The Coming Climate Lockdowns

A reduction in hydrocarbon emissions has been one of the side effects of the COVID lockdowns. This fact has not gone unnoticed by “climate change” activists, who would like the pandemic lockdowns to morph into climate lockdowns — permanently.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Air instead of quality of life: The Admonishers Club DUH is happy about the lockdown standstill

What began with viruses and aerosols is eagerly taken up by environmental activists and climate-protection enthusiasts who are keen on regulation, in order to make everything that is natural and livable in the future too lousy, to give us a guilty conscience and make us understand the sheer existence of humans as a malfunction: The Admonishers Club “German Environmental Aid Association” (DUH) would like to continue the lockdown forever — because after its end air pollution will increase again.

Jürgen Resch, managing director of the dubious lobbying organization with a clearly anti-auto industry and therefore anti-key economy agenda, complained on Saturday in the Rheinische Post that nitrogen dioxide pollution especially in the cities will rise again after the lockdown: “ We fear that pollution with nitrogen dioxide, the diesel exhaust poison, will increase significantly again when people are once again more mobile at the end of the lockdown, but try to avoid buses and trains and get into the car instead.” That is why the cities now have to “set the framework conditions right” and, within a few weeks, significantly expand and improve the cycling infrastructure so that people “at the beginning of spring use the bicycle instead of the car.”

These are definitely the problems that are currently bothering Germany and its municipalities. Unused, crumbling inner cities, hundreds of thousands of imminent bankruptcies, business closings, millions of people who already no longer know how to make ends meet in the future — but so-called “environmental officials” take possible air pollution, in a country that already has strictest exhaust and pollutant emission standards in the world, as a pretext to abuse people with new rules of conduct and nuisance.

More cycle paths and driving bans in dead city centers

And just as the pandemic-obsessed argue vis-à-vis Corona, who reduce our entire existence and the responsibility of politics exclusively to a selective protection of life from certain viruses (and hide all collateral damage caused by it), for Resch every end justifies the means even in lockdown: what always helps “air quality” has to be good. Looking at a pollutant report presented on Friday by the North Rhine-Westphalian Environment Minister Ursula Heinen-Esser (CDU), Resch cheered the “quality increase”: “However, the effect of the Corona pandemic was much stronger than assumed by the state government.” At the same time, Resch sees the improved air quality as a success of his DUH lawsuits, which gave Germans a series of driving bans: “It is gratifying to see that our complaints about clean air are finally having an effect.”

Somebody like the DUH functionary would probably prefer eternal standstill in the cities, a return to the emission values of the Roman Empire. Clean air, but no more life? In some skulls, ideological obstinacy has already gone that far. Another case of “Operation successful, patient dead”… this once again parallels the lockdown. (DM)

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  1. CC denial, very disappointing. Please stick to anti Islam issues to retain your credibility.

    • Firstly, the claim that climate change is real and is caused by human activity is not settled science, along with whether or not it would necessarily be a bad thing if the atmosphere became warmer or had higher levels of CO2.

      Second, the proposed solutions, treaties, and existing legislation have nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with extending government control over every facet of human activity and liberty under the guise of saving the environment and stopping globull warming.

      The hypocrisy of the elites who are agitating and scheming for these blatant grabs of freedom and destruction of economic activity is as unbelievable as it is audacious. Jetting off to swank resorts in private jets by the hundreds from their luxurious and sprawling multiple mansions, the uber-wealthy and privileged along with a smattering of useful idiot true believers like Saint Greta of Wokeberg should tell anyone with more than a room temperature IQ all they need to know about the sincerity of our would-be enslavers. Reporting on this topic by GoV is fair game, since the same evil elites are also behind the Great Replacement and the flooding of all western lands with islamic savages as one facet of their efforts to reenserf us all.

      • One thing to realize is that many of the “woke” actually believe their cant. They believe that the US border crisis is the result of Trump ignoring the problem of immigration, and that the earth will flood, freeze, and boil in the next few years unless we shut down our hydrocarbon economy. They also believe that a black can’t walk out of his house without getting attacked by either police or white supremacists.

        Who knows whether the people who actually greatly profit from the climate grift are aware of their con game? Greta Thunberg has been brainwashed from early childhood to make a living for her activist father, so she probably sincerely believes her own shtick, although she seems quite aware of the fact she can’t sustain an actual debate. AOC is an interesting case; as a graduate of Boston University, once a real center of learning, she probably was occasionally exposed to critical thinking. So, what does she do with that small part of her brain that realizes what she says is complete nonsense?

        • I think AOC is not a true believer in climate change per se, but sees it like most politicians as a way to increase their power and control over resources and their subjects as well as their own personal aggrandizement. While I strongly disagree with her professed views on most things, I do have a great deal of respect for her and think people make a serious mistake in mocking her supposed lack of intellect. She is highly intelligent judging by her actions, and most of the things she does are either for publicity or working towards her goal of unseating the dinosaurs in the Democrat hierarchy. The stuff she has to utter in public is just for public consumption of fools who support her and I don’t think she has a problem with cognitive dissonance since it is just the means to an end.

          • It seems to me you’re saying that she has no real beliefs except for gaining power, but will work to unseat the centers of power in the Democrat Party. OF course if you assume what someone says is totally apart from what they believe, if anything, it’s difficult to discern what they’re all about.

            She has street smarts, but I wouldn’t call her intelligent in the sense of actually knowing facts or logic. Her very funny claim that the earth will end in 12 years is a prediction that didn’t gain her much, but could come back to haunt her. Likewise, her claim to be in deadly danger from the disruptors on Jan 6 when she wasn’t even in the same building. Rather, to me, she seems a hysterical personality, easily swayed by emotion. She’s what Edward Dutton would label “head girl”. Possibly very bright, but very conventional; she is very aware of rules and social conventions, so she rises quickly in the leadership of bureaucratic organizations, but wants to eliminate any truly brilliant person as being too disorganized and individualist. If she ever attained leadership, she’d be pretty much a mirror image of Nancy Pelosi: very efficient organizer, ruthless disciplinarian and superb power grabber, and totally unconcerned with truth or ethical considerations.

    • Carbon Dioxide represents 0.038% of the gases that make up the air. I do not find it credible that the focus on reducing CO2 as a greenhouse gas can have any impact on the worlds climate.

      • Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, makes a great argument that more CO2 would benefit us all.

  2. People are allowing this Wuhan flu lock down crap to go and on. People are petrified by hours of fear mongering by the ruling class approved TV propaganda that people watch endlessly because people are locked up in their flats with nothing else to do. If people won’t fight back and ignore the Wuhan lock down orders of the ruling class people will deserve the meaningless miserable impoverished lives ahead.

  3. The push to expand immigration and the push to shut down all technological activity have a common root: a deep wish to destroy the European culture, society and civilization. Cultural Marxism held out the objective of destroying the current society to open the door to a Marist revolution. It is perfectly acceptable for cultural Marxists today to forget the ultimate goal, and simply coast along on loathing for European culture.

    The ultimate objective is to institute a technological dictatorship, or oligarchy, that will dissolve all individual and group identity. Small businesses will be forced to close, and people will ride the trains once a week or so to pick up their allotted groceries. Or, perhaps, everything will be delivered by a fleet of Amazon-style drones running on the electricity that was created by bird-killing windmills or poisonous, rare-earth solar panels.

    • In part it has been picked up on like dystopian novels & films.
      But just what is the “injustice”?

      Bread & Circuses, like Rome having the gladiators, wild animal challenges etc.

      The grand entertainment of “Hunger Games”, so “Let the Games Begin” as many youth today believe they are up to speed to play. thinking as winners they get things sorted & will take all.

      I am not into these things, as like how some get through wars, truth can be even stranger than fiction.

      Power, control, greed, elitism, corruption, lack of principles, ‘Lysenkoism’, seems to take every body down, or does it?
      Will a remnant survive to be able to restart?

  4. I’m distressed reading all this tired, thoroughly debunked waffle. It is not just CO2 but pollution in general, and if anyone here says we are not [mess]ing up the planet he is a [person whose intelligence I deprecate].

    Before anyone makes false accusations I am not extreme left nor extreme right and I despise the WOKE buffoons. But above all, I hate Islam with a passion and want to know everything I can about this vile ideology.

    • Well, if you think a claim concerning the climate is bunk, then debunk it. Supply facts and rational arguments. If you make an argument, it doesn’t matter if you’re extreme, pro-or-con Islamist, or how woke you are. The argument is what’s important.

      By drilling down on claims of pollution and climate warming, you get interesting results. CO2 is actually a plant food: the more CO2 in the atmosphere, the more forests, plankton and grassy fields there are. The climate of the earth has been warming and cooling for millions of years if not longer. Pollution is actually related to wealth. Wealthy people are willing to pay to live in comfortable surroundings. The biggest polluters are third-world countries scrabbling their way up. Once they achieve a level of prosperity, they spontaneously become interested in preserving the environment.

      So, this is a pretty intelligent website focused on polite, rational argument. If you make an assertion, the proper response is not to accuse you of holding this or that position, but to make a logical argument against your assertion.

      • A lot of our crap, especially plastics (most of which are not recyclable) gets dumped in third-world countries, to the detriment of the locals’ health. It couldn’t happen without the connivance of the authorities there, but that doesn’t absolve us.

        • A lot of their crap, especially Muslims (most of who are illegal alien and want nothing but death to the locals in one form or another) are greeted with taxpayer cash handouts and free accommodations for life to the detriment of the locals wealth and health. It couldn’t happen without the connivance of the authorities here and the local BAIZUO. Yes? Poverty is rising all across Europe. No?

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