Lockdown for Thee, But Not for Me!

As reported here previously, former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is on trial for “kidnapping” due to his actions as interior minister in closing Italian ports to migrant ferries run by NGOs. The judge in the case is a fellow named Nunzio Sarpietro.

As it happens, Judge Sarpietro was recently discovered dining in a restaurant in Rome, in an “orange zone” where no restaurants are allowed to be open because of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Like California Governor Gavin Newsom, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and many other grandees, the esteemed judge is not bound by lockdown rules — when he wants to dine out with his daughter, he dines out with his daughter. Let the peons stay at home and eat gruel!

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

01:43   This is the restaurant where Judge Sarpietro entered.
01:48   Judge… —My God! — If you — with restaurants closed
01:52   in all of Italy, in a full pandemic, in full lockdown, are in a restaurant eating…
01:56   Look, I am here with my daughter… —I understand,
01:59   but being with your daughter allows you to not respect the law?
02:03   …in the only place in which I could be with her in a tranquil moment.
02:07   And it isn’t minimally, it is nothing. —No problem, by law, the restaurants are closed,
02:11   and the judge is in the restaurant and says there is no problem.
02:15   Uh, OK, you want to make a statement; do what you want.
02:18   I need to see my daughter and had nothing else to do. —How many other Italians
02:21   would like to go to lunch or dinner with their daughter in an orange zone and cannot?
02:25   Look, you tell me one thing; I’m in a red zone in Sicily, I haven’t gone out to lunch
02:28   in a long time, and I am just a poor guy who can’t see so many friends
02:34   who, among others, I have lost through the pandemic.
02:37   So you know how important it is to respect the anti-Covid rules. Why don’t you respect it?
02:41   In fact, I am respecting it here with… —Certainly! You are respecting it,
02:44   but are eating in a restaurant in Rome, in an orange zone
02:47   where in theory, the restaurants, by law, must remain closed.
02:50   OK. I’ve earned some particular prize, right? —Isn’t it serious that a man of the law is the first
02:54   to not respect the law? —No, it isn’t respect for the law, and if there is a violation,
02:58   if you find me in violation, I will pay. This was also expected.
03:02   I can’t do it because I’m not a cop. —Call a cop and he will do it.
03:06   Yes, aside from the violation, however, isn’t there a general behavior, according to you,
03:09   that is being respectful to those citizens who, on the other hand, respect the law? Towards those
03:12   restaurants that remain closed and those citizens who therefore choose not to go to restaurants?
03:15   Look, it’s not that I can find excuses
03:19   or particular justifications. It is a situation
03:23   in which, I repeat, to see my daughter and all this. For the rest, if I have made a mistake,
03:26   I have made a mistake; I admit, I confess, but this doesn’t bring
03:30   any kind of problem as to how one is a magistrate, believe me.
03:33   [Unintelligible] Some suspicions could arise.
03:36   If a magistrate is the first to violate the law, what kind of magistrate is he?
03:39   Look — if these were excusable sins,
03:43   which we are discussing, we could have a long discussion, even years. The law is a sacred thing.
03:49   The law is a sacred thing. In fact, here is how he respects the law.
03:53   And this I will defend. The law is a sacred thing, but it is sacred…
03:57   Are you at this moment respecting the law or not? Tell me. —At this moment,
04:01   I am violating a regulation, which is an ulterior and successive element —
04:05   and this violation of the regulation is something that can
04:08   be considered not sharable, but there are many other serious things.
04:11   Yes, I understand, but if the regulation says that, in order not to get Covid, it’s better
04:16   that restaurants are closed, this behavior of yours is surely the opposite behavior, right?
04:20   My behavior I maintain is super-safe, and that it is a situation in which,
04:24   there is absolutely nothing particularly serious.
04:28   It’s not that I am saying, “I am here — I respected,” I have committed a violation, OK?
04:32   It’s all here. —All here. OK, but excuse me, is the restaurant open only for you?
04:36   Uh, now I don’t know, they have probably afforded this courtesy because my daughter is here,
04:40   They have opened, that’s all, but not for me — a courtesy they have afforded,
04:43   but I don’t think this is anything dramatic — come on!

4 thoughts on “Lockdown for Thee, But Not for Me!

  1. He looks like a communist, the arrogance’s on his face, he believes he is a big shot, and he rules over the peasants.

    These are very very very dangerous people.

    How can it be Salvini is accused of anything?

    Soros is funding this abuse, and soros is laughing at us all.

    G soros must be detained ASAP.

    • Soros detained you say? How I do laugh at the naivety of the Europeans and quite a few Americans and Canadians who think they can win this fight by playing by their rules. LOL

  2. When Salvini is accused, he only needs to quote the same defense that the judge has made.

    Case dismissed.

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