László Földi: “She Delivered a Bigger Punch on Germany Than Hitler”

László Földi is a Hungarian national security expert, a former intelligence service agent, and a former operations director. A couple of days ago I posted a translated summary from PolitikStube of remarks made by Mr. Földi during a panel discussion on Hungarian state TV about Angela Merkel’s legacy in Germany.

Below is the original Hungarian video of Mr. Földi’s analysis. Many thanks to László for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. Thanks also to CrossWare for checking and confirming the translation:

Video transcript:

35:44   Some time ago there was a saying about Germany
35:47   that “Germany is too strong for Europe and too weak for the world.”
35:51   So it’s too weak to be a world power. How strong is Germany today? What can we say about that?
35:56   Well, let me say, joining Zoli anyway, that of course there are predecessors,
36:02   but I see the role of Merkel quite differently compared to that.
36:06   The last creative force was [Helmut] Kohl; and Merkel
36:10   is a destructive force, if it can be called a force.
36:13   So she depleted all that her predecessors had built in a political sense.
36:18   And, in fact, this was not a bad time for the German economy
36:21   when it was able to be the leader of Europe.
36:24   The German worker worked for it a lot — there should be no misunderstanding —
36:28   but still a traditional world emerged as France was sinking, no matter why —
36:35   it has something to do with her own social structure;
36:39   Britain was not that motivated,
36:44   but Germany was really working as the engine of Europe and Merkel did not have to create anything,
36:50   so to speak, she just had to maintain that level. [But] she could not do it; she demolished it.
36:55   There are obviously theories as to whether she demolished it in an externally controlled manner;
36:59   for there are power fields that noticed that Germany might run too far,
37:03   and God forbid it might not be kept under control, or someone had
37:09   a grip on the person of Merkel as such, for completely different symbols.
37:14   But [Germany] was visibly being demolished. And in fact, she delivers the biggest punch,
37:18   as it is said, she delivered a bigger punch on Germany than Hitler,
37:21   when she opened the [German] borders in 2015.
37:24   Because from then on, a complete crisis situation developed, a frustrated situation.
37:29   If you’ve been to Germany lately, the difference that developed
37:35   in just a few years compared to the former German world is staggering.
37:40   If I can tell my own personal story,
37:45   I went to some German cities in the spring of 2016
37:50   to give presentations on migration. It wasn’t easy then
37:54   to face the completely different thoughts they had, compared to
37:58   what I tried to explain about it, but after a few hours we were able to consolidate the situation
38:02   and already the knives were off the table. And then they asked me, well, but then what do I say,
38:07   then what should they do now… Well, I said, “Look, the election is coming in the fall,
38:11   please think about it, if it’s acceptable for you what we’ve been talking about
38:16   and we agreed on what the consequences might be
38:19   of that kind of migration to the country. Then who will you vote for?” Their answer was:
38:24   (and we are talking about an intellectual circle), “Well, there is no one better than Merkel.”
38:27   And what has been said here, too, is that they can simply be imbued with such bad reflexes,
38:33   that they persist with the wrong leader despite the facts;
38:38   and by the way, referring back to World War II, this was also true then,
38:42   and it’s really some kind of psychological problem, which I’m not an expert on;
38:47   I just can’t think of anything else. This is obviously a big problem in Germany.

10 thoughts on “László Földi: “She Delivered a Bigger Punch on Germany Than Hitler”

  1. Yes She did , and now she is going happy with good pension and debts for Germans and whole Europe, that’s rug should be in prison, I don’t know what happened to German people, they live in dementia, or they don’t know what’s really going on , with this news government in Germany they should be afraid very afraid, one rug Merkel&CO are gone , and now are even worse is coming.:

    • True, Western Europeans will be refugees eventually but who will take them? Where will they go?

      • There is nowhere for Europeans or white European Americans/Canadians to flee too. So you either stand and fight? Or perish? Sheep? Or Wolf?

  2. It is like a bombing campaign without any material damage with all of these replacements.
    My favorite is the environment prattle as millions are imported that are way beyond the carrying capacity of the landmass.
    Breaking-Hitler is gone almost 80 years now, evil existed before the NSDAP came along and it always will.
    Please build a bridge and get over it Hitler Hysterians and all of the hype and furor over der Führer only enhance his mystique.
    The CCCP/Che + Castro/Khmer Rouge/CCP body count make the Nazis look like pikers.

  3. Merkel and rulers in of so called democracies want be to destroy their Nations by invaders, using sentimental deceptive words like refugees , diversity,. .. to euthanize their citizenry … Kill them by pretending to be kind and morally superior.

  4. And just like that, a nationalist party is born, the color shirt won’t matter and they will fight with ruthless efficiency. Hmmm, where have we seen this before? Once again, the sheep go into that dark night without so much as a whimper.

    • No, it will be not , this is worse then WW2 because it’s a silent huge destruction including strong culture truth this parasites invasion from Islamic states witch in my opinion never recover ( big amount of birth rates ) so you have to say goodbye to beautiful Germany and beautiful culture they used to have , heartbreaking..

    • Germany as a democratic state won’t last, what is coming is a nationalist state, so Germany and it’s people will survive, the 3rd worlders won’t, no matter how long they been there.

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