Mask Up, Untermenschen!

The following video is a propaganda ad put out by Hamburg public transportation designed to prod citizens into wearing their masks when riding the bus or the U-Bahn. My inclination would be to pull off my mask to just spite this obnoxious woman, but that’s just me.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Speaking Frankly with Erna
00:03   It’s simply disgusting to breathe in what you’ve exhaled while wearing a muzzle.
00:12   Oh man, you poor thing. No one stops you from brushing your teeth.
00:17   Wearing a mask for longer than 20 minutes is damaging for the lungs and brain.
00:24   There’s thousands of videos on YouTube about it. Goodbye, mask mandates.
00:33   What I think is, thousands of videos on YouTube are damaging for the brain.
00:39   Do I have to push something, or does it work by itself?
00:43   Looooool, you all believe everything the media tells you, don’t you? VICTIM!
00:52   It is all created by Bill Gates, who just wants to make money and chip us all!
01:01   Yeah, sure, of course. Now I’ve got weather, what’s with the weather?
01:07   All those that have supposedly died from Corona up until now were old
01:14   and would have died anyway, so please just stop these sh***y mask mandates.
01:22   Listen up buddy, I would like to have a little more time
01:27   with my grandchild, but you definitely aren’t the one who decides!
01:35   Wear a mask and we all have one thing less to worry about.

3 thoughts on “Mask Up, Untermenschen!

    • Correlation doesn’t imply causation but likely there’s more than a casual relation in her case.

  1. The intelligence content of her video is zero. No arguments for, no arguments against. Her grandchildren will appreciate her reasoning up to about the age of 7, when the capacity for concrete logic kicks in.

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