German Judge: Corona Measures Violate the Rule of Law

In the following video a German judge named Manfred Kölsch denounces the Corona mitigation measures as wrongheaded and unconstitutional. To emphasize his opposition to them, he states that he is returning the Federal Cross of Merit, which was awarded to him some years ago.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I am Manfred Kölsch. In my nearly forty years as a judge
00:05   I would not have thought that a virus
00:08   could unhinge the German constitutional architecture.
00:12   Federalism is being carried to its grave with the help of the Minister-Presidents.
00:17   The determined incidence level, automatism
00:21   violates the rule of law because it is a measures act
00:26   and the curtailment of individual legal protection;
00:29   this violates Article 19, Paragraph 4 of the Basic Law.
00:33   80 million citizens… are
00:37   being led from one lockdown to the next
00:42   due to substandard PCR tests
00:46   and arbitrary incidence levels
00:50   without any visible success. Those actually endangered are not adequately protected.
00:57   Our children are certainly NOT among the threats
01:02   or the endangered. This has been proven in many cases, and yet daily,
01:08   with tests, masks and soon with vaccinations, they are tormented.
01:14   With a decided incidence number of 165
01:18   which borders on arbitrary,
01:21   the next lockdown is imminent.
01:24   I protest against these disproportionate measures taken
01:29   by the executive, but also against the damaging control of the executive
01:37   by the judiciary. I protest, especially because I
01:43   am now giving back the Federal Cross of Merit that was awarded to me many years ago.

5 thoughts on “German Judge: Corona Measures Violate the Rule of Law

  1. The judge speaks the truth. The same words apply in the United States.

  2. Judge Kolsch is like Noah when only one man spoke the truth the rest of the world’s judciary drowns under the flood of lies.

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