Croatian President Zoran Milanović on Masks and the Vax Passport

The following clip is excerpted from a recent press conference given by Croatian President Zoran Milanović. When questioned about the Wuhan Coronavirus, Mr. Milanović’s remarks deviated significantly from the Narrative imposed by the New World Order.

My favorite line: “Those are the measures that have infringed on human freedoms, not rights; those were fundamental freedoms, at the level of the right to photosynthesis, really.”

Many thanks to Vortac for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   What’s your opinion on recent protests? —Fire on me, let’s go… yes, please?
00:04   What’s your opinion on recent protests?
00:08   They were to be expected. Those are not large protests.
00:12   Most people go with the flow, and they get the vaccine and then they evaluate…
00:17   In Scandinavia, some will say, they are more vaccinated.
00:22   But they don’t have that… “police approach”.
00:27   They didn’t have it even when they were less vaccinated, like “you have to do it”, “it’s mandatory”
00:34   I entered today into this room and they were all wearing masks.
00:38   Why are they wearing masks?
00:41   They are almost all vaccinated. Those who aren’t, they don’t have to attend.
00:45   If they come, they are welcome; they come on their own responsibility
00:48   Those who are vaccinated are not in danger. What’s the point of wearing a mask then?
00:52   Why are people, whose average age is 50, wearing a mask?
00:55   The docility of people… it’s hard to believe sometimes. And the obedience…
01:00   even at times when one maybe shouldn’t be fully obedient.
01:04   Are you in favor of abolishing the Covid certificates?
01:09   I did not… Since the first day, I did not enter into a detailed analysis, not even a critique,
01:15   of particular epidemiological measures… as a matter of fact,
01:18   political actions changing on a daily basis.
01:21   Now, I do it somewhat more often, but during the first year, I didn’t do it at all.
01:28   I dealt with and commented only on legal and constitutional aspects
01:32   of particular measures, restrictions, regimes.
01:35   After the introduction of vaccines, I said it and I will say it again…
01:40   when there are more vaccines than people who want
01:45   to take them, when there are more doses than people queuing up for them,
01:48   figuratively speaking… then these restrictions make no sense…
01:51   you can deduce my answer from that. —But you will not give us a reply on Covid certificates?
01:55   That’s a restriction. —The unions are announcing a constitutional review…
01:58   filing a request for a review of the constitutionality of the Covid certificates…
02:02   No, no… really… these certificates are trifles.
02:06   What happened last year was unconstitutional. All those measures
02:10   which were enacted without a two-thirds supermajority in Parliament.
02:14   Those are the measures that have infringed on human freedoms, not rights;
02:18   those were fundamental freedoms, at the level of the right to photosynthesis, really.
02:22   Those were enacted by Parliament, through a simple majority, and that must never happen again.