop do? He enforces the law and prevents honest citizens from being oppressed.
01:32   We are in the European Union and the EU told us
01:35   that vaccinated people can still be carriers of infection.
01:38   I beg your pardon, allow me to finish, please.
01:41   I mean, I didn’t interrupt anybody, I would like to finish.
01:44   If you spread disinformation, I need to interrupt you, though.
01:47   Because article 32 of the Italian Constitution states that the State can impose,
01:52   by law, compulsory medical treatments, so the matter is closed.
01:56   Article 32 does not exactly say that only, actually.
02:01   Excuse me, Doctor, you are a physician; I am the jurist here.
02:04   The EU law is made up of provisions which are of a higher order than our Constitution.
02:09   The EU laws come first, our Constitution comes second.
02:12   If you give me your email address, I can send you the EU resolution.
02:17   I already know it very well. That is, the 2383 and the 2361 resolutions.
02:21   These resolutions say that vaccinated people can still be infection carriers.
02:25   They say it is not possible to put pressure on people. Again? We have already said that!
02:28   Excuse me, lawyer, I had asked you a different question.
02:31   Doctor Cartabellotta has just said that we need to go even further.
02:37   As for the Green Pass… But that can’t be done.
02:40   If we do, we will have to quit the European Union.
02:43   What about making vaccination compulsory, since so many people say that the State should do that?
02:48   By this way, it will take responsibility for it.
02:51   You are saying it can’t be done. It is not something possible. Well… It can’t be done.
02:55   I am not making up laws, doctor Giletti. So you would not accept such a thing?
03:00   In Italy there is the hierarchy of sources of law. It is not me who said that. There is a hierarchy
03:04   of sources of law; we have a judiciary; I even reported the news of a crime tonight.
03:08   What if there was an overt pandemic, and the State faced up to its own responsibilities?
03:16   And that’s what matters. I beg your pardon, it is you who showed me the data, earlier.
03:19   They don’t look like the data of a pandemic.
03:22   Good, all right.

One thought on “Alessandra Schilirò on Compulsory Vaccination

  1. I was most interested in her statement “they don’t look like the data of a pandemic”.
    This needs more light shed on it.

    How absolutely typical: she speaks politely with facts and law and respects the opposition by not interrupting and what happen? What always happens. They speak over her with loud aggressive voices with zero desire to have an honest discussion. They are afraid people might develop their own questions which they will not be able to answer.

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