To Vax or Not to Vax

According to the most recent estimate I read, about 40% of the American public has been “vaccinated” against COVID-19. My own personal experience is somewhat different — about 70% of my friends and family have taken the jab. To date, none of them has reported any significant adverse reactions, thank the Lord.

I don’t trust any government statistics about the negative effects of the experimental mRNA treatments that are commonly known as “vaccines”. (and its vassals) have been pushing the vax so hard, and spending so much money only glitzy advertising campaigns for it, that they’re hardly likely to come clean about any nasty sequelae. Besides, the government has been blatantly lying about so many things in recent years — why would anyone believe their stats?

That leaves us with anecdotal evidence, plus a patchwork of data gathered by researchers who receive no funding from governments or major institutions. The video below and the two articles following it provide some samples from that unofficial and anecdotal data.

Peter McCullough MD is a consultant cardiologist and Vice Chief of Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Below are some excerpts from a recent interview with him.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

The following two articles were translated by Hellequin GB. The first is from the German-language service of RT:

Pharmaceutical entrepreneur does not want to be vaccinated against Corona: “Do not want to falsify my DNA”

For fear of a possible “falsification” of his DNA, the managing director of the largest Greek pharmaceutical company Vianex does not want to be vaccinated against Corona. He is not alone in this — both proponents and opponents of vaccination are enjoying a media controversy, while the Greek government has already introduced compulsory vaccination for the first professional groups.

Dimitris Giannakopoulos is from one of the best-known pharmaceutical companies in Greece. He is the managing director of the largest Greek pharmaceutical company, Vianex, which was founded by his father. Last week Giannakopoulos said in an Instagram post that he would not be vaccinated against COVID-19. As arguments he listed the extremely shortened development time of the vaccine and the resulting risks. For him, however, something else is decisive:

“A lot of people ask me if I’ve been vaccinated and with which vaccine. No, I haven’t gotten vaccinated and I won’t get vaccinated. Not because I’m afraid of the side effects, but because I don’t want to adulterate my DNA.”

According to the news magazine Telepolis, Giannakopoulos was referring to the mRNA vaccines. But he did not provide any further explanation.

Giannakopoulos’ company Vianex is one of the largest employers in Greece, with over 1,000 employees. According to Telepolis, the company maintains contacts with other pharmaceutical giants such as Merck & Co, Sanofi and Takeda, it exports medicines to over 35 countries, including Germany, and is recognized by the WHO as a pharmaceutical company.

In addition to Vianex, Giannakopoulos holds 50 percent of the shares in the nutritional supplement manufacturer Superfoods SA. This company sells food and alternative medicine preparations. Giannakopoulos is also the owner of the Panathinaikos AO basketball club.

There is a controversy going on in Greece about vaccinating or not vaccinating. For example, the former Vice Health Minister of the Syriza government, Pavlos Polakis, engaged in a public debate in the media with the pulmonologist and intensive care doctor Theodoros Vasilakopoulos. While Vasilakopoulos demanded extensive privileges for vaccinated people, Polakis came up with the argument that these were a punishment for the unvaccinated and for people who could not tolerate the vaccination.

According to Telepolis, fire and rescue workers were the first professional group in Greece to be vaccinated. The employees either have to be vaccinated or can receive their discharge papers.

A translated German-language article from

The role of vaccination in the death rate in India can no longer be denied

Record numbers of rotted bodies wash up on the banks of the Ganges, a major river that flows through India and Bangladesh. A week ago a total of seventy-one bodies washed up in front of the village of Chausa. Uttar Pradesh locals found dozens of bodies while going to the river to bathe. Sixty-two more bodies were recovered along the river in Ballia District, and a dozen more turned up in Gahmar. More than fifty bodies washed up in Mahadevi Ghat, and wild dogs and birds dined on the remains. Dozens of bodies are found every day along the 1,560-mile-long river.

India’s unsanitary and overcrowded conditions are a deadly recipe, especially in rural villages where hygiene, food and medical supplies are scarce. Villages along the Ganges, including Kanpur, Kannauj, Unnao, and Prayagraj, contain makeshift cemeteries along the river where loved ones are discarded in shallow graves. The death rate is spiraling out of control in India, but only after the spike-protein-spreading, inflammation-related Covid-19 vaccines were released millions of times.

Infectious diseases ravage India, from tuberculosis to malaria, as covid vaccines cause severe inflammation and weaken the population Thousands of people die from infections in India every day, and many of the deaths are not recorded in any official registry. Tuberculosis, typhoid, malaria, cholera, influenza, and Covid-19 are just a few of the infectious diseases that have plagued the nation.

A once rare fungal infection called mucormycosis has become opportunistic in recovered Covid-19 patients. Mucorymycosis is caused by exposure to slime mold, which is common in soil, plants, manure, and rotting fruits and vegetables. Another infection that takes advantage of the weak immune system is typhoid. Nearly a million cases are reported in Asia each year. Typhoid peeling can affect the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, kidneys, airways, and gastrointestinal tract, causing pneumonia or death. The infectious disease most affected is tuberculosis (TB) and a variety of drug-resistant variants. India has the highest incidence of TB with 2.8 million cases and 435,000 deaths per year.

Covid-19 has only made the situation worse. People with respiratory problems similar to pneumonia and tuberculosis die from Covid-19, and deaths rise like never before as medical systems collapse. India currently reports more deaths in a single day than any other country in the past year and a half. More than 186 million vaccinations have been administered across the country since January 2021. Why are people in India suddenly becoming more susceptible to coronavirus and other infections after the mass vaccination spurt? Is it because the science of the innate immune system is being ignored and suppressed in order to poison people with more vaccines that cause serious problems like antibody-dependent enhancement (pathogenic priming) and virus interference (increased susceptibility to infections)?

How could vaccination cause India’s sudden death spiral? A private testing company found that two out of three people in India already have measurable levels of antibodies in their systems. Much of the population is currently immune to Covid-19. Why are deaths currently increasing?

More than 186 million vaccinations have been administered across the country since January 2021. Prior to the mass vaccination campaign, India did an excellent job fighting infection and preventing excessive deaths. After the vaccinations, the death rate rose out of control. There are 3,532 circulating Covid-19 “variants” in India today, and all of them blossomed almost immediately after the “vaccines” began to be mass-injected.

The average number of daily coronavirus deaths in India was well below 100 people in the first three months of the global lockdown. The country saw that number surge to 1,000 deaths per day in August and September, immediately after mask mandates were imposed by police state power. The infections subsided by January 2021. At this point, deaths per day were back well below 100. However, when the vaccines were introduced, the death rate rose like never before, reaching 1,500 per day by April and over 4,500 per day in May!

Why would thousands more people die every day if the majority of people with antibodies recovered? Why would thousands of people die every day when millions of vaccines guaranteed immunity? Could vaccine-induced antibody-dependent improvement play a role? Could the vaccines spread spike proteins from the vaccinated and endanger the unvaccinated?

Not only do the vaccines poison people’s bodies, making them more prone to infectious complications (virus interference), they also prepare the immune system to fail if those vaccinated are re-exposed to strains of coronavirus in the wild (Antibody Dependent Enhancement). According to the clinical studies, the Covid vaccines trigger neutralizing antibodies that sensitize vaccine recipients to more serious diseases. In addition, there are tiredness, fever, eye diseases, pain, numbness, facial paralysis and blood clots. The result of the vaccines is evidence that the vaccines are causing severe inflammation and making people more susceptible to a variety of infections. Furthermore, a mass vaccination campaign can cause coronaviruses to develop faster, leading to accelerated adaptation of spike proteins and the emergence of new variants. Scientists in the UK believe that variant B.1.617.2 circulating in India is 50 percent more contagious.

In addition, the vaccines act like bioweapons with autoimmune diseases, forcing people’s bodies to produce spike proteins that can lead to environmental exposure and the rapid development of infectious virus particles. The unvaccinated are exposed to innumerable spike proteins from vaccinated people. These reasons could explain why the death toll in India is suddenly spiraling out of control and why bodies wash up in droves along the banks of the Ganges.

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  1. I’ll head for the last remaining forests and live a Walden Pond lifestyle before jumping into the abyss so that the inbred elites can purge the earth of the useless eater kulak untermenschen scum (sarc) and enjoy “their” playground.
    All this predictive programming talk of a surge this fall is for the vaccinated that they intend to cull.

  2. If you believe Henry Makow our overlords will release in the third quarter of 2021 a virus with a 30% lethality.
    And then the witch hunts against jab deniers will start.

    • 30% lethality: another psyop until proven.

      Witch hunts against jab deniers: has already started

    • Isn’t Henry Makow one of those conspiracy theorists close to Ken Adachi?

      • I dont know Ken Adachi, but some of Mr Makows articles are off to say it politely.

        But on the other hand: I once found somewhere else an article / video “10 things that everybody said was a conspiracy theory and years later they were proved to be wrong” (meaning it wasnt a conspiracy theory but the truth), so I am openminded and keep things in mind.
        And remembering the lies that were told regarding the Iraq war and the Yugoslavia war – Lets just say that our overlords will do whatever they deem necessary to get what they want. They will lie, cheat, murder etc. Nothing is beneath them.

  3. If the VAXX was known to have used puppies or baby seals in its production instead of aborted human baby parts that FDA would not have given the VAXX an Emergency Use Authorization.

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    Dr. Breggin talks book Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We Are The Prey | Origins and Accusations May 26, 2021

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    We are facing a form of an attempt to impose a tyranny, not seen since, and related to the CCP Mao “Red Guards”, with the very worst of social credit scores included, but much worse, even containing elements of “pre-crime” AI, with all the principles of evil control and consequences, built in. It is a nightmare scenario that only maximal education in multiple ways can help brace against. Kiddies have been brainwashed in their educations to have not clue, for the most part. This book is a grand education in the educational fight! IMO

  5. I believe the chinese virus came out of a communist biolab. Intentional release or sloppy chinese workmanship… result was the same.

    But to swallow the madcap theory that the vaccine is a witches brew soecifically designed to kill billions of people… requires me to accept that Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Franklin Graham, Shriners Childrens Hospital, the Veterans Administration, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and millions of others were knowing conspirators. Nonsense… sheer and utter nonsense.

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