Pfizer Done It!

In the following video from Israel, the man operating the camera loudly proclaims his insistence that the plight of the young lady on the stretcher was caused by Pfizer. I don’t have any further information on the background of this clip except that the translator says that the man’s Hebrew is so deficient that she had difficulty putting it into normal English.

Many thanks to Rachel for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:12   People, this is [done] by Pfizer, this is by Pfizer, this is by Pfizer.
00:17   I am allowed to speak, this is [done] by Pfizer, people, this is by Pfizer…
00:22   This is done by Pfizer.
00:27   She was healthy, she was a healthy girl.
00:32   This is [done] by Pfizer, this is by Pfizer. What did you do?
00:38   You want to push me again, you big strong guy? You are not a policeman; you are a piece of s**t.
00:46   Watch, people — this is [done] by Pfizer, Pfizer caused this to the girl.
00:52   This is [done] by Pfizer, do not vaccinate!
00:57   G-d provides you all a strong and healthy body.
01:02   You were born healthy human beings, you don’t need a vaccine.
01:07   Every day a vaccine? And every year a vaccine? What are you?
01:12   You are drug addicts; you really need continually a vaccine?
01:17   You are drug addicts! What are you?
01:22   Do you wish to enter Heaven? Don’t [go] changing your DNA.
01:29   You are not going to enter Heaven. You will end up like her — dead!

4 thoughts on “Pfizer Done It!

  1. Better to keep his mouth shut and quietly scope out where the filth that injected her live.

    I cannot help but think that the same principle that causes those on the right to self censor after a few of their online brethren are made conspicuous examples, non-personed online and persecuted in meatspace, also would work the same way were some kind of tragedy to befall the injectors and administrators of injectors. Especially were it to be livestreamed for the sheeple. Apply the law code of Hammurabi; eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and in short order there will be no injectors willing to risk the judgement should their injections cause injury.

  2. American-Israeli I assume, he has poor grammar but one can understand what he is saying easily enough.

    They are actually talking about a law here in Israel, whereby they will force us to go for covid virus testing if their ‘system’ tells us we need to go. If you do not go, you face a criminal charge and conviction. In other words, you can face going to jail for refusing to be tested on one of their useless tests. This isn’t a law yet, but the mad gangsters running the country into the ground are talking about it. In other words, when dealing with a Gestapo, no matter how you dodge and weave, your papers are never in order. This is why we have to hold the line and just refuse to comply. Like Thoreau we need to practice civil disobedience, and like Thoreau we need to be prepared to go to jail, we need to be prepared to die even, for the sake of the truth. For the children, who are already so psychically damaged and now with the vaccines, it is going to get even worse, way worse, their health and in some cases their very lives are going to be at stake. It is not going to end anywhere in the world until enough of us say enough, get lost, do what you will! Who needs Hamas, Iran, when we have the enemy within, the medical priesthood destroying us from within?

    I can’t believe this is happening, and at the same time I should have seen this coming long ago.

    • The Israeli government has become the Gestapo. How insane is that?
      “Papers please.” How can they not see what they are doing?

  3. I think heard Hungarian words uttered in the first couple of seconds of the recording: “Mindenki menjen a dolgára” – Everyone go (away) for your business.

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