Dancing With Mr. Vax

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Russia: In Krasnodar, the Corona vaccination caused the death of an entire family?

Information about a family from Krasnodar, in which all adult relatives allegedly died as a result of the coronavirus vaccination, appeared on social networks yesterday. It was reported that all relatives […] died: mother, father, grandmother, that the cause of death was “the consequences of vaccinations against Covid.”

Four family members were vaccinated on the same day, three of whom died on July 16, 23 and 26. The fourth adult family member (grandfather) was in serious condition at the time the message was sent. […]

Today the public intelligence service reported, citing its sources, that grandpa passed away on the evening of July 29th. […]

The information posted on social media messages was partially confirmed by a school employee:

“Yes, the girl is studying with us in the 6th Z class. In fact, all of her relatives died. […]”

7 thoughts on “Dancing With Mr. Vax

  1. I have a friend on LiveJournal. He keeps the names of the victims. Often these are either officials or more or less well-known bloggers or other figures, information about which is available on social networks.
    Their latest posts in social media look especially mocking. networks about the need for vaccination.
    How many more unnamed victims?
    A woman from a neighboring office, just over 60 years old, had a very hard time getting vaccinated, especially the second part. She claims that her neighbor in the country after being vaccinated was hospitalized with Covid.

    But there are a lot of people among my acquaintances who were vaccinated completely painlessly.
    Our governor also got sick after being vaccinated.

  2. In Russia, Russians are vaccinated with the two-component vaccine “Sputnik V , migrant workers with the one-component vaccine Sputnik-Light.
    I don’t know why this is happening.

    Migrant human rights activist Valentina Chupik writes:
    “… there is a group of migrants who believe that supposedly it is impossible to vaccinate, it is dangerous, the vaccination was made specifically for migrants in order to kill them all – such madness exists. They believe that Russians are not given “Light “, but “Sputnik V “so as not to kill them. There are many of them, but they are incomparably fewer than those who want to be vaccinated.”

    Chupik is known about “obscurantist preachers” who claim that the vaccine “was either tested on pigs, or made from the blood of pigs, and therefore it” specifically kills Muslims. “

  3. There has been also official confirmation that some fully vaccinated people (the exact number is not given) have died of Covid in Saint-Petersburg. The authorities insist that the people in question all had serious comorbidities and there are very few of them.

    However, this is an official confirmation of the fact that the vaccines available in Russia do not give 100% guarantee that the vaccinated will not die.

  4. Jan: “That’s impossible. They haven’t got enough trains.”

    Annex: “Trains? Do you really think they’d put civilians on trains? Absolutely not. Everyone would have to hoof it.” (Or, as Dussel always says, per pedes apostolorum.)

    Jan: “I can’t believe that. You’re always looking on the dark side. What reason would they have to round up all the civilians and take them along?”

    Annex: “Don’t you remember Goebbels saying that if the Germans have to go, they’ll slam the doors to all the occupied territories behind them?”

    Jan: “They’ve said a lot of things.”

    Annex: “Do you think the Germans are too noble or humane to do it? Their reasoning is: if we go under, we’ll drag everyone else down with us.”

    Jan: “You can say what you like, I just don’t believe…”

    Annex: “It’s always the same old story. No one wants to see the danger until it’s staring them in the face.”

    Jan: “But you don’t know anything for sure. You’re just making an assumption.”

    Annex: “Because we’ve already been through it all ourselves, First in Germany and then here. What do you think’s happening in Russia?”

    Jan: “You shouldn’t include the Jews. I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on in Russia. The British and the Russians are probably exaggerating for propaganda purposes, just like the Germans.”

    Annex: “Absolutely not. The BBC has always told the truth. And even if the news is slightly exaggerated, the facts are bad enough as they are. You can’t deny that millions of peace-loving citizens in Poland and Russia have been murdered or gassed.”

    I’ll spare you the rest of our conversations. I’m very calm and take no notice of all the fuss. I’ve reached the point where I hardly care whether I live or die. The world will keep on turning without me, and I can’t do anything to change events anyway. I’ll just let matters take their course and concentrate on studying and hope that everything will be all right in the end.

    Yours, Anne


  5. Wow! It looks like Vox the croaker and his little puddle of adorers showed up with their White Boomer Privilege (WBP) trick. A thinking man would think he’s drawing his pay from the same palm as the White Privilege (WP) and the White Male Privilege (WMP) peddlers. Nothing like creating hateful divisions among the masses. Makes it easier for the little straw bosses to do their jobs.

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