Renewable Frostbite in Germany

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Frozen energy transition: Without fossil energies we would freeze to death now!

Bernd Gögel:

The current “winter roller” — perceived as a “natural disaster” by a public who will only be susceptible to horror alarmists in ten months’ time, although it is a normal, normal winter beyond all global warming narratives — is currently leading us above all, bear in mind that the “energy transition” is life-threatening, on a wrong path.

The visions of “renewable energies” can be bragged about at climate conferences; government policy can be greenwashed — for example, when Angela Merkel, deliberately dumbing down the masses’ speech at this year’s Davos Economic Forum, claims that Germany “now generates more than 40 percent of its energy from renewable energies” — although this misleading number only refers to electricity, i.e. electrical energy.

Without the share of fossil and nuclear power, Germany simply could not survive a cold spell like the one it is in now.

When there are few hours of sunshine and massive snowfall, hardly any energy can be drawn from so many installed solar energy systems — with the result that coal-fired power plants in particular currently have to run at full steam.

If the demands of delusional madwomen like Luisa Neubauer and her Fridays-for-Future sect, but also her Green sympathizers, had been implemented with an immediate phase-out of coal energy, Germans would now have to cut down their forests — and then, of course, cause even more CO2 toxicity — pushing logs into fires so they don’t freeze to death.

In Central Germany in particular, as the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung reports, the coal-fired power plant in Schkopau in the Saale district and the one in Lippendorf in Saxony have to work at full load in icy, sometimes [negative] double-digit temperatures.

Once again it is clear that alternative energy is a fair weather event in Germany.

The bizarre requirements to which the “energy turnaround” leads, which continues to worsen the ecological and carbon balance of renewable product forms, can be seen in the de-icing of frozen and ice-laden wind turbines by kerosene-powered helicopters.

Or in the total uselessness of electric cars, whose batteries simply cannot be used in the cold. In many cities, parts of the public transport system collapsed — because e-buses break down due to the cold.

Brave new “energy transition” world! It would not be surprising if, with this total structural failure of alleged green future technologies, their proponents secretly hope for a rapid and powerful global warming — in order not to endanger their self-deception.

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  1. It is necessary to steal the virgin Greta and sacrifice her to the Russian pagan evil spirit Karachun – the personification of death, cold, frost. Karachun was celebrated during the Winter Solstice. Later he was reborn into Old Man Moroz (Frost) -consonant with the name Moros, which in Greek mythology personified death.

    Maybe he would have liked the virgin Greta and stopped being so angry.

  2. My old Geography degree has kept me interested in “the study of the earth as it relates to man” for many years. I firmly believe that the excessive impact on climate stated in AGW theory is Leftist propaganda. I also think that there is a strong chance that we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum similar to the Dalton Minimum due to a variety of evidence from sunspot activity to very obvious changes in the Jet Stream patterns going from latitudinal to meridianol (with amplified troughs and ridges).
    This brings very erratic and worsening weather changes and accompanying crop failures we have seen over the past few years.
    Much of the world will be a colder, wetter and hungrier place over the next three or so decades and That is what requires serious planning and preparation on a global scale to avoid the
    disasters that the current “head in the sand” climate change idiocy will bring upon us.

  3. And a funny secret is that it is Czech coal and Nuclear what subsidizes german solar and wind in days like these… I red in the Czech media that this year the germans reached nearly 100% of Czech energy export capacity, and were not far away from rolling blackouts themselves. If they dismantle one or two more powerplants, it may be it.

  4. I am enjoying the fact that cold, cruel, harsh reality of this green energy nonsense runs right into brutal reality when the temp drops. May the green indoctrinated useful idiots enjoy the cold.

  5. I understand that the helicopter clip was shot in Sweden in 2014, not Texas recently. But maybe that’s a quibble.

  6. May the green idiots freeze to death. Epoch times has good book showing it is all garbage to make some people rich and others die of cold.

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