The Great Unmasking



A week ago Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam, in his infinite wisdom, decreed an end to his face mask mandate. After raising a moistened index finger, mind you, and determining which way the political winds were blowing.

Last Tuesday I took a trip to town to see how the good burghers of Charlottesville were handling their newfound freedom. My first stop was the ABC store, which is one of the few places I always wore a mask, because it’s a state-run enterprise where the mask rule was enforced (as was also the case with courthouses, county office buildings, and other government-run real estate). The two checkout clerks were still wearing their mouth zorros, but not the customers. Yippee!

Next was Wegmans. I love Wegmans, but I would expect its customer base to be COVID-compliant. And so it was: I counted only nine customers besides myself who weren’t wearing masks. But still, that was better than zero, which is the way it had been there for more than a year.

The place was crowded. I looked around at the masked customers and thought, “Hmm… These are Wegmans customers, which means that well over 50% of these folks have been vaccinated.” So either they don’t believe the vaccine works, or they’re trying to prove they’re not Trump voters, or they’re just doing what they consider to be the polite thing. Or some combination of all three.

On Thursday I set off on my trip to visit family. I left all my masks behind, and was absolutely determined not to wear one. If some business or other asked me to mask up, I planned to just turn around and walk out. Shake the dust from my feet and go spend my money elsewhere.

As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. Everywhere I went, most people were going maskless, and giving every sign that they were enjoying it. A lot of the staff in business establishments were still wearing masks, but most of their customers weren’t.

My destination was a small town that’s in an even more remote area than the one I live in. When I went to restaurants on Thursday night and Friday morning, the waitresses were all masked, but most of the customers weren’t. Yesterday afternoon I wandered around the downtown, buying organic cornstarch and wine at some of the hip businesses. The hipper the business, the more masks. But nobody seemed to care about the numerous unmasked people.

Late in the afternoon I hung out in the town square listening to an impromptu group of geezers and near-geezers sitting around playing bluegrass and old-time music. There were three guitars, three fiddles, two banjos, and a stand-up base. It was great stuff. One I particularly remember was a rendition of “Short’nin’ Bread”. One of the banjo players remarked to the fiddler who had led the tune that she (the fiddler) had played the old-time version, while he was more familiar with the bluegrass version, which he proceeded to pick out at lightning speed. I didn’t notice any major differences, but then I’m not an expert on the genres like those folks were.

None of the musicians was under the age of fifty, and most of them were older than I am. They were packed in there on the shaded porch like sardines, and not a mask among them. If they were worried about catching the COVID from each other, they gave no sign.

Meanwhile, behind me on the sidewalk the shoppers and tourists went by in the bright sun, about a third of them masked. I noticed that the younger they were, and the more out-of-town they looked, the more likely they were to be masked.

When happy hour came along I stepped over to the nearby watering hole to meet my relatives and avail myself of a cool refreshing adult beverage. When I walked through the door I received a pleasant surprise: there was not a mask in sight. And this was a place that had been really strict about masks during the “pandemic”. If you wanted to go maskless, you had to sit on the deck, no matter the weather, with no exceptions. But all that has been forgotten now that Honest Ralph has emancipated the Coronaslaves.

After that it was off to dinner, and then the brewery. I wrote about the same brewery in a post last fall, and noted that they didn’t pay much attention to the pandemic there. It’s even better now — no masks, no social distancing, customers sitting thigh to thigh and shaking hands and hugging each other and otherwise behaving like normal people. The brewery crowd was never doing much more than going through the motions, and now they don’t even have to do that.

It’s my habit when returning home to leave early and stop at a diner in a tiny crossroads hamlet to buy breakfast. When I walked in there this morning, it was glorious to behold — not a mask in sight. Staff and patrons alike. The place was packed, and life had returned to normal. The sense of oppression that I have felt in my travels for the past fifteen months has finally lifted.

A brief incident yesterday morning when I was walking into the restaurant seems emblematic of what’s been happening. An older couple was headed for the door coming from the opposite direction. He wasn’t wearing a mask, but she was just starting to put hers on. Then she saw two big bearded buys coming out of the restaurant without masks, and me heading in without one. She paused for a second and then pulled the mask off and put it back in her purse.

I stopped at Walmart on my way home, and about 50% of the people in the store were unmasked, including at least one of the staff. It used to be I might count eight or ten maskless customers, but today I couldn’t have counted them all. Once again, it lightened my heart.

I noticed a lot of discarded masks during my peregrinations, just lying on the sidewalk or the curb or in the aisles of stores. A brand-new standard blue-green mask lying in a hedge, as if someone had suddenly realized they didn’t need the stupid thing and flung it aside.

I sensed a general euphoria in the air, but that may just have been projection on my part.

It’s important to note that when I travel within the Commonwealth, I’m a “two-lane tourist”: I avoid the main roads and big cities as much as possible. Thus my report is a very selective one, and not at all representative of the population at large, which for all I know is still hunkered down at home, fearful of the dreaded COVID. But not the country people, moonshiners, rednecks, and rural hippies that I met and hung out with. They’ve obviously had enough of the Great Pandemic, and are gladly watching it fade into the distance in the rearview mirror.

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  1. Wish I had known you were in the area sir, I would have liked to meet you. I was out for a stroll with my wife and two young children friday, but we had dinner in the Mexican Restaurant below, and not the pizza place. The music was delightful though, all up and down the street.

    • Ho! I used to eat in the Mexican restaurant, until other places opened up that I like better. But I don’t eat the pizza upstairs, because I can’t eat wheat. I just sample their excellent selection of craft beers, and enjoy the spring air on the deck.

      The music all over the place is superb, as you noted.

      • We tried going to the pizza place once during the recent silliness, but there downright enthusiasm in enforcing the mandates was a tad off-putting and we haven’t been back since.
        Its unfortunate, because the deck does provide an excellent view of the amphitheater and as you noted the selection on tap is top notch.

  2. The sense I get when talking to employees is that most of them despise the face diapers and only wear them under duress or from habit. The bar & grill I am sitting in as I write this doesn’t contain a single masked individual including the bar, waitstaff, and customers.

    However, this is the upper midwest and never was a hotbed of leftists or covid fascists. Plus the state overwhelmingly went for Trump in the last fraudulection. Methinks it’s time for Gates & Co to unleash the next pandemic upon us; you know, the one that they claim will make this one look like a dress rehearsal.

    • Gates’ wife is distracting him with the divorce, so we might have a few years of relative calm. I hope!

    • @ Moon

      Just saw a headline on another website that billionaire-globalist Michael Bloomberg is called for compulsory vaccinations for covid, saying “arm-twisting the population works…”

      You know, the same guy who incessantly calls for banning guns while hiding behind a heavily-armed security detail armed with automatic weapons!

      Is it just me, or is the man turning into a “James Bond” villain right in front of our eyes?

      • Bloomberg is too pathetic and inept to be a good Bond villain. More of an Austin Powers villain, like Dr Evil, or his sidekick “Mini Me”.

        Klaus Schwab, on the other hand, is more comparable to the head of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. He even has the same villainous foreign fascist accent and looks the part of someone who secretly tortures small animals and kidnapped foreign women in a hidden underground lair between bouts of lecturing elite international councils or bathing in bathtubs full of Dom Pérignon.

  3. I made it all the way back to the milk with naked face and it felt like…victory.
    Noticing more just don’t care people and the stores want every dollar so they are not turned away.
    A dollar store in the shall we say wrong side of the tracks that closes early allowed one maskless person in while a group waited outside a few weeks back.
    The plague is the boot to the face strain and isn’t anything to do with health.
    The kommissar’s don’t give a rip if you live let alone have a high quality of existence.

    • However, the more things get back to normal, the more you realize how much they stole from us, and how easy it will be to repeat.

      • “…how easy it will be to repeat.”

        Perhaps not. As you said many are realizing what was taken away and many of those are realizing how thin the justification. Lots of folks have in the back of their minds, “Never again.”

        Real “herd immunity” is the resistance to being carried along by the herd.

  4. After all, fundamentally, TRUMP lost, by thievery MOST FOUL! Who needs the sham scam anymore, right? The mice-rats who switched the ballots, en masse, have all scurried off to find their cheese, somewhere in the big corporations, and the halls of the bureaucrats, eh?

    So now we await phase 2, 3, etc……

  5. “But not the country people, moonshiners, rednecks, and rural hippies…”

    Funny thing – its like people who have “faith” and are somewhat “sovereign” are across the whole spectrum: I myself a christian, were able to make “anti-covid-mask” alliance with a satanist, some stock market brokers, some 90 year olds, and most of those country people, moonshiners, rednecks, and rural hippies…

    …while at the same time there were some hard core conspiracy theorists, nazis, and even soldiers whom I would consider to be ok before covid – who ate the “covid will kill us all” propaganda hook, line, and sinker – demanded the use of face masks, and are looking forward to the day they get vaccinated like to the day we shall meet Jesus…

    If anything – the covid scam showed to me that in a real SHTF scenario, the alliances and coalitions will be vastly different from what it was before. Many people who shouldn’t will give in, and many people who were considered “cowards” are actually no cowards at all…

  6. I have never worn the mask of fear and compliance and I reside in rural north central POORegon. I ventured out to shoot some pool and there was not a mask in sight at the bar. No social distancing paranoia and the bar tender was without a mask. It was a most pleasant night and I went home $135.00 to the better thanks to shooting very hot stick. Some punk tourists from the hell of Portland thought they were hot stuff and at least they were gracious losers and paid up after getting schooled by this near 70 geezer.

  7. “Meanwhile, behind me on the sidewalk the shoppers and tourists went by in the bright sun, about a third of them masked. I noticed that the younger they were, and the more out-of-town they looked, the more likely they were to be masked.”

    Mask wearing is political and always has been a reliable political indicator. Imagine living in a society where you are afraid to go outside. You would: 1. have not studied and thus have no knowledge of government abuse of power 2. Be weak-willed and need someone else to tell you what to do ===> 3. Believe the collective is all-important and want to signal your compliance. It’s an alternative religion.

  8. Politics is nothing more that a few Alphas vieing for control of huge numbers of Betas, while the Gammas look on in disbelief.

    • Just in past week came on learning the highly accurate (abt. 90+%) or so characterization of myself. I had not really cared, but had heard of alphas, and betas, now of omegas whatever, but just discovered all my life I’ve been a “sigma” male. Nearly perfectly fit this character, used to sit at wife’s company public dinner functions, trying to be one of the group, and invariably the waiters would initially come to me to ask my directions for service, wines, etc. instead of the real male host, even though I appeared much younger, and had to point out awkwardly the actual paying and in charge host….. Much, much more, master of all, jack of none, was my record, style, in massively diverse intellectual, or non intellectual endeavors, and more.

      This source which I offer, is uncanny in accuracy, for anyone’s info if interested, seems to be same for other seemingly lesser sources, now that I’m clued in: Top 10 Sigma Male Traits Signs You’re a Sigma Male 404,780 views Mar 18, 2021

      I suspect this source,, is generally accurate, perhaps for other characterizations, for those curious.

      I suspect there is an uncommon collection of other sigma’s here at GOV, for some characteristics I’ve seen, in some comments.

      Its funny, although gratified to see something that finally after more than 80 years of unimaginable accomplishments seemingly as adventures, fits to a T, although I really don’t care about the title, so to speak, in the end, just accuracy, just truth, just ethics, and our Nation’s Founding Principles, God, and Freedom. I have known for a while what I have to accomplish, yet. And am well working on it, until our Lord recalls me!

  9. I work for a major food/drug retailer in Illinois. Governor Hog Jowls “mandated” the face diapers. Our businesses were told NOT to confront customers that chose not to wear the face diaper. You should see all of the letters we get from mentally ill people screeching about seeing people in the stores not wearing a mask.
    05/24/2021 will be the first day we take the illegal signs down and follow the “advice” of the CDC about fully “vaccinated” people not needing masks.
    Going to be fun to watch !!!!

  10. Still a lot of bootlickers in east central (peoples republic of) illinois. I work at a large big 10 university. Not for the university, but a contractor that does a lot of work on campus. The u. came up with their own testing system they are very fond of. A spit test. They require 2 tests per week, have since last summer. However, just for students and staff. Outside contractors are required to diaper (most don’t) but do not have to test. Remarkably, they lifted the diaper mandate for the jabbed this past Monday, even indoors. However, 95% are still diapered. I guarantee many have been jabbed, but they just can’t give it up. Went to Meijer’s and was asked to diaper. I walked out and went to chinamart. 90% are still diapered.
    However, get out of the blue hive of the college town and very few are diapered. I have been posing as jabbed, because nobody asks. I find it terrifingly remarkable that so many are still wearing diapers.

  11. Thanks for your very uplifting story. I wish I had a similar tale to relate, but living in the Covid Compliant Blue State Gulag of New York, things are not much different than they were the day before our so called Emask-ipation

    I live in the downstate area that comprises NY City, Westchester and the Bluest, most Demo Commie towns and cities in the USA. The cult of the mask is strong as PJ Watson describes in this video, and as I traveled around the local towns where I work and shop, it seemed like about 80% of the brain dead idiots still clung to their filthy Jew Badges/ face diapers/ muzzles.

    In the nearby touristy village of Cold Spring- it was like nobody got the message. On the pretty Main Street at least 98% of the Commie lib idiots were covered up to their eyeballs on a glorious summer day.

    The local shops and restaurants that I had gone out of my way to support (no more) were still like prison emporiums complete with signs, plastic partitions, masks, and limits on customers.

    The restaurants still have the mask kabuki- standing outside or inside you had to wear a mask, but if you sat down, you could remove it. Who knew that Corona was such a smart virus that it can tell the difference? Every one of these places has now lost my business and I will not so much as order a slice of pizza from any one of them. Let the Commies support them and see how long they last.

    If you really want to get an idea of how insane NY is, there’s this- I was down in the Bronx at beautiful Orchard Beach last week on a gorgeous bright summer day. At least half of the morons were walking around some of them in bikinis, WEARING MASKS, even on the sandy beach. It just doesn’t get much stupider than that.

    Meanwhile, I don’t think we should gloat about our newfound “freedom” because there is something much more sinister at work as we can see from this video about Oregon featuring the amazing Naomi Wolf who describes it to a tee.

    So we now have a situation where, I guarantee you, most of those masked idiots have probably been jabbed and the people like me with bare faces are the ones who have not had the shot.

    Instead of the mask police and other wannabe cops assuming that it’s the ones NOT wearing muzzles that are vaxxed- it’s the other way around! They assume that anyone NOT wearing the cloth is “cheating” and that those wearing one are the good guys.

    My prediction- the Commie slave states like NY are soon going to go the way of Oregon and have private businesses and venues act as the vax enforcers.

    All along what they have really wanted from the Feds down to the state level govs like Killer Cuomo, is total control like the Chi Coms. NY already has a vax passport called the Empire Pass that large venues are already using to segregate the unclean from those who have received the magic injection.

    This weekend there is a large craft and beer festival in a nearby town. You can only get in if you have proof of vax and/or a negative test. No exceptions. See the way it’s working?

    God help us all.

    • By conscripting businesses and churches to do their spying and vax enforcement, the police statists will have just created a whole slew of targets upon which patriots will be able to focus their anger, and likely, revenge.

      Prior to this, those responsible for the lockdowns and edicts/persecutions were far away and untouchable. Now, when its the local pastor or the owner of a local business who is ratting on the vax scofflaws and unmasked deplorables to the resident Stasi who then issues fines or worse, they are not so far away, distant, and too heavily protected to be targets and object lessons as to what happens to traitors and collaborators. The problem with the patriot movement to date has been the dearth of targets upon which to focus their anger since the worse excesses were ordered by those who were too remote to do anything about. If the policy of conscripting local wannabe Stasi bootlickers to do their dirty work takes hold, it has the potential to change everything with regards to finally kicking off some violence against those who sorely deserve it.

  12. I wonder if the masks work at all. The virus is about 100 nanometers which is about a tenth the size of a staph or strep bacterium. The pores between the fibers of a mask seem in the visible size range–you can see light speckles when holding the mask up to the sun–which is about 100-200 microns, about the size of a hair, about a thousand times larger. There is all this turbulence around the edges and under the nose and around the mouth in the masks and there is tremendous leakage around the edges.

    And one cannot do very good studies of mask efficiencies because people who wear them are also changing their behavior so that there is no double blinded control. So, if you look at a population that is wearing masks 95% of the time and look at a population that is not wearing masks 95% of the time and then count the incidence of Covid infections in each group you cannot rule out different behaviors in each group.

    Hospital masks that are sealed around the edges are a totally different situation.

    • Of course masks are useless. Common sense would dictate that. While they might have some benefit against gross contamination such as dust or keeping one’s spittle in, the size of the virus is so miniscule that masks might as well be as effective as a barrier as the southern border is at keeping out illegals. The stench of flatulence passes right through unimpeded, which tells one how effective similar sized viruses would be impeded by one’s face diaper.

      But the truth is that masks were never about health or medical necessity. It always was about control and humiliation; forcing one to submit and become accustomed to submitting to the degrading ukazes of communists. If they had thought they could get away with it they would have mandated anal probes for ccp virus prior to being allowed to participate in almost every activity outside the home. And they are probably still scratching their heads in amazement at how far they were able to push us this time. Next time will be even more humiliating and tyrannical.

    • Like most of the people reading and commenting here I also think that the dangers of the pandemnic have been grossly overblown. And although I’m older, I know that even if I became sick with the virus my chances of survival are in the 99+ per cent range.

      I hate having to wear a mask and discard it whenever possible.

      Given the tenor of the Baron’s post–which I applaud–I hate to admit that I think masks probably work at least to a small degree. It’s true that the virus is too small to be filtered out. But can’t it travel on liquid droplets or on a spray (an aerosol)?

      I’d like to be proven wrong on this. And maybe any small good that masks do is outweighed by potential harm, e.g., breathing restrictions, bacteria or fungus collecting on the masks.
      Thoughts anyone?

      • I hasten to remind all, that official chart-graph presentations of official data of death and infection rates plotted over time, of states with never masking, like SD, and I believe 9 others, plus nations including Sweden, and considerable more, all show the same pattern, with no difference whatsoever for masking areas. Masking and distancing make no difference whatsoever, = ineffective.

        Further there is a state of Mexico, regarding Ivermectin, that shows a dramatic reduction in infections, hospitalization for using Ivermectin.

        Even further, it may be of benefit to get a supply of HCQ and-or Ivermectin to be prepared for further infections, especially air borne respiratory viral, which may happen, if this not over, according to the Rockefeller document, and Revelations.

        And more can be understood of some why’s here, showing perhaps some of the “devils” mentioned elsewhere in this GOV posting, (there are many) and this is a video from 5-13-21 by one of the GOOD hero groups: HOW PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES ARE MANUFACTURING UNCERTAINTY ABOUT EARLY COVID-19 THERAPEUTICS—AND WHY

        • More on public health agencies manufacturing MEDICAL BS, WHICH THEY ARE DOING, see here, DECEITFUL AS HELL, but most of us knew this full well, NOW IT COMES OUT, 6 months after TRUMP!!!!!!! As many of us knew so well and forecast!!! Read the following and weep for ethics, honesty, and America. And note that it is committed by (GASP) medical doctors! And I do wish that to sound as it does, bought out! And yes, the gene therapy “vaccines” do not prevent covid infections, evidence shows. Risk massively too high, payoff benefit massively to low, especially when one considers truth that Ivermectin and HCQ safely and highly effectively, easily controls around 90% to 75% of such and similar infections, quickly, when therapy applied early, and Iver, even somewhat when late. There are instances now of double “vaccined” people admitted to hospital with infection, already.
          Now they are trying to manipulate the figures even more, than they have from the get go with false PCR positives, and false and vastly inflated death rates. The “vaccine” was already showing around the world failures, such as in the most “vaccined” nations, now they are trying to cover that up on the gullible, those who only are able to listen to the MSM boob tube spoken lies, and public print lies.

          Ahhh, if only old P T Barnum were yet around, you can fool them all, all of the time, he might be prompted to say, these days!!!!!

      • If you think about the contexts is which masks are required, they are not likely to be situations in which you are likely to get Covid. Passing someone in a grocery store is not high risk for transmission. Asymptomatic transmission is negligible. Most people do not have Covid, and your own immune system provides significant protection. Masks outdoors are just insanity.

    • “I wonder if the masks work at all.” This one is free:
      No, they do not. They never were effective, and never will be, which lines up well with the experimental medical procedure that the fools want you to submit to – just like the mask. As for studies on the efficacy and efficiency of masks, there are many on the internet… I’ll save you some time – masks do not work for the purpose the .gov ‘claims’ you must wear one. Period.

    • Actually, someone did a non RCT study, found 80% of those with Covid were wearing masks, last time I got such research. No RCT was ever done on masking, which has been described as swatting a mosquito with a chain link fence, about which you were correctly alluding with your analysis.

  13. ANYONE who believes this is over,YOU HAVE NOT PAID ATTENTION TO WHO THESE DEVILS ARE…A new plague will be coming,and IT will be far worse then the one you just went through,TRY READING YOUR BIBLE,it warns of SEVEN PLAGUES COMING,your just seeing the end of PLAGUE ONE,..SIX more to go,and each one will be far worse then the one behind it was…KEEP WORSHIPING THE DEVILS,their just getting started on you..but until you open your eyes ..YOU WON’T SEE THEM COMING…

    • So, you might have at least mentioned who the devils are, where in scripture are the plagues prophesied.

      It’s the Book of Revelation.

  14. It was all a Democrat election year hoax folks enforced at gunpoint by our way overpaid and otherwise useless woke cops. Electronic road signs that until last week warned motorists to wear a fauci face diaper now caution drivers to watch for motorcycles. Defund the police.

  15. Had to go to the local Post Office to mail a package. North of Pittsburgh Pa. Three folks in line – all masked. Three employees behind the counter – all masked. Me – no mask. No one said a word and everyone was as nice as could be. Threw all mine away!!

  16. You failed to give the scripture where these plagues are prophesied.

    The Book of Revelation.

    Furthermore, you could at least told us who the devils are?

  17. Hello Baron, do you know the word Transvaxxite?
    I found it on a leftwing site, VICE.
    (And the leftwing loonies are foaming at the mouth about it…)

    A Transvaxxite is a person who identifies as vaccinated even though he is not vaxxinated.

    It is the same with Trans-woman. A man who identifies as woman even though he is NOT a woman. And everybody who points this out is a racist transphobe.

    So, why dont we all identify as Transvaxxite and everybody who says something against it is a racist transphobic hater.

  18. Way too early to know if donated CCP VIRUS vaccinated blood is safe, which is doubtful, say not to accept donated blood, for a time. I’m considering also moving to an American free state, anyway, from the Peoples Republik of Kolorado. Ala Tony Heller, a climate science poster, and other similar minded successful and disgusted friends… Tired of being around so many self proclaimed face diaper gullible people. Even I did it for the 2 weeks, plus 3 months until I wised up to truths of porosity, and total pandemic fakeout.

    The PCR is not a test for any infection (per Nobel inventor), and Quest diagnostics cranked it up to 50 times, which is the most of all, according to the tabulations I saw, others in the 40s also massively overdone, should have been in the 17 to 20 max area (hell, Tony F. himself stated 25 or less max!), and still would not be diagnostic, just would have reduced vast false positive rates, just like the vastly overstated false death rates.

    Which is why at pain I have consistently told people it is the common cold virus, nothing else! Even if it is “gain of function” engineered, this one is only slightly worse than the ordinary cold, and still less fatal and threatening as the common influenza virus respiratory illness. The bureaucrats all but few anti-American, and far too many lying or hack MDs, or bought MDs are the reason so many call for the reopening of the Nuremberg trials, of uninformed consent, just about these “vaccines” gene editing injections.

    When you study the true sciences, in detail, you understand, and you need not be schooled to understand the gist of the details of medical lectures and discussions to the molecular level, of the dangers, deceits, and frauds, surrounding this fake pandemic, that coupled with big pharma collusion for big funds, and big Klaus Schwab of WEF “great reset”, Fauci collusion with Wuhan, WHO, and the UN, and Soros, and countless democrat big billionaire sick minded funding of NWO endeavors, all fascist and communist is style, and the earlier Rockefeller plan to bring more than one pestilence into play, each worse than before, ala Revelations, it adds up to a massive set of devils against the knowledgeable, and the GOOD. And not a conspiracy theory left anymore, just a ton of terrible truths.

    And that (possible plan to launch an actual deadly airborne virus, if not injected by trickery) is why it is good to get survival foods, supplies, and some HCQ, and especially Ivermectin, perhaps antibiotic, too, I suspect, laid in in an orderly manner, with knowledge of how, when to use, and when to not use, (medical conditions, such as sarcoidosis, long QTc interval, kidney or organ conditions, lots have ’em unknown, conflicts with other drugs, too, very important, write ’em down, or memorize ’em!)

  19. Regarding big pharma, and irresponsibility in actions, I have a long memory for certain details, way back when Merck was preparing to launch its statin drug entry, the chief science director over it, had recommended strongly to compound it with Q10, because he knew the statins remove CoQ10 from cells which is needed for energy use by muscle cells especially, and others, (hence so much muscle pains reported).

    By compounding, this lead research scientist wanted to minimize the improper effect statins had as side effect upon the muscle energy use. Thus he was both scholarly, ethical, and responsible, too much so for the marketing heads of Merck, who according to my memory got him fired or otherwise punished, according to internet articles which I still remember, from back in the “90s or early 2000, or so.. (I had suffered from it, and had to stop it, finally, after a couple years)

    Merck recently lied or at least corruptly and unethically mislead, about Ivermectin use, vastly obfuscating the truth, which included that they had the patent to produce the Nobel prize drug, expired the patent, and were in line to get big government money to work on Sars “vaccine”. This is not an exclusive story, they are all big pharma in collusion to forestall threats to new bio agents. Although wordy, but educational nevertheless, these two discuss some of he collusion, including specifically recent Merck, here: Bret and Heather 80th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: What Covid Reveals About our Leaders Bret Weinstein 119K views

    And as long as I’m supplying info on a fake pandemic, a massive global hoax upon the population, compared to flu and other occasional but even more serious airborne spread pestilences, which we all actually do live among for which we have our God designed immune system, and guides on how to optimize it, both Biblical, and medical, for whose who wish to avail ourselves of it by self education, by medical experts, on our interweb. Here is a blessedly short explanation of the science data, screen savable, from Ivor Cummings, on how very low is the danger of death from Covid, aka CCP virus,, 3 minutes to see why no vaccine real or gene editing, safe or very unsafe, is needed, PERIOD. Includes govn. data and sourcing: Ultimate Risk Update – The Bottom Line from Real World Data! Ivor Cummins 3m

  20. More on latest and current therapeutics on the respiratory virus, perhaps other respiratory viruses, from the heroes FLCC alliance
    you need to see this if you live on Earth!!! Only a packed hour long, Kory and Kirsh, MDs

    Kory & Kirsch: The Proven Efficacy of Repurposed Drugs for COVID-19
    May 20, 2021

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