The Gang’s All Here

Chancellor Angela Merkel famously welcomed the world to Germany in 2015. Among the culture-enriching customs imported with the “refugees” was that of gang rape.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Merkel’s welcoming culture — BKA shock numbers: two gang rapes every day

A week ago a 16-year-old was raped several times by three “refugees” in Leer. As the BKA shock figures show, this is not an isolated case. Since Merkel’s welcoming culture in 2015, group rape has increased sharply; guests from Muslim countries in particular are among the offenders. Apparently they see the girls and women as a self-service shop.

On average, two girls or women in Germany are raped by groups of men every single day! THAT is the shocking result of a BILD request to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). According to this information, 704 gang rape proceedings were counted in the past year. For comparison: in 2019 there were 710; in 2018 only slightly fewer (659).

Explosive: every second suspect was not a German citizen. Often the men came from Islamic countries: Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq.

Afghans in particular are disproportionately represented. In 2018, 6 percent of the suspects were Afghans. In the general population, however, they only make up 0.3 percent. Most of them committed the act while the asylum process was ongoing.

Suspects with “German citizenship” are likely to include men with foreign roots.

15 thoughts on “The Gang’s All Here

  1. That the Afghani variety of orc features so prominently in these gang rapes doesn’t exactly surprise me.

    Years ago in a former life I spent a year’s vacation there courtesy of my Uncle Sam at the ISAF headquarters in Bagram. One of my colleagues was a female Marine reservist (and highly competent too) who would jog the perimeter of the base every morning. She said there was a young orcling of maybe 11 or 12 years of age who would always be at the other side of the fence and normally would wave to her except for one time when he exposed himself to her and yelled at her to come over so he could have his way with her. She had relayed this story to me and seemed surprised by his behavior because he had always been so polite and respectful before.

    I came away from my time there with no illusions about what an evil and duplicitous people inhabited that place. I saw plenty of reports that came across my desk there that detailed just how evil, cruel, and depraved they could be to one another. From the hindsight of history it seems one of the greatest tragedies of the last century was that we didn’t look the other way and allow the Soviets to grind them into the dust.

    • I look forward to the Afghanis getting to deal with their new would-be masters, the PRC.

      • Ole Genghis Khan knew how to deal with them, it is a lesson we have completely forgot at our peril. We fought there for 20 years and didn’t accomplish a GD thing because the morons in charge starting with that idiot McCrystal really thought we could win their hearts and minds. What a bloody joke, trillions spent, countless men killed, wounded and messed up with PTSD and nothing to show for it, BLOODY CRIMINALLY TRAGIC! Everyone responsible needs to be put up against the wall as a lesson to the rest of them.

        • I have said elsewhere that our intervention in Afghanistan should have been extinction event. Entire tribes should have disappeared.
          But we can’t do that. We have laws and regulations protecting our enemies.

          • When the Great Purge begins, all those bloody rules go out the window. There can only be one Victor, how it is done needs to be the way the Romans did Carthage.

    • You also did not allow the Turks to be rubbed into dust in the second half of the 19th century. The European Union of that time gathered in a single impulse and stopped the Russians near Constantinople,E,0,0,1024,738,426,307,170,123/7168063976443859

      And they greeted the Chechens at the end of the 20th. They repaid the West with severed heads.

  2. Owned by their masters and their master’s invitees.

    Nary a German worth a knob of goat [effluvium] as my old man used to say.


    Touch my family and I will kill all of yours in the most unpleasant fashion. You will understand this because I will leave you to last.

  3. In western Newrope sometimes it’s as if rape and major crime is welcome and even encouraged. It shows the enriched plunderers how “tolerant” the natives are. Eventually the replacements will see the light and……” Ubidubiduu! I wanna be like you! “ Etc. I don’t think so. Just look at the Albino Idiot even after all that refining and processing.

  4. And, yet, Germans would not vote Merkel and her party out of power.
    Sometimes it is hard to feel sorry for them.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Something like 80% of German voters are confirmed idiots even after years of occupation and rape by imported orcs, and they gladly pay for their own occupation and vote for more of it every chance they get. Even Herr Schicklgruber, who wasn’t even German, never managed to get a majority of the vote while elections were still held.

    • The same voting problems that we in the US are having, the Germans have had for years. Trust me, the average German is fed up with what is taking place.

  5. Well now, germany is not famous for their goat herds. What are they supposed to do in an emergency?

  6. Germany is over long time ago, and since that ugly traitor Merkel&CO open the gates in 2015 !!, it’s even worse it’s unbelievable how Germans an be doing blind and doesn’t see what’s really going on ,,, Germans wait for More Afghans are coming and more Arabs from Bierslus where Lukassenko make sure they all end up in Germany, !! Good luck , in this horrific government they have is nobody I mean nobody to choose except AFD, but will Germans realize what’s coming?? Probably not

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