Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!

Seneca III poses some interesting questions about the cryogenic aspects of the experimental mRNA treatments against the Wuhan Coronavirus that are now being mandated worldwide.

Get thee behind me, Satan!

by Seneca III

During a recent conversation with my GP, we were discussing my annual flu shot and a Covid-19 booster. The point arose that the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine needs only to be kept and transported chilled, but the mRNA types, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna for example, must be deep-frozen and kept that way until thawed out for injection.

This led me to consider the mechanisms of natural hibernation where, when the ambient temperature reaches a particular low, some animals cease eating, take shelter, close down most of their metabolism and enter into a form of near stasis until they awaken and becomes fully active again with the onset of warmer weather.

Consequently, I decided to take a deeper look into the process and function of hibernation with particular reference to the mRNA Covid vaccines and temperature.

All indications are that mRNA vaccines are living mutagens, Genetically Modified Microorganisms (GMMOs), parts of which are dormant for some reason. Having examined some of the online Scanning and Transmission Electron Micrographs and their derived schematics it would appear that there are several segments in the chain which do not seem to be involved in dealing with the virus nor serve any function related to that task, which leads to the question: ‘To what extent have these types of vaccines been created using CRISPR technology and for what purpose?’

CRISPR technology uses RNA to guide scissors-like enzymes for various tasks. X chromosomes which have a special status in mammalian genomes with, amongst other things, a specific occurrence of genes that influence both female and male fertility also synthesise thousands of enzymes such as DNA replicators to tailor specific sequences of DNA in order to eliminate or edit genes.

CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) form the basis for CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology, yet the X chromosome and X-linked variants have largely been ignored in genome-wide and candidate association studies of infectious diseases due to the complexity of statistical analysis of the X chromosome.

This exclusion is significant, since the X chromosomes contain a high density of immune-related genes and regulatory elements that are extensively involved in both innate and adaptive immune responses. Furthermore, many diseases present with a clear sex bias, and apart from the influence of sex hormones and socioeconomic and behavioural factors, the X chromosome, X-linked genes and X chromosome inactivation mechanisms contribute to this.

[Note that the presence of two X chromosomes is required for the development of the female germline, and the absence of two functional X chromosomes results in female sterility.]


When applied to vaccines, what is the CRISPR editing designed to accomplish in relation to or with the apparently dormant/redundant segments? What occurs if the edits are configured to activate some concealed function when the temperature of the injected environment reaches the human norm of 36o C (96.8o F)?

What if the designers of the vaccine emplaced them for the purpose of sustaining the physical integrity of the mRNA chain without considering any detrimental long term side effects?

Why has the UK Government mandated that people double-vaccinated with AstraZeneca — which uses an inert (dead) cold virus from chimpanzees to stimulate and thus kick start the immune systems — be forced to have a Pfizer booster shot rather than another shot of AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine?

Hard questions to answer from outside the ruling cabal, or at least too hard to expect a cogent response from a government that has a collective IQ and scientific knowledge resembling that of a retarded artichoke. PPEs, Classics and Diversity Studies degrees might be useful when climbing the greasy political pole but totally useless when scientists with vested interests are running rings around decision makers.

Cui bono? Well, it certainly might be a good idea to ‘follow the money’, particularly with respect to the past and present investment portfolios of certain Senior NHS Mandarins and other ‘scientific advisors’ who may or may not have their heads deep in the lucrative academic or Big Pharma troughs.

Our once not much revered Mathew John David Hancock, the somewhat less than charming ex-Health Secretary and friend of the WEF Reichsführer, Klaus Schwab, might be able and willing to answer that question if pressed. Or perhaps not unless we can get him on a Rack.

[At this point I emphasise that none of the research and opinion I have encapsulated above has been lifted from The Lancet. Resultant from several recent articles that appear to me to be primarily serving only the interests of China, the WHO and Big Pharma I now regard that publication the weekly Beano of the medical profession.]

Finally, I must emphasise that microbiology and genetics are not my field (maths and physics). Hence, my hope is that there are GoV readers out there who are well qualified and informed in those disciplines and know different. If so, please, please tell me I am wrong, that I’m just an old conspiracy theorist.

Conversely, my great fear is that I may be correct, at least on some of the points I raise and in the answers to the questions that I have posed. What a terrible thing that would be, because it will take at least one generation of rapidly falling fertility rates on a mass scale to reveal such an arcane reality, and by then it would be too late because they — the shadowy pursuers of ultimate power — are now pushing hard for us to vaccinate children as young as five.

Disturbing concepts, these, and I share them with you in case anyone can shed some light on those dark corners where shadows echo the seminal question of our time: ‘Is there true Satanic evil afoot here or is this attempt at cleansing our species simply malfeasance promoted and driven by ambition and greed?’

— Seneca III, this Sunday the 10th day of October in this the year of our Lord 2021.

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23 thoughts on “Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!

  1. I know from my Swedish friends that that’s what they did in Sweden, first jab AstraZeneca, second jab Pfizer. The Sweeds are such a sweet bunch of people, that they were surprised – that I was surprised! by this medical experiment of double vaccinating people with two different vaccines from different supplyers.

    So – if the boosters will be pfizers for all, it’s like they like that pfizer, they really do.

    Anyhow, I said it before and I say it again: I consider this coming dictatorship to be the Green Horse of the Apocalypse White capitalism, red communism, black fascism, and now – a green horse. And it’s gonna be epic, for capitalism was interested in profits, communism was bloodthirsty, fascism was a banking control system, but this time, the rider of the horse is “Death” himself.

    I would not say this if I didn’t see that “Death” rhetoric from Greta. And Islam is also green and ready “for the end of the world”.

    “And I looked, and behold a [green] horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and [grave] followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” Revelation 6:8

    Some bible comentators translate this verse as that “he will kill with plagues, and with germs”

    • “. . . for your merchants were the great ones of the earth; for with your pharmakeia all the nations were deceived. In her was found the blood of …all that were slain upon the earth.” (Apokalypsis 18.23-24)

      Pharmakeia is the actual Greek word used that no longer needs any translation here. George Church of Nebula Genomics, who develops CRISPR technologies said that it could take around fifteen CRISPR mRNA ‘edits’ to turn a regular modern day elephant into a Woolly Mammoth. So if you survive that process what will you be turned into after fifteen ‘booster’ edits? No longer a redeemable Son of Adam by the blood of the Lamb of God. They’re cutting off the Human Race from God so that they’ll be forced to worship the coming antichrist ‘beast’.

      • Just like in the days of Noah, we can expect some hardcore genetic engineering. I am a believer in Greek Mythology, I believe that when the greeks talked about how gods create monsters to fight their battles, that it was no fantasy. We are getting there again. And it is going to be hell on earth again.

        Revelation 9 speaks about a time when people of the Earth get attacked by an army of strange locusts that will attack men like scorpions. And right in the middle Revelation 9:6 it also says:

        “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

        I find this interesting, it wouldn’t surprise me if they cracked the code and made humans immortal, just to find out that being immortal on this Earth is not such a great deal after all.

        I agree with you that they are trying to cut human race from God.

      • Gene pollution was the ONLY reason there were only 8 souls on the Ark.

        Nobody will be forced to worship the antichrist, it will be a choice. The vaccine or any thing else transhuman or whatever cannot damn a Believer. That is the catch

      • yes, chloros like “chlorophil” in green leafs

        Strong’s Concordance:

        Pronounce: khlo-ros’
        Strongs Number: G5515
        Orig: from the same as 5514; greenish, i.e. verdant, dun-colored:–green, pale. G5514
        Use: Adjective
        Heb Strong: H2682 H3418 H3836 H3892 H6168 H6212 H7879
        1) green
        2) yellowish pale

  2. Given the societal and sociological surroundings present during this infectious threat, I would infer the former, inasmuch as everything, including religion, has become politicized with violently emotional responses given to those observations that do not comply with the newly established narrative.

    • There are two main features of a human being. One is explained by those who study human anatomy. Inference to the material realms. Even those who study brain functions and why certain individuals have a proclivity to think a certain way. But no man has been able to explain one’s spiritual being. For this realm of endeavor has no science that can explain its reality.

  3. One gets the impression that there is bribery on a huge scale; First the statement about 18 months ago by an Eastern European President that the world bank had offered him many millions to play the COVID game, and now we see the same in Australia where state premier and politicians have resigned.

    Much of the behaviour of politicians around the world is bizzare in ignoring the science but spouting religious Science-ism mythology (masks, lockdowns, boosters), it is as if they are well paid loyal employees of Big Pharma or the World Economic Forum; perhaps they are….

    • what if it is even worse than bribery, what if it is a mind control of a kind which has not yet been made public?

      UK Column News watch closely the charity organisation called “common purpose”, and what I drew from their coverage is that the Common Purpose enterprise is in the business of “reframing” public officials into the “common purpose” agenda, and they do these weekend courses for politicians and for the police and for teachers and…


      For example, I remember this lady:

    • what if it is even worse than bribery, what if it is a mind control of a kind which has not yet been made public?

      UK Column News watch closely the charity organisation called “common purpose”, and what I drew from their coverage is that the Common Purpose enterprise is in the business of “reframing” public officials into the “common purpose” agenda, and they do these weekend courses for politicians and for the police and for teachers and…


      For example, I remember this lady: Vera Jourova
      …I remember her when she was nice and smart and talked sense. Then she went to brussels, and the statements she produced there were 100% contrary to what she used to be saying, that she basically became a completely different person. I always wonder how they did it, because I don’t think that she pulled a bait and swith. I honestly believe that she has been “reframed”

      Maybe – they use full spectrum? Bribes for Biden, reframing for Vera Jourova, but my real question is – what if there is some MK Ultra tech that is being used on unsuspecting politicians and bureaucrats? An invasion of the body snatchers?

  4. One would think the following data is tracked but I don’t know if it is publicly available. Is data available on specific prescription drug sales in any area of the US? I am just curious about historical Ivermectin sales in the Washington DC area. Why would one look for sales of something pharmacists won’t fill prescriptions for? They probably wouldn’t.

  5. That was a great read Seneca.

    I have long wondered at the ridiculous temps for the poison pre injection.

    You may recall that a truck loaded with the poison crashed in the US. It was then surrounded by people in moonsuits and a no-fly zone established above. Whatever is in that crap, we are not allowed to know what it morphs into at body temp.

  6. Interesting point in your para 11, Seneca 111. I’ve been inundated with texts inviting me to have a third shot, as I’m on immunosuppressants; according to the NHS helpline, and Kidney Care UK (see link below- you have to scroll down) Astrazeneca should be available, but after numerous inquiries, I can’t find anyone in my area who’s using it. I’ve booked a Pfizer shot (not expecting to have children anytime soon!), but it is worrying.

    • You read this site, so it will be no surprise to you that you will die from what you have taken.

      Please let us know when you took each shot so that I can run a book on your imminent demise after the third shot.

      Please make your details at least seem real so that everyone has a sporting chance.

      Cheers Mark Pfizer.

  7. I read about a priest that took the jab and then the devil that came with it started talking to the priest . It told him that the murder of the innocent baby in the womb is what enabled the demon to possess the priest . Last I heard the priest was still fasting and praying for deliverance . I have heard demons speaking through a person and it is weird . And a bit scary .

  8. It’s really not all that complicated. The Globalist Corporate Oligarchs who really run this planet want everyone over 55 dead. This was and is germ warfare, plan and simple. It was executed by the Chinese Communists with the full treasonous cooperation and connivance of Gates, Fauci, Brix, Collins, and their useful FEDGOV idiots. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

    • Methinks you’re SPOT ON, Dweez!

      Plus–rumor has it that the American Congress Critters got the CCP Flu–BUT, they secretly and without whispering a word–took the Ivermectin, Vitamin, and prednisone “cure,” denied to we “peasants.” All the while–stonewalling THAT SECRET low dollar treatment–and telling constituents to “take the jab” so Big Pharma could get billions and spread around the bribes.

      If true–CONGRESS=Enemies of the People. Will not sit well with surviving family members who lost loved ones, denied the cheap Ivermectin trick.

  9. Having worked in certain corners of human biology for most of my career, I can attest to the stunning complexity of the system. That is precisely why phase III drug trials are so important, as drugs are developed on a theory and early evidence. But it is the subtleties that come back to bite. See thalidomide for a case in point. So are the bad things happening now and in the future intentional or the result of hubris? It’s too soon to tell. The paranoid would say it is intentional, but paranoia is no longer the sign of an irrational mind. The paranoid would say that the vaccine is being pushed in advance of the completion of phase III trial completion because the makers know it’s mal-intent will be revealed.
    My father taught me a very important lesson: When somebody puts the ‘hard sell’ on you, whatever they are selling is NOT in your best interest. Personally, I have never seen a harder sell than this vaccine.

    • Kidding right?

      We are 10 months in. What is going on is obvious unless you have the idealogical disposition to think that the govt has your best interests at heart.

      What palpable nonsense.

      No phase anything is required. The stats speak for themselves – errant though they are in the main.

      What we want to know is how much are these deaths are contributing to global warming through cremation!

  10. No one should ever trust the US gov., since they have lied, cheated and stolen constantly for who knows how many years, from everyone who was in their reach. It should be crystal clear to anyone who watched them bail out the banks in 2019, and of course before. All these clowns care about is money and power, and if we get injected with a horrible vaccine, too bad, they already exempted themselves from it. If there remains a history to be written, the vaxx will go down as one of the most reprehensible crimes ever committed. They have no right to treat us like cattle.

  11. This topic is frightening to me but facts are facts.

    For those with balls enough to look at the theory that Seneca denotes above and real testing please review the link below. This is NOT for the faint of heart.

    As Linwood says, facts are stubborn things. Pity our fellow humans. They know not what they have done.

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