Dominion Over the Vote

Whatever happens, we have got
The Maxim gun, and they have not.

— Hilaire Belloc, from “The Modern Traveller”

A reader named Ron Hartman left a comment on H. Numan’s essay in which he said, in part, “…we all can still save our country but we must stand up against our politicians and vote them out of power while we still can.”

I’m probably not the only person who thinks we have no chance whatsoever of voting the oligarchs out of power. As I wrote last May, the shenanigans of last November 3 — or, strictly speaking, in the early hours of last November 4 — should have convinced even the most hardened skeptic that our elections are now completely rigged. I expect them to remain that way in perpetuity, or at least until its internal rot causes the entire system to collapse.

When Virginians go to the polls next month, I expect Terry McAuliffe to squeak by and become our next governor. I’m certain that the Democrat-controlled machines in Loudoun and Fairfax counties and the cities of Arlington and Alexandria can scare up enough votes to put him over the top, especially considering how many illegal aliens are resident up there.

And when the midterms roll around next year, you can bet that there will be enough upsets in key races to allow the Democrats to retain control of the Senate (and probably increase their numbers to give them an actual majority). And even if the Republicans manage to take back the House, I expect certain important conservatives to unexpectedly lose, so that the RINOs — of which there are plenty — make sure that Democratic Socialism isn’t significantly impeded.

And in the presidential election of 2024, even if the Republican candidate is Donald Trump, it won’t matter who runs against him. At this point the Democrats can elect a ham sandwich.

If not enough voters can be raised from the dead, and the illegal immigrants don’t turn out in sufficient numbers, and not enough boxes of identical mail-in ballots can be discovered in closets… Well, there’s always the Dominion voting machines.

In the middle of the night in certain key states the count for the Democrat candidate will suddenly and mysteriously increase. And there will be lots of votes cast by fractional people, just as there were last year. We can expect to see a graph of the tally the following morning that looks a lot like the one from last winter’s senatorial runoff in Georgia:

We’ll need to update Hilaire Belloc’s ditty for the occasion:

Whatever happens, they have got
Dominion machines, and we have not.

8 thoughts on “Dominion Over the Vote

  1. I am amazed at how quickly people forget that the elections were stolen. They complain about cheating in 2020 and then say “we’ll get them in 2024”.

    Hopium is such an amazing drug.

    • Undoubtedly public school indoctrinated.

      Elections never changed anything even when the fraud was minimal and the populace was not such a bunch of blooming idiots and sheep. The whole point of the primary process was to ensure that no candidate who was outside party control ever became the nominee. And the real power never rested in elected officials but with those who funded their campaigns and/or had the goods on their vices and criminality.

  2. I just hate it but I think you are right. I go toward despair fairly rapidly when I think about this – the next elections, the corruption, et al.
    Just want you to know how much I value your site – every night after work, late, I read every single line.
    then, I now have Benedictus, the little daily Latin Mass book: so I can read each day the Mass and sink into that rather than my own pessimism. *sigh*.
    Thanks ! Consolata

  3. I was following this vote very closely. At 11:53 Perdue had 2189236 votes. At 12:07, he recorded 2189226 votes. Ten minutes later he went down to 2189206. Why would he have lost 30 votes in 24 minutes. It’s incredible that he was around 115,000 votes ahead at 11.11 with 92% counted, and then overtaken within the hour with 94% counted.
    Trump was ahead by 13 points in Pennsylvania at the end of Tuesday’s walk-in counting but behind early the next day.
    Maybe they left the test votes on the computers as happened in the Dem run-off for the New York mayor.

  4. In reading economic news, I have seen it written a few times, “once a trend is in motion, it cannot be stopped.” I believe this truth extends to politics because politics depends on economics. Since globalist communism is taking over the world now, I don’t expect anything that runs counter to globalism to have any lasting impact. The trend will continue until most average people are penniless and starving. Only when the world is suffering so miserably will the “elites” then be butchered in the street like pigs and their ill-gotten wealth redistributed so that society may rebuild. The pattern has repeated dozens of times throughout human history, and I don’t suppose this time will be any different. All you can ultimately do – if you want to die a natural death, anyway – is look after yourself and your loved ones as much as possible. Adapt to the times. We all hope for the best outcomes, but ultimately you still have to be adaptable if you want to survive.

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