We Are All Rwanda Now

Our German translator Hellequin GB was in Rwanda at the time of the genocide in 1994. In the following essay he points out the disturbing parallels between the Hutu propaganda of that time — which demonized and dehumanized the Tutsis prior to the slaughter — and what we read in the left-wing media (is there any other kind?) in 2021.

About Rwanda and the Genocide Propaganda

by Hellequin GB

Two major radio stations transmitted hate propaganda to the illiterate masses: Radio Rwanda, and Radio Télévision des Milles Collines (RTLM). Radio Rwanda was the official government owned radio station.
Under the second(?) Arusha Accord it was banned from continuing to disseminate hate propaganda. This led the Hutu Power circle around President Habyarimana and his wife to found RTLM as a private radio station.

RTLM became immensely popular as a young, hip alternative to the official voice of the government. They did the usual — played popular music and encouraged the public to phone in and participate in radio broadcasts. Amongst its listeners, RTLM attracted the unemployed youth and the Interhamwe militia, a Hutu paramilitary organization.

RTLM and Radio Rwanda, before and during the genocide, continued to encourage and direct the killing of Tutsis and moderate Hutus until they were forced off the air by the Rwanda Patriotic Front’s military victories.

Here are a few transcripts in English from the Radio/TV-shows in Rwanda 1993/94. The rest is in French and Kinyawranda, but that should give you enough insight into what was going on.

I’m starting with one that’s from October 21 1990 for you to connect some dots: RR_21Oct90_eng_K036-2134-K036-2138.pdf

The next ones are those that come from the nitty-gritty, although there are some serious time-lapses in between.

Also, when you read the word Inyenzi, that means cockroach (Tutsi). There was an article in one of the papers; I cannot remember its name now, but the headline stuck with me throughout the years:

“A cockroach cannot bring forth a butterfly.”

The editorial argued that the Tutsi, like a cockroach, use the cover of darkness to infiltrate: “the Tutsi camouflages himself to commit crimes.”

Another word you’ll read is Inkotanyi, which means “invincible”, and is the nickname given to the Tutsi rebel army, but it was also used in the connection with “Cutting down Tall Trees”, meaning killing Tutsi.

Like the Nazis did to the Jews of Germany and later in the occupied Territories, and what we’re seeing now, was and is a build-up to genocide, in my humble opinion.

This time it’s just on a monstrous scale never seen before in recorded human history.

And to provide some “balance”, Radio Muhabura (Radio Beacon) was the official radio of the Rwandan Patriotic Front.


After you’ve read through some of these, I’m sure that you’ll agree that for genocide to occur, it must be preceded by the dehumanisation of a group. To dehumanise means to deny the humanity of someone, reducing them to sub-humans, and that is what I certainly hear out of the mouth of every government and their mainstream media mouthpieces about those who are refusing to take part in this “medical” experiment. Also, no amount of “ethical and moralistic” gymnastics on their side will change these facts.

The crime of genocide is, after all, a 20th-century invention — and a mighty mobile one at that, as we see right now in front of our own eyes. But that is a “conspiracy theory” according to those who are perpetrating the crime this time. And looking at “Their” track record… we need some new conspiracy theories pretty fast, since all the old ones come true in front of our own eyes — at least for those who actually have eyes and a mind to see.

I haven’t, for obvious reasons, read through all of these documents. The few that I did read were enough to give me some sleepless nights.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve no nightmares about those bastards I took out, it’s those that I couldn’t save, and had to impotently watch — from hiding — being slaughtered by propagandized, hate-filled zombies.

20 thoughts on “We Are All Rwanda Now

    • I could never confirm it, but there was a rumour going around at that time that the UN, with the help of the French Government, actually had armed the Hutu Militia 6 month before the Slaughter started.
      Some of the weapons I saw on the Militia looked BRAND NEW.

      When the French Governmentdid send in the French Foreign Legion we thought that they’re going to sort it all out Legionnaire style.
      Far from it, they just helped Expats and Hutu “High Society” to get out of Rwanda.
      I always thought that they took the rich and powerful Hutu out of the country so that their dirty little hands couldn’t be seen getting more dirty.

      And the UN troops on the ground didn’t even have enough ammunition and general supplies to protect themselves or others, but at least they tried.
      The UN even took have of the UN troops out of the Country.

      The representatives of the American Government just buggered off.
      A “tactical” Clintonite withdraw.

      From that day onwards I hated the UN and what it “stands” for with a passion.

      • It’s bloody Africa! What the heck do you expect?! They have been slaughtering each other since they walked upright, and that will never change. Nobody is going to change Africa. The problem is, the bloody do gooders and the food aid we keep sending them just encourages them to breed more. The more mouths to feed and less resources they can use. The more they will butcher each other for scarce resources. Now with the Europeans out and the Red Chinks in, they will deplete Africa and exploit everything for themselves and leave the Africans with begging bowls and the Chinks could care less how many Africans die.

        Look at bloody South Africa today, once the jewel of Africa(along with the former Rhodesia), now just another corrupt African cesspool and the Africans are hunting the whites and nobody cares. So why should us westerners give a rats backside what happens to bloody Africans doing their best to butcher each other for a bowl of rice?

        What Occupied Territories are you referring to?

  1. It is coming to West Zimbabwe or Chiquitastan, AKA as America.
    They have to get the guns for their genocide Fundamental Transformation.
    The enemedia and Deep State Kabuki productions will come up with something for that.
    Right now it is lippy gum flapping, mean mug face pollution and probing with bayonets looking for soft and squishy but they will proceed.
    It has been broadcast by the Long March comrades since 2016.

  2. Re: “In the following essay he points out the disturbing parallels between the Hutu propaganda of that time — which demonized and dehumanized the Tutsis prior to the slaughter — and what we read in the left-wing media (is there any other kind?) in 2021.”

    The author is correct that genocide is proceeded by a series of steps aimed at stigmatizing the group to be targeted, then by various means exiling and removing them from mainstream society. Making them wear identifiable markings – such as the Star of David worn by Jews or the pink triangle worn by homosexuals in Nazi Germany – is another tactic to enforce separation. Boycotts or penalties imposed upon the businesses and livelihoods of the stigmatized. Thugs accosting them and beating them up to official police indifference. Then, it escalates to acts of vandalism and arson.
    Finally, the state rounds up those to be targeted and interns them in concentration camps, or in extremis, executes them.

    The late political scientist/historian Dr. R.J. Rummel is responsible, with his colleagues, for many of these insights over his long career studying the bases of mass murder, genocide and democide. Perhaps the most-important of his findings is that genocidal events unfold according to a template or more-or-less predictable series of events. Another was that genocidal governments very often impose gun control or enact the confiscation of other kinds of weapons prior to their acts of violence.

    @ Hellequin GB

    Re: “The crime of genocide is, after all, a 20th-century invention — and a mighty mobile one at that, as we see right now in front of our own eyes.”

    With due respects, this statement is false. Mass killings have been going on since the dawn of humanity. Acts of genocide have been common down through the centuries, indeed the largest single act of genocide took place roughly five-hundred years ago in what is now the Indian subcontinent, when the Islamic Moghul Empire slaughtered an estimated fifty million Hindus, Buddhists and other non-Muslims over a period of some years.

    Your statement would be correct insofar as genocide committed by industrialized means, which is the particular twist the National Socialists put on it. That is in fact a twentieth-century invention.

    Historians generally consider the Ottoman Genocide of 1915-1921 to be the first “modern” genocide, in that it was the first such event captured photographically, in still and motion-picture photography – at least in part. Perhaps you have seen the famous film footage of the Greek city of Smyrna being burned by the Turks, or those horrific photos of naked young Armenian women crucified and left to perish in the desert sun.

    This genocide was instrumental in the formation of who and what Adolf Hitler came to be. In his magnum opus/book “Mein Kampf,” Hitler mused on the fate of the Armenians, asking rhetorically if anyone remembered or cared about their fate. It was then that the germ of the Final Solution was planted in his fevered brain.

    • Genocide is as old as Humanity.
      That’s why I said “The CRIME of Genocide”, before it was just plain extermination of the vanquished with no “Court” to drag the culprit into.

  3. “The crime of genocide is, after all, a 20th-century invention”

    True. Before that, it was just called “war.”

  4. “The crime of genocide is, after all, a 20th-century invention”

    I hate to point out the singular error in an otherwise accurate observation of these disturbing developments.

    About all of this, the degree of hypocrisy alone has reached epic proportions. We can no longer be openly racist, but this doesn’t stop the dehumanizing hate. We would never admit to that, however. We direct it against any group we find disagreeable and find it’s a viable tool for political ends. We don’t even bother to engage into any arguments with opponents, because we already know that neither will they budge nor are we even willing to enter the risk of losing our face by finding we were wrong. So we’ll settle this the good old-fashioned way.


    If the USA trips into a civil war with aspects of Former Yugoslavia, now is the time to move from Bosnia [a slaughterhouse] to Slovenia [no civil war at all.]

    • Matt Bracken: Unfortunately, I am finding in my travels that many otherwise “charming” little towns are just as messed up, politically, as the blue hives. There are plenty of whacky people who are drawn to the mountains, fresh air, and easy going attitude not found in urban FUSA, and plenty of whacky mayors, town councils and school boards who are willing to sacrifice civility for the federal grants and state financial assistance that pay nicely for such “essential infrastructure” as homeless shelters, soup kitchens and low income housing projects. Next thing you know, these former havens of sanity have all the same problems as the urban hives, but with nicer scenery.

    • My blue hive is full of idiots, but so are the po-dunk redneck towns. It’s just tribalism everywhere you go. If the ghetto [epithets] in the city don’t kill you for being white, then the perennially suspicious hillbillies will kill you for being an outsider. There is no safe quarter waiting for you. You must have the strength and willpower to make – and keep – your own safe quarter.

  6. Hellequin GB is incorrect, it is not necessary in 2021 to dehumanise prior to genocide, in this case: global democide.

    It suffices to cause such fear among the future victims of short- and long-term disease that that they not only line up at jab stations to be injected with bioweapons, but feel aggressively and Wokely moral at displaying such solidarity with others “threatened by the virus”.

    The lying media 2020-2021 has not been demonising the lemmings, au contraire, it has been praising and bribing and flattering them.

    Even if the media in 2021 shortly transition to calling for the death of the Unjabbed out of compassion for the Jabbed, that call does not amount to genocide.

    Pfizer has a long-term contract with Israel banning disclosure of the documents for decades; Dr Zelenko has aptly compared the Israeli leaders with Dr Mengele.

    Hellequin GB’s belief that demonisation precedes genocide is more suited to the case of Whites in the USA, as pointed out by Paul Craig Roberts.

    Overall, the democide has to do with the fact that in the AI era, workers are superfluous and costly when old, and also with the ruination of the financial system since the mid-1990s.

    A universal basic income in central bank digital currency issued via smartphone only to those who can show a current booster shot allows further optional democide as needed while controlling the bioweapon survivors nicely.

  7. I have to disagree with the German gentleman. While the slaughter in Rwanda was horrific, the Tutsis could not effectively fight back because they were UNARMED(!). Now you commentators and armchair philosophers may opine and speculate about Mordor-On-The-Potomac’s next move, but I am here to tell you something I have observed.
    I spent 30 years as a working Peace Officer in SoCal. In spite of all the efforts of the corrupt Democrats and RINOS in Sacto, legions of folks of all racial and ethnic stripes were and still are armed to the teeth. Ask yourself, in all seriousness, who will bell the cat?
    Do you honestly think there are enough cops, NG troops(assuming they all show up at the Armory), FEDGOV Orcs and Orcettes, etc. to start going door-to-door or doing the round-up of the “Unvaxxed”? Look at the collapse of Southwest Airlines. Will Dementia-In-Chief order the “Woke” .mil to start flying their 737’s? I enjoy this site, but do not let the squishy, shaky, European thinking take hold of your mindset. I am not a Tutsi. Channel Thomas Jonathan Jackson, aka Stonewall: DO NOT TAKE COUNSEL OF YOUR FEARS. Bleib ubrig.

  8. After I have seen with my own eyes, plenty of people willing to get the Death-Jab, and whatever the PTB declares is the next requirement, I believe the mass murderers will have no shortage of willing sheeple for the genocide-to-come. While I’m not in that category, but I see plenty who are, and are oblivious to the danger. What to do? Stay frosty and AWARE, and look at what’s going on, and be prepared to deal with it. This is not a drill.

  9. Yes, I also have the gut feeling that the ongoing stealthy mass murder can become very spectacular in the coming Hunger Games, in many ways.

  10. It sounds strange, but in our country a real hysteria began against migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus after several high-profile crimes with their participation.
    Moreover, they, in turn, also dehumanize Russians, but this does not go beyond the marginal platforms on social networks. But the central press has already begun to write against Muslims, although it adds that the criminals have no religion or nationality.

    I recently wrote that three Dagestanis brutally beat a Russian guy in the subway, because he stood up for the girl they were insulting.
    Now this guy was given two million rubles and a medal for courage from the Investigative Committee.
    Dagestanis complain that it looks like “as if they are rewarded for the battle with the Nazis during World War II”

    At the same time, an aminism was announced for 300 thousand migrants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, exiled for minor offenses.

    Some media outlets write that they were in fact expelled on religious grounds – for their connection with the Salafis. But now they are returning.

    The air smells like a thunderstorm.

    • I look at it this way, when the time comes, you Russians don’t concern yourselves with your enemies so called human rights and kill as many of them as it takes and world opinion be damned.

  11. Yes for a few years I have said that the vilification of white men is to make sure they are no longer afforded the protection of the group and can be murdered without consequence. Just like Jews in WW2. You can see it in the media and in schools. White school boys being pointed out as rapists and criminals when they are innocent children and haven’t done anything. This is the Australian school system. I think they should all try and leave this country. They are refused education, jobs, marriage and family. There is nothing for them here.

    • Yeah, but these idiots don’t realize that it is never nice to make the white European man angry, for when the white man says enough is enough, he rolls up his sleeves and conquers and kills all in his way. We really are coming to the time of the Great Purge and when it kicks off, nobody white is going to be in anyway concerned with any rules of war and Geneva Conventions. The White man will only be interesting in preserving his own and take all the territory. The minorities in our western nations will soon know what true terror and fear look like. It never ceases to amaze me in just how fast a once civilized man can go uncivilized savage given the right encouragement.

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