Clan Wars in Gothenburg’s No-Go Zones

In my previous post I reported on the fight against organized crime among Arab clans in the Neukölln district of Berlin. The following German-language video report from Der Spiegel describes a similar situation in Arab no-go zones in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Friday the 4th, Gothenburg Sweden
00:07   Clan crime is also rampant in Sweden. Actually, the country has always
00:12   been proud of its immigration policy, but in metropolises like Gothenburg,
00:16   large clan families dominate entire neighborhoods with dramatic consequences.
00:21   This July, in the district of Högsbo, the Swedish tranquility was
00:25   once again riddled with gunshots. Instead of Bullerby, bullets flew.
00:33   It is Friday afternoon, the 9th of July.
00:38   The victim is sitting in a chair at a hair salon, getting a haircut.
00:48   It’s a hot day, so both doors are open, including the back door.
00:58   While the victim sits in the chair, two armed perpetrators enter.
01:09   An execution in broad daylight in the Arab community.
01:14   Not uncommon in Sweden, a country that used to be one of the safest in the world.
01:19   Sweden is now Europe’s leader in the category of murder with firearms.
01:24   In 2019 alone, 42 people were shot here.
01:29   Most of the victims came from the gang milieu, in which Arab clans are also heavily involved.
01:35   The execution in the barbershop was a brutal climax.
01:39   There is still no trace of the perpetrators.
01:44   The victim had contacts within the underworld, but we don’t know
01:50   if the man was also was a member of a criminal gang.
01:56   Of course we suspect that the crime is gang-related.
02:01   In Sweden, the general public watches helplessly as concrete towers
02:05   in the suburbs, like these in Hjällbo on the outskirts of Gothenburg,
02:09   have become parallel worlds, similar to those that have formed in Berlin-Neukölln.
02:13   The apartment blocks are the territory of the Ali Khan.
02:17   Ulf Boström works as a scene officer in the immigrant community.
02:23   No one knows the clans in Sweden better than he does.
02:27   The police have withdrawn from these neighborhoods.
02:32   The resulting insecurity was exploited by criminal networks and clan families
02:36   to engage in covert criminal activity.
02:40   They often hide their businesses behind family members who are well-integrated.
02:46   The non-criminals feel they have to protect their families.
02:52   At the end of May of 2021, the marketplace in Hjällbo was transformed into an arena of violence.
03:00   The police were present by helicopter in the air, but had too few officers on the ground.
03:05   There’s a revolt! Revolt!
03:09   Panic spreads on police radio. —Revolt! Revolt!
03:16   During the rioting that Friday afternoon, the members of two large Arab families
03:22   beat each other without restraint. The violence seems to have appeared from nowhere,
03:27   and catches the police completely off guard. The officers had no choice but to watch
03:33   and later evaluate cell phone videos.
03:37   That day, the state’s authority was transferred to the clans.
03:42   In Germany, there have been a number of similar scenes,
03:46   known in police jargon as “Riot Crime”.
03:52   The journalist Johanna Lerneby wrote a Swedish bestseller about the clans.
03:57   She knows the background of the war in the marketplace.
04:03   A teenager from an Arab clan family from northeast Gothenburg
04:12   stole a moped. He was stopped by a member of another clan and an argument ensued.
04:19   In this quarter of Hjällbo, clans always know what is happening.
04:26   If they are in need, they call their brothers and cousins;
04:30   there is a duty to help each other.
04:37   Court records document that members of the Ali Khans clashed
04:41   with the extended Simo family. Both sides were able to mobilize
04:45   dozens of fighters within a short period of time.
04:49   Loyalty is the precious asset within the families.
04:52   Two days later, hatred re-escalated in the suburban ghettos.
04:57   Although the police increase their presence in Hjällbo, large groups of men
05:02   beat each other up. Once again, the duel is the Ali Khan vs. Simos.
05:07   However, this time, someone dies.
05:11   Three men of the Simo family are sitting on a wall under trees when suddenly
05:15   a youth pulls out his gun. Although the police are patrolling everywhere,
05:21   suddenly a corpse is lying on the asphalt.
05:25   The armed man came from over there.
05:29   He just came over here and shot three times.
05:34   One person was fatally shot. Two others were injured.
05:41   There were police officers right around the corner.
05:46   Just try to imagine how these perpetrators tick.
05:52   Police officers are right over there and they still pull a gun and three people
05:55   are shot. One of them dies. What kind of people are they?
06:00   Look how far this has come. I’m really worried about this development.
06:04   The victim is a 44-year-old man from the Simo clan.
06:09   He leaves behind four children.
06:12   The shooter is believed to be a young man with Somali roots who is being held in custody.
06:16   According to police, young Somalis do the dirty work for the Ali Khan family.
06:23   They also form the foot soldiers in the drug market which is also dominated by the clan.
06:29   In Sweden we trust the police and know that we can rely on them, but the clans don’t.
06:34   They solve their problems within their community and build a parallel society
06:42   where the family is most important. The government is only useful when they need money,
06:47   but other than that, the government is disregarded. That’s a huge difference.
06:54   Parallel societies exist in Sweden as well as in Germany.
06:59   Scandinavia also lacks the remedy for patriarchal family structures where values of the clan
07:06   are superior to those of the of the general public.
07:09   At the funeral of the murder victim, women have to stand on the sidelines.
07:14   Their role is mostly limited to bearing as many children as possible.
07:18   Strengthening their power, according to the crude clan logic.
07:25   Dozens of relatives from Germany also attend the ceremony.
07:30   It was petty. A brawl. Fist fights. It was about nothing. There’s no need to overreact.
07:36   It can be resolved, but not by killing a man.
07:41   I could even kill an ant or a chicken. —OK. Thanks.
07:49   After the murder in Hjällbo, the police increased their forces in the quarter.
07:54   However, in the long run, the state cannot guarantee security
07:58   because the opposition is too unscrupulous. The same applies in Berlin.

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