Fighting Fascism Through Mass Immigration

Nothing says “anti-fascist” like taking George Soros’ money to work with people-traffickers and bring illegal immigrants across the Mediterranean to Europe.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

They show whose brainchild they are: The Antifa flag flies from the bow of the Sea-Watch 4

The Sea-Watch 4 is currently in the port of Burriana in Spain to get the migrant ferry ready for the next search-and-collection mission. Two shots show the (anti) fascist flag on the bow of the migrant cutter; apparently members of the crew belong to the fascist movement, or the NGO — and probably not only this — belongs to the field of left-wing extremists, and now reveal whose brainchild the “philanthropists” truly are.

No information is available on whether the photos were taken in the Italian port or in Burriana, but it does not play a major role.

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5 thoughts on “Fighting Fascism Through Mass Immigration

  1. You want fascism on steroids? Keep letting the 3rd world invade and you will get fascism. Leftist do gooders, the bloody bane of our existence.

      • Yes they are and no one in my family will ever give alms to that bloody organization of traitors.

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