Alessandra Schilirò: “The Green Pass Violates Our Constitution”

Alessandra Schilirò is the deputy police commissioner of Rome. Ms. Schilirò got herself in hot water last week by taking part in a demonstration against the “Green Pass”, which is Italy’s mandatory passport that proves one has been “vaccinated” against the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Ms. Schilirò maintains that her participation was not only her right, but her duty, since the Green Pass violates the Italian constitution, which she took an oath to uphold. She is opposed by some of the heavy hitters of Italian politics, including Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese.

The following clip is from a talk show on Italian TV. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The ANSA article below gives an account of what happened to Alessandra Schilirò after she participated in the demo in Rome:

Anti-Green Pass Cop Faces Disciplinary Procedure

Schilirò said vaccine passport goes against Constitution at demo

(ANSA) – ROME, SEP 27 – A senior Italian policewoman is facing disciplinary procedures after taking part in a demonstration in Rome’s Piazza San Giovanni square on Saturday against the government’s Green Pass vaccine passport.

Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò said she took part in the demo as “a free citizen” and addressed the crowd, saying the Green Pass contravened the Italian Constitution.

The Green Pass, which shows that a person is vaccinated for COVID-19, has recovered from the coronavirus or has tested negative in the last few days, is obligatory to do many things in Italy, including to go to work as of October 15.

Saturday’s demo was only the latest in a series against the Green Pass to have taken place in many parts of Italy.

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese said Sunday that Schilirò’s comments were “extremely serious” adding that she was following the case personally with Police Chief Lamberto Giannini.

Schilirò said that “I will keep going, with or with a uniform, for the love of my country”.

Video transcript:

00:00   You have somehow been considered a star of the police for some time, because I watched you
00:03   on TV many times. —Yes, I have. —But when you got on that stage
00:06   you said those things that we just heard. —Yes, but I got on that stage as a free citizen.
00:11   So, where’s the problem here?
00:14   The problem is that I have been a celebrated police officer for long time, as you just said.
00:19   Before all that happened, people who used to google my name
00:23   would find out who I was, what cases I resolved.
00:27   Practically everything, pictures of me in uniform. So it was well-known that I was a policewoman.
00:30   And yet you got on that stage and said those things.
00:33   Of course I did. —You got on stage not to say
00:36   that you were for the Green Pass, but that you were against it.
00:39   Yes, I did. —Well, why is Green Pass unlawful, in your opinion?
00:44   It is unlawful firstly because it violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
00:48   It violates the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.
00:51   It violates article 36 of the EU Regulation about Covid Digital Certificate,
00:55   which says that the Green Pass can never be used as means to discriminate against people.
00:59   Besides all those reasons, there is a reason that particularly concerns me.
01:02   That is, the Green Pass violates our Constitution.
01:05   And I have sworn an oath upon the Constitution. It was not only my right to get up on that stage.
01:10   It was not only a constitutional right of mine, but also a duty of mine.
01:14   Tell me the truth. You told me that when you got on stage
01:18   you became emotional, in front of all those people.
01:22   Yes, it’s true. —But deep inside, you must have thought,
01:25   “I might get into trouble after saying this.”
01:28   Yes, I did. I guess I even said that, on stage. At a certain point
01:31   I did say that. I had revealed to a friend of mine
01:34   that I would have joined the protest. She didn’t even know that I would end up talking on stage.
01:38   As soon as she knew that I would go to that gathering,
01:41   she told me, worried, “You are kidding me, right?”
01:44   She told you that you shouldn’t? —Yes, that I shouldn’t. —Because the police wouldn’t accept that?
01:47   Because as an officer you cannot demonstrate. —I can’t demonstrate? I surely can.
01:50   Article 17 of the Constitution states that I can.
01:53   I am against the Green Pass. I want to say that I am.

One thought on “Alessandra Schilirò: “The Green Pass Violates Our Constitution”

  1. Every republic succumbs to tyranny where basic human rights are eroded. Starting with free speech, when one is prevented from speaking out on the erosion, further abrogation is assured.

    Basic human rights are not granted by the US Constitution, it affirms them. When its government fails to affirm them, it is no longer legitimate.

    I cannot speak for Italy or any other nation, but it seems Western nations post WW II tended to lean more towards American notions than they did before, as attested to by accords that are now being abrogated as in Australia.

    What has been missing? In America, for sure, no robust discussion of how the 4th, 5th and 8th Amendments have been ignored since Biden took office. Some even during Trump’s term.

    Take for example the demands to be tested for COVID before being granted access to public accommodations. Why haven’t lawyers argued this requirement is a violation of 5th Amendment affirmation not to be compelled to self-incriminate? Or violation of 4th Amendment affirmation to be secure in my person? Or the excessive fines imposed on businesses for not following edicts in violation of the 8th?

    When such discussions are left to be hashed out in courts, too much mischief will already have become a fait accompli. It already has.

    This comment is buried down inside another topic that only touches one aspect of what I just said. I expect not to get much if any response because nobody in MSM has said anything like it. So even here I doubt anyone will pick up the baton. That’s human nature at its worst. We tend to respond only to how others respond for fear of being thought peculiar. When such fears keep us silent, we earn the consequences of that silence. May God show mercy and forgive those too stupid to understand. The rest of you are on your own.

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