Giorgia Meloni’s Speech in Madrid

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. The following video shows excerpts from Ms. Meloni’s speech at a rally in Madrid hosted by the Spanish populist party Vox.

Ms. Meloni spoke in Spanish, but her remarks have been translated from the Italian subtitles. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

13:50   We will go on saying that we want the EU to play a leading role in major international issues.
13:56   In order to stop the uncontrolled immigration from Africa and Asia.
13:59   In order to defend ourselves from Islamist terrorism.
14:02   In order to face the growing threats coming from China.
14:08   And in order to build bridges to Latin America.
14:11   Which is going through a difficult time.
14:14   And I wish to thank Santiago Abascal publicly
14:17   for promoting the Charter of Madrid, which I have staunchly signed.
14:21   Because it is an amazing manifesto of values, meant to unite our forces,
14:26   in order to help our Latin American brothers get rid of
14:31   the yoke of Socialist-Communist governments, which are starving their peoples.
14:40   These peoples are our brothers. A huge amount of Spanish and Italian blood runs in their veins.
14:48   We need to help them until the tyrants are defeated,
14:54   until the drug-traffickers are jailed and until freedom and democracy are back.
15:08   We want the EU to be more present in the Mediterranean area, which used to be
15:13   the cradle of our civilization, and from which the EU is more and more distant nowadays.
15:18   Whereas other countries are more and more increasing their influence.
15:23   I am thinking of Turkey led by Erdogan,
15:27   who is putting its aggressive expansionism into action, while we are divided.
15:31   Turkey threatens European countries such as Greece or Cyprus.
15:36   It controls Libya, it blackmails the EU, by threatening to send illegals.
15:41   And it funds politicized Islam throughout the old continent.
15:45   And yet the EU keeps taking into account the idea of letting Turkey enter the Union.
15:49   We will not allow it.
15:58   My friends, another EU is possible.
16:05   In order to build it, the alliance between the Spanish and the Italians will be essential.
16:09   Together with all the peoples who share the same Latin matrix with us.
16:15   This will enable us to build a more balanced EU.
16:18   And we will have the chance to rediscover the real values upon which Europe is founded.
16:24   In recent days all commentators have been wondering what Europe will be like after the Merkel era.
16:29   They mention Draghi, Macron and other politicians. That’s why I think
16:34   we ought to work together, so that the post-Merkel EU will be guided by the conservatives.
16:39   By patriots.
16:47   And since I am convinced that we need Spain to make Europe live again,
16:54   I am so happy to be here because I know that I am speaking before the best of Spain.
17:02   Made up of honest and proud people
17:06   who demand for their homeland a destiny worthy of its own history.
17:10   Dear brothers of Vox, dear Spanish patriots, I am here today
17:16   to promise you that you will not be alone in this battle.
17:22   In this battle, you will be joined by millions and millions of Italian patriots.
17:28   Long life to Spain.
17:31   Long life to Italy. Long life to our alliance.
17:37   Thank you.

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  1. Someone showed her the pot of money she could put her nose into if she played along.

    What a preposterous festering [lump of solid waste] both Salvini and Meloni have turned out to be.

    Save Italy! Just doing that will take the energy of many.

    [copulate with] THE EU!

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