Life in the Corona Gulag

Francesca Donato is an Italian member of the European Parliament. She belongs to the “Non-Inscrits”, a group of MEPs who are not affiliated with any specific political party. Ms. Donato had been a member of the Lega, but resigned in September after Matteo Salvini, the party’s leader, expressed his support for the “green pass” and other restrictive COVID-19 measures.

In the following video excerpt from an Italian TV talk show, Francesca Donato expresses her opinions about the green pass in a guarded fashion, given the Covid-related censorship that is currently in vogue in Italy.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mrs. Donato, we should not make inappropriate comparisons
00:04   with historical facts, as we just did, we need to underline that.
00:07   Besides, in Trieste, demonstrating in Piazza d’Italia has been forbidden until the 31st of December.
00:18   Given that it has been stated that freedom of speech,
00:21   guaranteed by the Constitution, is not in force any more, because
00:25   this emergency rule does not allow people to express themselves freely.
00:28   Well, there are still demonstrations going on.
00:31   Until some years ago, I still had the right to express an unpopular,
00:34   controversial view, and the Constitution allowed me to do that.
00:37   So I am not allowed to express my take on this matter.
00:40   But you are expressing it right now. That is, a free citizen (Puzzer)
00:43   sat down alone before a table on a square, and the Secret Agencies took him
00:47   to the police station, interrogated him for five hours, and gave him a removal order.
00:51   I am not allowed to say what all this reminds me of, and I will not.
00:54   Neither will I say what this lack of debate reminds me of,
00:58   because it is forbidden to express criticism on this matter.
01:03   And so it is impermissible to reveal that there are countries beyond the Alps,
01:10   such as Spain, Portugal, Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe,
01:18   where, apparently there is Covid too, but they have no green pass.
01:23   In Spain the green pass has been declared unconstitutional.
01:26   All these countries have decided to coexist with the virus. Unbelievable.
01:30   They leave their citizens the freedom to decide about their own bodies.
01:35   The freedom to be cured, to be vaccinated without condemning one another,
01:38   and without preventing people from working.
01:41   I just think that if vaccination becomes compulsory, or non-vaccinated people
01:46   are isolated, these so-called bad “no-vaxes” will do something.
01:50   They will migrate to another country.
01:53   Exactly as in a certain historical period, the citizens of a particular ethnicity did.
01:56   Which I will not mention, because today it is inadmissible to mention it.
02:00   Please, Mrs. Donato. Those people fled from Germany.
02:04   So the “no-vaxes” will move to Sweden, a democratic country.
02:09   This is what will happen; Italy might turn into this, but I hope not.
02:16   Please, Mrs. Donato. The emergency rule? The emergency rule is present in Italy, only. Period.

5 thoughts on “Life in the Corona Gulag

  1. Salvini and Meloni – two sides of the same fraudulent patriot coin.

    Italy is effed.

    Its hard to imagine why anyone would remain there unless you live in the border regions.

  2. Salvini supports mandatig the Vaxx? If Si then a lets go brandon to Salvini the whore of the oligarchs.

    • i do not want to defend salvini who has his own limits and made his own mistakes, but he currently is under legal blackmail, still waiting the judge upon him for stopping migrants. all italian politics at this moment is suspended, it is nothing new since 2011 when another person outside electoral process was choosen and put in charge by the international oligarchy. the problem is also a lot of the people in italy supported all this covid narrative even in the centre-right wing. There is no real opposition in the parliament, the biggest political party who was against vax mandates was M5S (they did a lot of political campaign since their beginning as a movement against vaccines) but it was turned into a uselfull tool by the oligarchy, with judiciary blackmail and also by buying the elected people in the parliament. in the last municipal elections in italy (last month) voted around 50% of the electors, this is a number very low and resulted in the left / government / covid propaganda fools gaining positions.

  3. It is a pity and an insult when government stoops to MAKING people take a vaccine when that is the purview of tee doctor, not a politician.

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