Quick, Pass the Hammer — Germany is Still Alive

The two articles below (translated by Hellequin GB) illustrate the devastating effects of Germany’s stringent COVID-19 policies. It’s as if the country’s putative leaders were deliberately trying to destroy its economy and cultural life.

First, from PolitikStube:

She is far from done with us: Merkel is planning to tighten the lockdown further

According to Angela Merkel, there is still room for improvement in terms of tightening the lockdown measures. The measures may be even stricter — and in view of the current development, this has apparently been planned for a long time.

One sentence from Merkel makes you sit up and take notice in this regard. In her remarks, the Chancellor spoke at a press conference on January 7, 2021 about home office work and the appeal to employers to enable this form of employment.

Merkel said: “We are really relying on the willingness to enable many home offices wherever possible. We have not yet decided on the reverse, because we also see many good examples of companies, businesses and authorities — I know that from our own experience — offering home offices on a wide scale.”

Afterword from the translator:

I’d like to see her call a plumber and get him to tell her over the phone how to unblock her sewer pipe, and then send her an invoice for that work.

The second article is from JournalistenWatch:

Worst fears are confirmed: More and more suicides among artists and the self-employed

From the beginning of the pandemic, Jouwatch pointed out the underestimated principal risk of the corona measures, the lockdown and the associated shutdown of social and cultural life: increasing suicides, massive incidence of suicidalness.

The mainstream media are now also seeing the problem. Especially in the creative and self-employed scene, the number of cases is increasing — hushed up by politicians. Nobody knows exactly how many people the crisis has driven to suicide. But the numbers have to exceed all dimensions. Undertakers, funeral orators and chaplains report exploding case numbers.

Unconfirmed information only occasionally appears that during the first lockdown in Berlin alone, suicide rates more than ten times the normal average for this period were observed. No one is surprised.

When AfD members of the Bundestag sent a small question to the Ministry of Health in the summer about whether the government was monitoring the development of suicide rates in the Corona crisis, they received the disturbing answer that such surveys were not carried out, that the regular numbers of the Federal Statistical Office were being used, which would not be published for the past year until 2021.

As if 2020 were a year like any other.

How is something like this possible?

Hundreds of billions of euros are being sunk, but no funds are being disbursed, let alone an effort monitor the possibly most obvious and immediate effects of unprecedented unreasonable demands and restrictions on the life and freedom of citizens?

A quiet dying

In Welt, the author and film director Tom Bohn presented the shocking plight of many artists and cultural workers, who had been deprived of their livelihood for almost a year, who were starving to death at the outstretched hand of marginal state aid and, above all, mentally and socially going to the dogs.

Especially for stage actors, but also film actors, small artists and musicians, who often have a sensitive and sentimental disposition, the consequences of isolation, deprivation of the audience and thus feeling they are superfluous as a result of “not being used”, are psychologically serious.

Bohn reports of a series of suicides from a milieu that represents the spiritual backbone of this country and from which the air is being stolen. He writes of the “quiet death” caused by the suicides of well-known artists: “The numbers of artists and creative people who have become unemployed are, however, nowhere to be found. Nor the number of desperate acts. In my circle of acquaintances there are now five colleagues who have recently considered suicide. And talked about it openly. Five!

“An actor I know personally has been sitting in his Berlin apartment for two months, no longer going out on the street or answering the phone. The empty pizza boxes are piled up in his living room. His agency initially took care of him. Now only his daughter does it. And he draws a conclusion in the form of questions that Corona politics should definitely take to heart: Will the death rate decrease if you are ready to walk over corpses?

5 thoughts on “Quick, Pass the Hammer — Germany is Still Alive

  1. Suicidal insanity, RIP. Deutschland , You gave this old rug&CO .what You voted for , this is Your new reality.. sad

  2. There has certainly been an increase in both attempted suicides and number of suicides among those who have lost their jobs or much of their income. I know of this anecdotally. The covid zombie war against the working classes. I know of somebody who committed suicide three weeks ago today, in his thirties, a neighbor, was suffering from depression during my city’s endless lockdown.

    This is why when we look at the death stats during this mad time period, we need to see the breakdowns, suicide, murder, accidents, cancer etc. The spike in suicides will certainly be used by the authorities in a dishonest way. That is they will collate it all with overall deaths, and then say the spike is due to the covid excess. The same cynical cheating can be expected with the record number of drug overdoses in 2020 in the USA, also doubtless contributed to by the lockdowns and job layoffs. Young and middle-aged people are dying as a consequence of lockdowns and the resultant unemployment and isolation, these same lockdowns are there because old people are not living forever and disappointing us by dying, at no higher rates and numbers than previous years mind you. The young must die, children must be psychologically damaged, the bizarre rationale for this being the need to terrify ourselves because old people are dying. All this insanity catalyzed and manifested, since it was always there in the background, by the discovery of a new virus, and everybody’s brains fall out.

    Important to stress that the denial of death in old age, hence the denial of death, is fundamental to this covid insanity.

  3. Recently in The Netherlands a pensioner in his 80’s jumped of a 9th story balcony to his death.
    He could not face the loneliness of yet another lock down.

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