Unprecedented Adverse Reactions to the “Vaccine”

Patricia Haunsperger is a medical doctor in the German state of Bavaria. In the following article she describes the number of adverse patient reactions to the experimental mRNA medical treatment against the Wuhan Coronavirus, which she says are unprecedented.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Dr. Patricia Haunsperger: I have to admit patients with adverse vaccine reactions every week — no Covid patients

From the article:

I have been working as a family doctor for twenty years and have never experienced a situation like the current one. Practically no day goes by without a patient who presents him/herself with sometimes very severe reactions to a Corona vaccination.

It doesn’t seem to matter which vaccine was used.

If you state that the patient has recently been vaccinated, the emergency doctor or hospital will almost reflexively say: “This has nothing to do with the vaccination.”

In all of my time, I have never seen such massive adverse reactions to a drug or those being swept under the table in such a way.

Get me right, I am not flatly against Corona vaccination. For myself, I can only say that I now have to admit patients with adverse vaccine reactions every week, whereas I haven’t admitted a Covid-19 patient for many months.

Unfortunately, we do not know in which newspaper this article was published.

5 thoughts on “Unprecedented Adverse Reactions to the “Vaccine”

  1. “experimental mRNA medical treatment” – the ‘final solution’ according to Gates.

    “temporary housing in labour camps” – the ‘final solution’ according to Hitler.

  2. Given the heavy politicization of US federal agencies, I don’t see it as very long before the mRNA treatment is approved. My own feeling is, it’s better to not rest too much of your argument on the experimental nature of the Covid preventative. It’s better to have some adverse effect information, or some description of the mechanism of delivery, which is pretty scary in itself.

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