Tragic Consequences of the Vax in Hungary, Part Two

The following video is the second installment of a series of excerpts from a longer Hungarian video about the tragic consequences of the “vaccination” against the Wuhan Coronavirus, featuring interviews with people who lost loved ones after the jab (previously: Part 1).

Our Hungarian correspondent László, who translated the clips for subtitles, provides this general introduction to the series:

Family members of people who died ‘with the jab’ tell their stories publicly, to the chairman of the Mi Hazánk party. The official title of the video is “Mysterious deaths after vaccination”. If you click into the video at some places, you will see the atmosphere: these people are mourning. They come forward with their faces and names, and they often show the medical reports to the camera. The video concludes with the moral that ‘something strange is going on’ with the virus and with the jabs.

The medical expressions are difficult to translate properly. In addition, the people being interviewed are not doctors, and they are telling the medical stories in their own words. Viewers may want to suggest alternate phrasing for some of the technical terms.

Caveat: to some extent this is a political campaign video, because László Toroczkai (there are a lot of Lászlós in Hungary!), the president of Mi Hazánk party, uses the situation against the government. On the other hand, the interviews seem to be honest, truthful and nonpolitical in themselves.

The full original video is here.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

10:43   Tragic Consequences of the Vax in Hungary — Part 2 of 3
10:47   You lost your wife. Yes. My ex-wife, because we divorced. But we still got on well, so…
10:54   I lost my mother. —You lost your mother. And you lost your grandmother. —That’s right.
10:59   What exactly happened? —She was scheduled for vaccination on March 24.
11:05   At the vaccination point of Petz Aladár Hospital
11:08   in Gyor. The GP sent her there. [The GP] told her that she would get the Sputnik [vaccine].
11:13   And she got an appointment for the afternoon.
11:17   I drove her there by car — and I accompanied her to the entrance of the vaccination point.
11:23   And I waited there. —What happened at the vaccination point was that… you better say that because…
11:30   I warned my mother: “Mom, you filled in this Statement of Consent;
11:36   you underlined that you have high blood pressure,
11:42   chronically ill… and all that?” She insisted like:
11:46   “Yes, yes, of course, Tündi; come in there with me.”
11:50   But then it turned out later that she had filled it in
11:54   all like “no, nothing” — as if she had been healthy.
11:59   The soldiers did not let me in [the hospital], so I couldn’t
12:04   go in with her. And when she came out, my first question was
12:08   “How are you; don’t you feel bad? Are you okay, was
12:12   there no problem after your vaccine was administered?
12:17   Please show me your paper!” And then I discovered that she was sent there
12:22   by the GP [as if she were] healthy, while [the GP] knew she was chronically ill.
12:27   She should not have received Sputnik at all; here is the guideline
12:32   by Szlávik that Sputnik must not be given to people over 60.
12:36   It must not be given to the chronically ill over 60.
12:40   This certificate shows… —That vaccine wasn’t appropriate either.
12:45   Just a moment. To be [categorized] chronically ill,
12:49   it is enough to tick the high blood pressure.
12:53   I filed a request [for the paper] later, and it was proven that [my mother]
12:57   had not check-marked [illnesses]. But the GP should not have [done so] anyway.
13:01   “RISK GROUP: a healthy person over the age
13:05   of 60” — it is put like this about her.
13:09   Which was not the case. Although the Sputnik vaccine must not be administered to a
13:14   chronically ill patient with a severe haematopoietic disorder.
13:18   So it is contraindicated. —That wasn’t OK in the first place.
13:21   Based on her previous medical findings, this is a valid [contraindication];
13:24   since the director general of Petz Aladár County Hospital, who is a vascular surgeon —
13:30   he had done surgery on her — and he had said she had had mild atherosclerosis;
13:36   but that it required treatment because
13:39   it could get worse later. And the autopsy
13:43   report also writes “general atherosclerosis.”
13:47   Which is not such a serious problem,
13:50   that could have caused [that injury]. Because the cause of
13:55   death is that she had a four-centimeter aortic dissection.
14:00   As an underlying disease an ascending
14:04   aortic dissection was found to have occurred;
14:08   and the cause of death is that the blood
14:13   flowed back into the pericardium, so…
14:16   And for comorbidity “high blood pressure” was written —
14:21   which is [generally] considered a pre-existing disease.
14:25   So for the comorbidity, high blood pressure [was written]
14:29   and “general atherosclerosis” — which was not that severe.
14:34   A doctor whom we knew… So neither the Coronavirus
14:37   nor the vaccine was indicated as the cause of death.
14:40   No, nothing, nothing [like that], she had no Covid.
14:43   So we asked [another] doctor whom we knew, to look at the autopsy report…
14:48   Our aunt [unintelligible] so she has a basic medical education.
14:51   And she said that when we had the autopsy report in our hands,
14:55   we should show it to her right away.
14:58   [The aunt] looked at the autopsy report and said it was meaningless;
15:01   that is, there was no causal link between the death and…
15:04   This should not have occurred… The paramedics said
15:07   it was an “unusual death case”, that is [with] the vaccination…
15:10   And they notified the GP, too. And [they said] that therefore
15:13   a forensic medical expert should do the autopsy on her.
15:16   And Dad also said at that point that an official autopsy [was needed].
15:24   Meanwhile, the GP left this
15:27   autopsy certificate there that he had filled out.
15:32   He first ticked “can be cremated without an autopsy”. But then
15:36   he wrote on it, very reluctantly, because we insisted, that
15:40   “can be cremated after autopsy”. That is, he ordered a “plain”
15:44   autopsy. So there has not been any authority [involvement] here.
15:48   The other oddity is that Dr. Dóra Kéfer Kármen was the vaccinating doctor;
15:53   and on the 26th Dr. Dóra Kéfer Kármen was also the autopsy pathologist.
15:58   She wrote the opinion, too.
16:01   Which is completely… the same person, yes. —“Natural death.”
16:06   It is clearly [the same name] on the autopsy report.
16:10   So actually the same person stated “natural death” who [unintelligible] the vaccine.
16:16   Exactly. That’s right. Did the police start investigating after you filed a report?
16:20   No, they didn’t; but they arranged for the autopsy to be done
16:23   by the hospital. They spoke with the hospital.
16:26   The hospital then received the dead body
16:29   and the autopsy was performed. Namely, this vaccinator
16:33   doctor did the autopsy; the medical report
16:36   written by her is also available for reading.
16:40   That medical report is also very sloppy. There are statements in it like
16:45   “the injury that caused the death was her natural
16:49   underlying disease,” and such things. [The other] doctor we know said “oh my God,
16:56   this can’t be.” She said such aortic ruptures
17:00   occur in people who carry heavy
17:04   loads, or take drugs like heroin or cocaine;
17:08   and a sudden jump of high blood pressure causes such [aortic] rupture.
17:14   And she admitted she never heard of such a huge rupture before.
17:19   We looked it up, and the Sputnik [vaccine] causes an increase in blood pressure.
17:23   And about the four-centimeter rupture she said
17:26   she never heard of such a case before in medical circles.
17:30   “That anyone would have had a one centimeter-thick aortic rupture like that”.
17:35   As a result, her blood pressure rose at around
17:38   dawn, and that’s when this rupture occurred.
17:41   To sum it up in one sentence: she was vaccinated in the afternoon and then she was dead
17:46   by the next morning — and they concluded that it had nothing to do with the vaccination.
17:51   And actually, before… I will show you a photo about what she used to look like.
17:57   She was healthy, she always came here to help to do the washing and the hoeing.
18:03   She hasn’t taken anything for high blood pressure for years.
18:07   She was here every day, helping in the business.
18:10   She had had no health problems whatsoever.
18:14   Here at home we always checked her oxygen level with the oximeter. Everything was fine.

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