The Flensburg Killer Was an Ethnic German

I reported last night on a horrific knife murder in the German town of Flensburg. In my introduction I noted that in the news report, as usual, there was no indication of the ethnicity of the perp.

When ethnicity is not mentioned, the murderer is almost always a culture-enricher. However, in the case of the Flensburg murder, the killer turns out not to be a “German”, but rather a German — i.e. an actual ethnic German.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this follow-up article from Politically Incorrect:

Flensburg: Jonas N.’s murderer was a German

In the PI-NEWS article from April 4th on the brutal murder of Jonas N. on Good Friday in Flensburg, we complained that neither the police nor the press gave details about the perpetrator’s origin. We suspected the perpetrator was in a social group that has been particularly conspicuous to date, for example when questions of honor and other differences of opinion have been fought with a knife and brought to an end. We therefore asked our readers to ask the press and the police. Without success.

Now a current BILD article behind a paywall makes you sit up and take notice, which provides a perpetrator’s name that must surely be German: Paul. If that is the case, and the report appears credible, then one must state:

The primitive violence that we have been observing more intensely in our country for several years does not originate solely with migrants who have been socialized under a religion that has an affinity for violence. It was a German, a German adolescent, who brutally slaughtered a young man with a knife. And it was a young person of Turkish origin, Kemal, who wept and mourned his murdered German friend in an interview with BILD.

The world in Germany cannot be viewed in black and white; we too have to be self-critical.

The accusation against the press and the police remains: for the truth, all facts belong on the table. This is the only way to prevent speculation and prejudice, not by hiding the facts. And this is the only way to draw conclusions from the circumstances and work towards an improvement in circumstances.

It is important to know that the perpetrator is German so that the school and parents’ homes, everyone who is educating themselves, can face this new development. This was basically also the wish that Jonas’s relatives expressed when they gave their consent to the publication of his name and photos:

“Share this post so that as many people as possible know that we are not hiding and that today’s youth think about what happened there.”

3 thoughts on “The Flensburg Killer Was an Ethnic German

  1. Flensborg is an old danish port city stolen by the Germans. Admiral Dønitz set up a government here after Hitler’s suicide. Hummer was caught here and committed suicide

    • Flensburg has always been German stolen by the Danes and then reconquered, thanks for playing. Ole Himmler was killed by his British captors.

  2. All facts of every crime must be there for us to look at honestly. No use in speaking of justice, the correct punishments, penalties, if we do not do that.

    I can’t even imagine the grief parents go through, losing a child.

    I lost a brother when he was 36. He was my father’s firstborn, born on his birthday. It was so hard on me, I couldn’t fathom what it was doing to him.

    May his parents, and friends find some peace.

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