The Pureblood Signage Project

Most readers are aware that unvaxed activists have been trolling the vaxed snowflakes online by referring to those who have not been injected with the experimental mRNA treatment as “Purebloods”. It’s a good tactic, because it takes the conversation to a place the pro-vaxers would be smarter to avoid.

I experienced my first example of Pureblood exclusion, as I mentioned last week, when I found out that I would be unable to attend a performance of Beethoven’s Fifth because I had not been assimilated into the Borg vaccinated. I’m sure many similar experiences await me as we roll into 2022.

To do my small part to subvert the narrative, I have digitally altered a photo of a sign that greets passengers at Vancouver International Airport. From time to time I may do the same when I come across similar signage.

I recommend doing the same sort of thing with actual physical signs in meatspace. One might carry around a set of carefully-lettered cardboard “Pureblood” signs with adhesive pre-applied to the back, and paste them over the word “Unvaccinated” in appropriate places. If enough such guerilla signage appears in prominent locations it might tend to enrage “vaccinated” NPCs who happen to encounter the message.

As our dystopia emerges fully in the next few months, it’s possible that the unvaxed will start wearing buttons or hats with “Pureblood” emblazoned on them to proudly proclaim their dissident status. I’m a severe introvert, so I probably won’t do it myself, but the idea of it makes me smile.

One sobering thought: We Purebloods will always be a minority of the population, and possibly a small one at that. The vast majority of citizens have already taken the jab, for better or worse. Our only consolation is that most of those who remain unvaxed are resolutely Pureblood, so that our numbers will remain more or less the same — at least until the peace officers roust us out of bed at 3am, haul us off to the Health Camps, and force us to comply.

23 thoughts on “The Pureblood Signage Project

  1. Hello Baron,

    have you seen
    Why Two Classes of Citizens is a GREAT Idea! by AwakenWithJP

    That hurts, too!

    PS.: You are right about minority.
    And regarding my job I am under financial pressure. While my boss pays some of the tests, he doesnt pay them all. And on November 25th the german government will end the emergency and then it is the big question if my boss will continue to pay the tests.

    • I understand the financial pressure. That’s why I respect everyone’s personal decision on whether or not to get jabbed.

      I don’t have a job, so I’m not under that kind of pressure. The issue of what might happen to my health if I were to take the vax seems more important than financial hardship, but that’s easy for me to say because I’m not facing any such hardship so far.

      Everyone has to take in as much information as possible about the mRNA “vaccines”, evaluate their own circumstances, and make an informed decision. I respect that. What I object to is the bullying, threats, and coercion being applied to those who have made a personal decision the Powers That Be consider unacceptable.

      • Yours feelings and circumstances are roughly the same as mine (I’m self-employed, mostly working with clients with a similar mindset as our own).

        Some people that I know who have been coerced into the jab feel that they whole thing was very “rapey”.

        For some reason, almost all the jab-mandate objectors whom I know are female. I’ve never seen *any* issue that has turned females to talking like I do like this one has.

        I’m also happy to report that this includes Muslim females! Two of my acquaintance now have a *lot* of time for people whose political views are like ours, and this issue is the reason why.

        I get the feeling that that’s a new paradigm beginning right there.

        • Anecdotal but I have heard both Avi Yemeni and Tommy Robinson both either say or allude that Muslims might be the biggest ally in this resistance. They don’t want it.

  2. Restrooms are ideal places for such messaging. There is enough privacy along with a lack of surveillance cameras to quietly and quickly emplace guerrilla signage. A “Purebloods Only” sticker or perhaps stencil over several urinals or on several stall doors and “Vaxxed Only” on the rest would be a good way to provoke and troll the NPCs.

  3. The muggles were ‘mudbloods’

    What can we call the vaxxed?

    spikebloods, clotbloods, prickles, jelly donuts

    Any suggestions?

    • That’s a big part of it.

      I’m personally further encouraged to feel as I do due to reports of those with a disease that I have having attacks of it post-vaccination. Said attacks can lead to permanent (additional) hearing damage. No thanks.

      The PTB don’t care. That tells me all I need to know about them.
      They can get stuffed.

      • Yeah. I can sort of understand now how good street lamp decorations can be.

        Whoever thought this up and implemented it has challenged God to His Face – I wonder if He will make it backfire on them.

  4. Rather, pray for those who have been led down the primrose path and will soon be experiencing the consequences of their decision to become inoculated. My heart goes out to them as their impending fate is one that I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

  5. Very appropriate choice for your first “Purebloods” Photoshopped image : the Vancouver International Airport !

    English, French and CHINESE on the sign.

    Political correctness reigns supreme in Canada.

    • If you are german you do not need to go back in history that far. Just go back to the 1980.
      Just look up what they wanted to do with those suffering from HIV / AIDS.

      Having to wear a big sign, internation camps etc.

      Back then those demanding it, where informed of the Declaration of Human Rights and they shut up.
      But today?
      Human rights only for the vaxxed.

      • Alex, notice how the Germans got the HIV problem under control faster than any western nation? The eastern parts, they put them into lockup to keep them away from anyone else.

  6. PureBlood – Unmasked. Unvaxxed. Unafraid.
    My t-shirt has gotten many good comments so far.
    When you’re going thru hell – keep going.

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