Germany Deletes Itself

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party (the CDU, Christian Democrats, along with its Bavarian sister the CSU) is polling very badly at the moment. It may be unable to form a government after the next general election, but what most people outside of Germany don’t realize is that it will most likely be replaced by the Greens, rather than the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Hellequin GB has translated two articles about the antics of the Greens in Germany. The translator includes this introductory note:

The way I see it, the Greens, along with their goblin (Annalena Baerbock) are already chafing at the bit at the starting line to get into the next Federal Government and the Chancellery. If you can believe the polls of the opinion-making institutes or in the “hurray!” reports of the System Propaganda Media Machine, the Watermelons are already on course for government. A government or government participation by know-it-alls, patronizers, eco-fascists, migration fanatics would not only be a pure nightmare, it would also be the last nail in the coffin for Germany, hammered in with a sledgehammer, unless there is still a big surprise and the voters recognize the dangerous ideology of the Greens. Something I would not take willingly any bets on.

The Greens’ primary goal is to abolish Germany and its indigenous people. If they really get into the Chancellery, Germany is buggered marxistically, and will cease to EXIST.

First, from Die Welt:

Green base wants to delete “Germany” from the title of the election platform

“Germany. Everything is included “— this is the title of the election manifesto of the Greens, on which the base is to vote in a few weeks. However, some party members fear negative associations with the word “Germany”.

In the middle of June, the Greens want to seal the candidacy of co-chair Annalena Baerbock for chancellor at a digital party congress. The election program for the Bundestag election in September is also up for voting . The current draft program is entitled “Germany. Everything is included.” A title that apparently not every party member can get used to. More than 300 party members, including candidates for the Bundestag, have therefore submitted an amendment . They propose that the word “Germany” be removed from the title of the 136-page draft program.

The change was initiated by Michael Sebastian Schneiß from the district association of the Greens in Berlin’s Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. Schneiß works for the Green MEP Erik Marquardt. The applicant suggests removing the word completely, so in future the title should only be: “Everything is in.” The reason is: “The focus of our politics is on people in their dignity and freedom. And not Germany.”

In addition to Schneiß, Daniel Wesener, Parliamentary Managing Director of the Greens parliamentary group in Berlin, signed the application, as well as several candidates for the Bundestag. Also Timon Dzienus, national board member of the Green Youth, one of the supporters. In the past, Dzienus has shown solidarity with the left-wing extremist organization “Ende Gelände” [means in jargon: “End of Discussion”]. The Berlin branch of the climate protection association Ende Gelände was classified as “left-wing extremist” by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution, for example because of “targeted discrediting of statehood” and violence against police officers.

Applicant Schneiß defends his proposal on Twitter. The parliamentary manager of the CSU in the Bundestag, Stefan Müller, had accused the Greens of “a disturbed relationship with Germany”. “I think we have the right relationship with Germany,” replied Schneiß.

“Germany is associated more with nationalist politics”

Another amendment, which omits the word “Germany” in the title, was initiated by Peter Konrad Müller from the Hamm district association. Hamm and more than 20 supporters suggest replacing the word Germany with “green”. The title of the election manifesto should instead be: “Green. Everything is in there. “

The applicants justify their request for a change in the word Germany can be “have a very negative association”. They also see parallels to “Germany above everything” or — based on the “America first” motto of former President Donald Trump — a possible connection to “Germany first”. “Germany is associated more with nationalist politics. And that is in complete contrast to our multinational orientation and our commitment to Europe,” it continues. In addition, the title is “meaningless” and shows parallels to the election manifesto the AfD has chosen, which is entitled “Germany. But normal.”

According to information from the dpa news agency, there are a total of more than 3,500 amendments to the election manifesto. The party headquarters of the Greens also pointed this out to Bild . “More than 3,000 amendments have been received to the draft program,” the newspaper quoted from a statement by the party. These are currently being reviewed by the application commission and processed by the party congress.

A Green side-note from PolitikStube:

The Greens will not care: “Wind power more dangerous than previously assumed”

“After an incorrect calculation of the sound pressure of wind turbines by the Federal Office for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), doctors warn of higher health risks. “Obviously, wind power is more dangerous than previously assumed even at lower sound pressures,” said Christian-Friedrich Vahl, long-time director of the Clinic for Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery at the University of Mainz to Die Welt.

Last week the BGR admitted that it had stated that the noise emissions from wind turbines were too high after an early data collection in 2004. As a consequence, lobby representatives demanded that the federal government further reduce the minimum distance between wind turbines and residential developments. The former head of the Greens and President of the Federal Association for Renewable Energy, Simone Peter, saw it as alleged evidence of the harmlessness of wind turbines, reports Die Welt.

“The opposite is the case, however,” said Vahl, who, as head of the Infrasound Working Group at the Mainz University Medical Center, has been researching the effects of infrasound on cell tissue and organs for years: “After the BGR correction, the complaints of those affected are no longer in the expressed range of greater than 90 decibels, but already in the range between 60 and 70 decibels,” warns the expert.

16 thoughts on “Germany Deletes Itself

  1. The greens always poll strong and then crash out of actual elections (outside of Baden-Wurttemberg of course)

    • Not this time , this time is different, manipulation it’s going on with election big time exactly like on the US.

  2. Amongst the founding members of the German Green party were Rudi Dutschke and Herbert Marcuse. Watch those water melons.

  3. For a people that are supposedly so intelligent there are sure a lot of idiots.

    Maybe they should just stick to making over-engineered cars and subcontract their governance to Poland or Hungary. I doubt even the French could bugger up Germany worse than the indigenous are doing.

    • If you’ve an over-engineered car you don’t need, please send it over here! A 1950s Mercedes 300SL would do nicely.

      • I have owned several, which ultimately succumbed to rust long before their mechanical systems failed. Never owned one made since the 80s when quality took a decided turn for the worse and gadget stuffing replaced quality engineering and perfection of fit and finish.

        My current ride is a Lexus and I will never go back to German cars except for a classic.

    • Come on Moon, this is now the quickest way for the nationalist to takeover and start getting the job done. Democracy here and there is dead, time for the days of the strongman because we all let these marxist bastiges take over without so much as a whimper from us, so let it rain.

  4. Hmmm – Green Party – Isn’t that what the Nazis were when the got 33% of the vote back in the day….

    • Wrong! They were communist, and that is why the brown shirts were formed. Too bad Germany didn’t win WW1, for we could have avoided the whole bloody communist thing.

  5. The radical left/green types that want to turn Germany into a post-national, zero-emission, multi-cultural amusement park, and invite in the diverse peoples of the world to join them – emphasis on diverse – is not Marxist. They are decidedly post-Marxist. For a start, they appear to know nothing of industrial capitalism or how their actions have already impoverished Germany’s workers.

    A real Marxist reminded me of this on May Day. I would have attended their illegal demonstration, but I had already been accosted by the Polizei that day for not wearing a mask while outside with no one else around.

  6. Excellent! The quicker they drive the country into the ground and cause the worst of times(Wiemar on steroids anyone?) the quicker the military can move in and really bring out the nationalist witha bloody minded vengeance. Sorry folks, this is now the only way to save our european people.

    • The entire German military, including file clerks and serving members, plus the entire police force, are already outnumbered by invaders of military age.

      The Germans would need the Polish Army to help.

      • You forgot to mention that already 25% of the German Armed Forces are stacked with Muslims.
        That drives the odds even further down for success, and then the Mess Shotgun Uschi left behind and I’m pretty sure her Follower continues in the Name of the Caliphate of Merkelstan.

        • Hellequin, I am afraid you are wrong on the number of sub human savages in the German armed forces, they are less than 3% if that, the military does a good job of keeping that riff raff out despite the govt calls for more diversity shoved up their backsides, they are really great at making up numbers as they go along. Thank God!
          In case you haven’t noticed, they hold their female defense ministers with utter contempt, when they have meetings, they send Leftnants and Hauptmans to take notes and then ignore them. It is the reason why planes to take the defense ministers to NATO meetings and junkets always seems to break down and get deadlined and why they are always late.

      • It doesn’t matter, once the shooting starts, nobody does extreme tactics better than the Germans, nothing like conflict to bring out the utter ruthlessness of Teutonic efficiency.

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