Multicultural “Justice” in Sweden and France

The following two articles translated by Gary Fouse describe legal action taken against culture-enrichers in Sweden and France. The crimes committed by the various “youths” share some similarities, and the punishments imposed on the perpetrators in both cases are roughly the same.

By European standards, the courts threw the book at the offenders. By American standards, the mischievous youngsters got off with a slap on the wrist.

The first article from the Swedish news site Exakt24 concerns an attack on two white boys in a Swedish cemetery that occurred last year. The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 50%:

Prison for torture of Swedish boys in a cemetery

January 7, 2021

[Photo caption: Mohamed Amin El Hani, 18 and Ali Janai Asl, 21 get mild punishment]

Over the course of a night, two immigrant men beat, threatened, raped and tortured two young Swedish boys in a cemetery. The boys’ injuries were extensive and their tormenters’ sadism stands out, even among the increasing number of “humiliation robberies” that are directed at ethnic Swedes. Now the two men, Mohamed Amin El Hani, 18, and Ali Jahani Asl, 21, have been sentenced to prison for 5½ years and 9 years respectively for a long list of charges.

The second article is from the French regional daily Paris-Normandie. The perpetrator’s name is not mentioned, so I can’t give you a Mohammed Coefficient for this one:

Sentenced to eight years in prison for the rape of a young man in Rouen

January 7, 2021

A man has been sentenced by the criminal court of Seine-Maritime for raping a young man in an apartment in Rouen.

At the beginning of the week, a man of Afghan origin was sentenced by the criminal court of Seine-Maritime to eight years in prison for raping a young man, aged 19 at the time of the crime, in June 2019 in Rouen. The court also imposed a definitive ban from French territory against him. The prosecutor had requested twelve years’ imprisonment with sex crime registration.

He denies the facts

The complainant had passed the accused on the street when the accused invited him to his home for a drink. The accused then locked him in against his will for several hours before raping him in his room. From the window of the room where he was being held, the victim cried for help. The man finally freed him. The perpetrator of the crime denied the acts during two days of hearings that were conducted behind closed doors. He claimed that the sexual contact was consensual.

“This act has had important psychological consequences for my client,” the civil lawyer for the victim, Clemence Rousselet, commented soberly.

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  1. Somalis and Afghans are the worst of the culture enrichers if you ask me. Most of the more extreme cases of violence like this are from them.

    • Yes , Afghans, Somali, Nigerians , they very brutal and horrific with the crimes, reap , murdering, very , very aggressive. And this garbage Germans, French , Sweden, British, Dutch importing in millions..,

  2. That’s not taking the Swedish “good behavior” reduction into account.
    That gets time taken off the sentence after 75% is served.
    So it’s more like 4 years and 6 years, respectively.

  3. Do you not get thrown off a building by your community for doing that? Is there a hadith that permits this? If there is it should be made public.

    Dont worry.
    Those, ahem, enrichers will go for a retrial and there they will claim that the victims used racial, homophobic, islamophobis etc slurs against them. Then they will be pitied as victims of racism etc and released. And of courrse they will be given money, time on TV to preach against racism etc. Short: They will be turned into heroes.
    And the real victims will be given jail time because if an enricher claims you used vile language against them they are 10000000% trustworthy and you are not.
    IRONY OFF (or not)

    I must admit I wouldnt be surprised if that what I wrote as irony would happen in real life.

  5. European savages must show respect for other religions and races. More Swedes convert from atheism to Islam.

    • Respect you have to earn!!!, if Islam don’t have respect to coming to my country and demanding everything from hard working people, and not even mention to integrate, so they have to go back to thier homelands very quick..

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