Massacre in Tillia

Last week I reported on a massacre by Islamic zealots in Niger. The country is 90% Muslim, so the ongoing attacks are directed at the small minority of non-Muslims who live in the westernmost part of Niger.

This past weekend saw more atrocities against civilians in Niger. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this French-language article from ActuNiger:

Massacre in Tillia: At least 80 civilians killed according to a provisional count

March 22, 2021

The toll of the massacre reported yesterday (Sunday) in the villages of Intazayene and Bakorat, in the department of Tillia, continues to grow. According to local sources, more than 80 civilians were executed in cold blood by armed individuals during a deadly raid they carried out in this zone of the region north of Tahoua, located not far from the border with Mali. Investigators continue to search for other victims beneath the rubble of tents and charred homes.

The toll remains provisional awaiting the official statement from the government, but according to local officials, less than 24 hours after the tragedy at least 80 bodies have already been found, among which are women and children. Some of the bodies were found beneath the rubble of tents housing women and children, which were set on fire by the attackers.

The attackers are believed to have come on motorcycles and fired blindly at everything that moved in the villages of Intazayene and Bakorat as well as the wells of Wirstane and encampments at Akifakif. According to the same sources, the villages and encampments that were targeted mostly housed Touareg people.

Hundreds of animals were also carried off by the attackers, who were reportedly, according to local sources, local members of the terror group Islamic State of the Grand Sahara (EIGS), who are very active in this zone situated not far from the border with Mali.

Black sequence

This latest massacre of civilians comes after that perpetrated just a week ago near Banbangou, also near the border with Mali, when approximately 60 civilians were executed in cold blood by unidentified armed individuals. A few weeks ago, about 100 civilians were executed under almost the same conditions, also in the area of the three borders where the attackers targeted military camps in the recent past.

“In these painful moments for our country, after the cowardly and barbaric attack carried out in Tillia, I send my most sincere condolences to the families of the victims and wish a speedy recovery to the injured,” the outgoing president, Issoufou Mahamadou, stated, who assured his audience that, “everything will be done to see that these crimes don’t go unpunished.” A government statement is expected in the evening to announce new security measures as the country prepares for the inauguration of the new president of the Republic on April 2, 2021 after a rather tense electoral cycle that lasted longer than three months and represented the first democratic change in the history of Niger.

— A.Y. Barma

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  1. It’s bloody Africa, this happens every single damn day there, and people still act surprised. Keep letting these savages here and Europe and we will be like Africa with all the fun that comes with it, I mean who doesn’t want Africa in their neighborhoods? Just look at what the bloody muslims from whatever cesspool they crawled out of and how great that is working out? LOL

    • To be fair, prior to the flooding of western lands with the basest of orcs from islamic and african sumps, the few ethnic africans I knew contributed quite a bit to improving my perception of Africa as opposed to the endless internecine wars, genocides, starvations, and general backwardness of Africa that as a child growing up in the 80s I was exposed to every night on the news. I had a welding instructor in college for example, who was a Nigerian and his wife was from Côte d’Ivoire. He was incredibly intelligent and one of the hardest working teachers I ever knew. Both of them were more Amercan than most Americans. African and Jamaican blacks had a reputation back then of being more industrious and more motivated than native born american blacks, and the ones I knew looked down on the native born thugs loping down the sidewalks with the backwards ball cap, untied basketball shoes, and baggy pants or shorts fallen down to mid thigh the better to display their boxers to the stupid young girls who flocked to them.

      I think what has changed has been the awarding of visas now through invader resettlement schemes and diversity lottery scams vs those who had come here previously under a much more restrictive immigration system whereby only the best and most motivated representatives of their former nations were allowed entry. When I worked in retail sales for a time a few years ago, the African customers were always trouble; they disrespected the female employees, made a mess and let their brats run amuck, tried to haggle, and invariably bought nothing because they had no money in the first place. This is more representative of the new arrivals from Africa and it is a shame when the prior immigrants who were truly immigrants in the original sense of the word are tarred with the same brush as those who didn’t earn their place here in the West and represent the worst of Africa.

      • You and I both have met the exception to the rule, but the rule remains the same. I spent too many years in Africa dealing with the bad sort to be bothered with the exception, you stayed alive longer that way. All you have to do is see Rhodesia and South Africa to see what happens when you go from white rule to black rule, it looks like any black commiecrat run city in America today and only getting worse.

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    • Voice typing is not nearly as good as claimed! AI is not very intelligent is it 😖

  3. WOKE Western media will ignore the slaughter in Africa because it doesn’t fit their contemptible agenda.

  4. Western media tries it’s best to avoid telling the full story; BBC call them ‘militants’, Al Jazeera ‘fighters’ rather than the devout Muslim terrorists they are.

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