Stop This Childish Blabbering!

Gérald Darmanin is the Interior Minister of France and a member of “La République En Marche!” (bang included in the official title), the party of Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron. The following Twitter exchange between Mr. Darmanin and Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National, took place after the recent murder of a priest in the Vendée by a Rwandan culture-enricher.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation.

1. Marine Le Pen’s reaction to the murder (not shown in the screen cap):

In France, one can be an illegal immigrant, set fire to the cathedral in Nantes, never be deported, and then reoffend by murdering a priest.

What is happening in our country is unprecedentedly serious: it is the complete failure of the State and of @GDarmanin

MLP #Vendée

2. Gérald Darmanin’s response to her comment:

What indignity! Rather than expressing her compassion for the Catholics who welcomed this murderer, Madame Le Pen polemicizes without knowing the facts: this foreigner could not be deported, despite his deportation order, as long as his judicial supervision was not lifted.

3. Ms. Le Pen’s riposte:

After this tragedy, your only response is contempt, arrogance, “it’s not my fault”.

This illegal immigrant was deportable since 2019!

The French people want firmness, not this childish blabbering of a minister who deflects. Do your job. MLP

4 thoughts on “Stop This Childish Blabbering!

  1. Hell they burnt down Notre Dame and no replacement could ever build anything like that in a thousand years.
    Remember the Joe Sobran quote about how they hate Western Civ, look it up for those who don’t know of it.

  2. I would love to see the state sponsored opinion polls on national attitudes/feelings.

    I mean the really genuine ones completely free of bias or supporting the narrative.

    Ones that are kept above Top-Secret….Ministers eyes only etc.

    Judging by the Orwellian levels of control that are being very rapidly introduced I would guess they’re scared.

    • The French powers that be are scared to death and are like deer caught in the headlights, they know on the one hand they have these 3rd world vermin that are increasing by the day that they cowardly do nothing about, and on the other hand a growing nationalistic movement under the surface that has the backing of the military, who are ready to take over by the way, that will soon act. One has to ask, why are the powers that be, prepared to leave the country at a moments notice to parts unknown?

  3. As someone who has been in purgatory for almost the entire of her political career Marine Le Pen stands as an existence theorem that not only can a strong willed nationalist politician exist in Europe, but such a creature can also be female, intelligent, and have common sense.

    Marine Le Pen along with the late Margaret Thatcher are the rarest of birds; politicians with a spine.

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