Farewell to the Ghost Hospital of the Berlin Fairgrounds

This story reminds me of the facility that the Minnesota state government purchased last year at the start of the Coronamadness: $7 million for a former produce warehouse which was refitted as a refrigerated morgue for an expected wave of corpses of victims of the Wuhan Coronavirus. The building was never used. I think the state later asked the federal government to reimburse them for the cost, but I don’t know if the feds ever ponied up.

The story below concerns an emergency Corona hospital in Berlin that has never been used and is now being dismantled. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Berlin: Millions in tax money gone: Corona clinic at the Exhibition Ground will be dismantled again

The Corona emergency hospital on the Berlin exhibition grounds is to be completely dismantled by September. The clinic was created in spring 2020 as a center for emergencies. However, it was never used.

The unused Corona clinic on the Berlin exhibition grounds is to be completely dismantled by the end of September. A spokesman for the Senate Department for Health confirmed this to the RBB [Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg] on Tuesday.

In spring 2020 the reserve hospital on the Berlin exhibition grounds was set up within a few weeks. According to the authority, around 500 infected and Covid 19 patients could have been isolated and treated there if the Berlin clinics were to reach their limits in the course of the pandemic.

The state of Berlin has so far paid the state-owned clinic group Vivantes around €13.4 million for the Corona clinic. The money covers medical equipment and operations, according to a response from the health administration to a parliamentary question from MP Marcel Luthe (Free Voters).

In addition, the state has been paying the state-owned Messe Berlin GmbH around €1.2 million a month for the use of the space since mid-March 2020, said a spokesman for the health administration. The latter rents the space; Vivantes operates the hospital. The rent mitigates the loss of income at the fair.

The construction costs were initially estimated at around €31 million. According to the spokesman, they are around €24.6 million.

4 thoughts on “Farewell to the Ghost Hospital of the Berlin Fairgrounds

  1. It is interesting. They do not seem to count on “the next pandemic that will be hard to ignore” heralded by Bill Gates…

  2. It was the same in the UK. Several ‘Nightingale’ hospitals were built by the army, but never used. A waste of £millions.

  3. Nice to know they did so splendid a dress rehearsal for when the real fix is in later. I have people (sic) in my own family who froth at the mouth when I tell them this was a govt. played scamdemic for power and money. I’d say Big Brother has done a good job. What is tragedy? A tragedy is when common sense is thrust aside for fantasy. The fantasies the left has are marked by mass graves, lives of the living ruined, and nations turned into waste dumps. I would have thought the Germans would have learned to live within their logic by now.

  4. This traitors spending people’s money throwing away like a toilet paper, Merkel&CO will burn in hell, I’m just stand how this stupid naive Germans will deal with this if they have to live on food stamps soon , unimaginable..

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