The End of the Masquerade

The “pandemic” is officially over: Walmart has removed the “stay six feet apart” decals on the floor of its checkout lines. Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam, in his infinite wisdom, decreed the end of social distancing restrictions last week, and Walmart jumped right on board. If Walmart is no longer following the protocols, the pandemic doesn’t exist. Period.

I posted my last mask report a couple of weeks ago after my trip through the deplorable hinterlands of Virginia. The farther away from the cities and larger towns, the less residue of the Coronamadness was to be found. I mentioned that a diner in a remote rural area was totally without masks, and had abandoned the social distancing restrictions even before the governor allowed them to.

But Charlottesville was a different story. I went to Whole Foods last week to see how the bien-pensants were handling the loosening of the COVID rules. As expected, the place was still masked up. Nobody tried to make me put on the Corona hijab, and nobody seemed to be alarmed by my naked facial features, but everybody else, staff and customers alike, was dutifully masked. I thought I was going to finish my shopping without seeing another maskless face, but as I was checking out I saw one other fellow — probably not much younger than I am — without a mask. I wondered whether he was maskless as a matter of principle, as I was, or had a medical exemption, or just didn’t give a [solid waste] either way.

As I mentioned last time, when I went to Wegmans there were eight customers without masks besides myself, and that was a big improvement. But when I returned to Wegmans last weekend, it was even better: there were too many maskless customers to count. Not yet 50%, but still, an awful lot of them.

Today’s trip to Walmart made me feel really chipper. Not only were the social distancing stickers gone from the floor, but the proportion of unmasked people — including some of the staff — may have exceeded 50%. I think my days of counting unmasked people are over, except possibly at Whole Foods.

In my local area, which is entirely rural except for one tiny town, the Coronamadness is scarcely visible now. Compliance was mostly skin deep, anyway, and the small amount of lingering masquerade seems entirely pro forma.

I can once again enjoy my outings into the larger world, without the oppressive feeling generated by the sight of all those covered faces. I haven’t worn a mask in a month, and I feel GREAT.

11 thoughts on “The End of the Masquerade

  1. @ Baron Bodissy

    Good for you that restrictions have finally eased in your neck of the woods. It is wonderful news for you and your neighbors. However, we aren’t out of the woods yet. If time and experience have shown us anything at all about the globalists, it is that they – like rust – never sleep and are nothing if not persistent. They’ll be back, that is nearly certain. Precisely where, when, how and under what circumstances – those are the real questions.

    In other words, more than ever, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

    • Yes, we’re not done yet. The floor decals may come back to Walmart. I’m sure they haven’t thrown away their stockpile of them.

      I expect either a new “variant” of COVID-19 or the bird flu come the fall. We’ll see how many Americans are willing to put up with another iteration of this codswallop.

  2. I think we are already conditioned to expect “the next wave.” Whenever there seems to be a lull in infections, it is like a hidden hand sprays the area with further “germs” and lo and behold, we have the next wave. Here in Thailand, up until comparatively recently we had been fortunate in having fewer cases than many other places. Then, the prisons in urban areas were identified as primary sources of infection and here we are locked down again with a ban on alcohol whether to add insult to injury or to let the ruling elite show everybody who is boss.

    This could go on indefinitely and if it is not stopped, it probably will.

  3. Eat [solid waste], BB, you noisily flapping [female generative organ].

  4. I am glad your area is waking up. People around here stopped wearing masks around Christmas, and now it’s mostly only the immigrants in compliance. Restaurants have been full capacity and maskless since January, and anyone wearing one gets weird looks.

  5. It is a good time to estimate the effect of the psyop. Most of those who are still masked up have probably internalized the orders and the New Reality.

  6. Fraser Valley BC ,Canada …is still in the throes of lunacy .
    Enjoy your breathing freedom

  7. I get the Whole Foods thing. The higher the income bracket, it seems, the more masked up they remain. Also, here in Tejas, I see a lot of the foreign devils still wearing their masks, Mexican, Moslem, and Asian. Don’t completely know what that’s all about, but there they are. The Karens are still out there, but they have the look of disarmed cowboys about them. I stopped wearing them in March, and I couldn’t believe how many startled looks I got. Anybody that cared to talk about it, I told them the mask was not only ineffective, but a way to get the sheep to obey, and they would slink away in hatred and disgust. I honestly believe that if the govt. told everyone they had to take up smoking for some idiotic reason or other, most everyone would have a cigarette in their mouth the next day. Can’t wait till they tell us to wear a yellow star of David or some such thing.

  8. If one is willing to pay $12.99 per lb for hamburger meat at Whole Foods then one will wear a mask 24/7.

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