Alice Weidel to Angela Merkel: You Have Exploited the Corona Crisis to Create a Police State

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are currently vying to see who can use COVID to create the most totalitarian state in the West. Mrs. Merkel recently proposed new legislation that would disempower the German states and centralize political power in the federal government.

Alice Weidel is a member of the Bundestag and the party group leader for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in the Bundestag. In the following video Ms. Weidel addresses the Chancellor directly about the latter’s attempt to arrogate to herself an unprecedented level of political power.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Honorable Mr. President, Madame Chancellor, ladies and gentlemen.
00:04   Never before has a Federal government dared,
00:08   with just a few sentences, to attack so many of citizens’ fundamental rights and freedoms,
00:14   attack the rule of law and democratic principles, as it has with this legislative proposal.
00:21   The proposed amendment
00:25   to the Law on the Protection Against Infectious Diseases
00:28   is an alarming document of authoritarianism.
00:31   This relapse into authoritarianism comes
00:35   from the chancellor’s office and from you, Madame Chancellor.
00:39   Your distrust of the citizens and of democratic and constitutional institutions
00:44   has clearly led the way in this proposed legislation.
00:48   You distrust the citizens, which is why you want to shackle them by day and lock them up by night.
00:55   You distrust the Federal states and their municipalities, which is why you strike with an axe
00:59   at the root of the federal architecture of the German Federal Republic,
01:03   disempowering state governors, state councils and mayors by federal law.
01:07   You don’t trust the courts, the appointed guardians of good governance,
01:11   which is why you shut down local and administrative courts by centralizing them.
01:16   Possibly because they have just recently overturned some of your encroachments on citizens’ rights.
01:24   Now you are granting yourself power of authority, your choice of words, not mine,
01:28   to enact legal ordinances with the consent of the German Parliament.
01:33   We say that curfews and lockdowns are disproportionate and unconstitutional.
01:41   For the millions of people, who don’t live in privileged areas,
01:45   as some members of the Federal cabinet do, this is hell.
01:49   In the fight against the virus, however, curfews and lockdowns are useless, even counterproductive.
01:54   The risk of infection is almost zero in the open air, irrespective of the time of day.
02:00   Arbitrarily setting incident number thresholds as a decisive criterion for such is also absurd.
02:07   These are based on the number of tests carried out, and can be increased at will.
02:12   These tests results aren’t set in relation to the proportion of people who actually became sick
02:18   or the age groups of those affected, which makes them meaningless.
02:24   This is confirmed by many scientists, most recently from
02:28   the former head virologist at the Charité hospital, Professor Krüger.
02:32   Listen to the science is your mantra, but you only listen to the voices
02:36   you want to hear, those which confirm your prejudices.
02:39   You dismiss any objecting opinions as a conspiracy theory.
02:43   However, a differentiated and transparent debate
02:48   is urgently needed in order to make better decisions.
02:53   If your primary concern were really to fight the pandemic, you could have taken
02:57   appropriate and targeted measures long ago — measures that we have repeatedly called for here.
03:03   COVID-19 is particularly dangerous for certain risk groups. These endangered people
03:09   must be offered targeted protection instead of restricting the fundamental rights of everyone
03:13   and crashing the entire country into a wall.
03:18   The prevention of overwhelming the health system is not achieved by locking up the entire society
03:22   or by closing hospitals and reducing intensive care beds,
03:27   but by targeted investment in personnel and infrastructure.
03:31   You have had enough time to do this, but you didn’t use it.
03:35   This amendment is actually for something else. An endless federal lockdown, despite the fact
03:39   we have had five months of “break the wave” lockdowns and have more than proven
03:43   that this primitive recipe does not work at all.
03:47   As a hazard of consequence, you accept the destruction of the middle class.
03:51   You accept that the labor market is destroyed by permanent state intervention.
03:55   You accept that inner cities become deserted and that a whole generation of students is lost,
03:59   along with the death of culture and community life. You seize entire branches of business by
04:03   prohibiting occupation. You expropriate retailers, merchant businesses,
04:06   restaurateurs and tourist businesses by forcing them
04:09   to close for months without any prospect of a way out.
04:13   Countless stores will never open again.
04:16   Generational family-owned businesses are disappearing forever.
04:19   The backbone of the entrepreneurial middle classes is breaking.
04:25   Germany is facing a wave of insolvencies of unprecedented dimensions,
04:30   accompanied by massive increases of depression, damage to children’s souls,
04:34   older people wasting away in isolation, distraught adolescents and broken families.
04:40   These are the collateral damage of your permanent lockdown policy.
04:48   The citizens are losing trust in the government.
04:53   Among them, Westphalian restaurant owners, who when faced with ruin reopened their café
05:01   out of desperation. Promptly the regulatory office strangles them all the more with high fines.
05:08   Citizens have lost confidence in a government that sends police squads
05:12   to break up pensioner birthday parties and chases children off the football field,
05:16   but allows drug dealers to do business in parks.
05:20   Citizens have lost confidence in a government that sends police officers with yardsticks
05:25   to harass people seeking recreation in a park, but tell police officers to stand by idly
05:30   while [culture-enriching] clans celebrate large weddings.
05:35   For more than a year you have exploited the Corona crisis
05:38   to enforce regulations that, under normal conditions,
05:41   would never have been legally permitted. Travel bans, contact bans, assembly bans
05:45   and tearing down the last demarcation line when it comes to national debt.
05:50   Now the EU debt union can undermine the budgetary rights of the German parliament
05:54   and take the German taxpayers hostage for spending orgies in Brussels.
05:59   Now, under the pretext of infection protection, you’re trying to introduce emergency legislation
06:04   which will bypass the constitution through the back door.
06:08   Such legislation is not provided for by our constitution for good reasons.
06:14   This essentially means that you want to place citizens
06:17   under general suspicion of being potential health hazards,
06:20   deprive them of their basic rights and lock them up.
06:25   It would be grotesque and wrong to give such far-reaching additional powers
06:32   to a government that has failed so often, so blatantly and broken the law.
06:38   The AfD party therefore rejects this legislative proposal
06:42   out of a deep liberal and democratic conviction. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Alice Weidel to Angela Merkel: You Have Exploited the Corona Crisis to Create a Police State

  1. That evil communist woman.

    How is she still there in power after all she has done to destroy u all?

    For years on and on, she is still sitting there, and how can it be??

    Only [an intemperate recommended solution] will get rid of that evil evil evil german communist killer.

  2. Marvelous speech. Merkel has all the signs of being a dictator. I hope she realizes that she has lost the next election, which is just as well, since she exhibits dictatorial behavior.

    I wish Germany well and hope the country comes out of this pandemic relatively unscathed.

  3. This Alice Wiedel , I just love Her , she wonderful, she should be a next chancellor for this dying country running by high traitors and total idiots !!

    • I like Alice Weidel too.

      As to a country run by high traitors and total idiots, those are just reflections of their voters, and in Germany (and the USA) there are far more idiots and traitors who vote than there are sane voters. The West has already descended into an idiocracy that will more than likely require extensive purges, civil wars, and outright dictatorships to even begin to correct.

      You can vote your way into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out…

  4. Every dictator needs a sign and a salute.
    What will Angela Merkel use?

    My two cents:
    Sign: German flag with a white circle in the middle and in the white circle a mask.
    salute: moving your hands to your ear (as if you want to put on a mask)

    Sorry, white circle is so racist, black circle or rainbow circle instead?

  5. “Honeckers revenge” a.k.a. Angela Merkel won’t retire until her job is done, Germany is done and the term “Republikflucht” has been revived…

  6. These opposition party’s are powerless,
    And also they are under surveillance by the merkel SS, germany is in the grip again, of the commmunists, its incredible, i was in Berlin in September 1989, just before the wall came open, and i cannot believe as i sit here writing this message in 20 April 2021, 31 years later, that this woman Angela merkel, has led germany back into communist nazi tyranny.

    Its clear that she and all other politicians are just puppets, and following the orders of the davos Illuminati globalist bankers and tech billionaires who are the real bosses of the world. And everything else. Who have now come out of the shadows.

    What will happen to any politician who goes against them? They b killed in car accident??

    In germany theres 80 million people be8ng held hostage by a bunch of marxist communist tyrants operatin* a medical tyranny. The germans like in 1989, must revolt now, it’s the only way! Do it fast!

    • Totally agree with your comments and wish that our US Congress had a few more like Marjorie Taylor Green who reminds me of Ms. Weidel.

      The Bidenista Junta is run by the same globalist / corporatist elites who are hell bent on destroying liberty, freedom, civil rights and the middle class.

      I have never seen anything like it in all my years following politics. In the People’s Republic of New York, it is getting worse by the day.

      Our state assembly passed a bill that will mandate the muzzle masks/ face diapers/Jew Badges forever.

      Meanwhile, the Scamdemic is officially OVER by any metric. If the corporate media was not lying and shilling for the Demo-commies, they could never get away with what they are doing.

    • If we are going to be historically accurate, what that commie Merkal (God how I utterly despise that woman) is doing is communism, not naxism, for the bloody naxi’s would have never allowed the 3rd world to flood the nation like the bloody commies are doing, nor putting the current policies in place.
      What is coming is military coups because the situation is untenable and once the strongman has taken over, there will be a reckoning soon that all these spineless, feckless, weak traitors and their international world overlords will pay the devil his due soon, take it to the bank.

  7. And her point is?
    Commies gonna commie.
    Germany got what it voted for.
    At least Biden had to cheat.

    • Until the night of the General’s who give their own version of The Night of the Long Knives, it’s going to be bloody epic. LOL

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