We Want the Syrian “Refugees” to Stay!

The following video features an interview with Thierry Baudet, who founded the Dutch party Forum for Democracy (Forum Voor Democratie) and was its leader until he stepped down from his position on November 23 of this year. He is still a member of the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of the Dutch parliament.

In the interview (which was recorded on November 11, before he resigned) Mr. Baudet discusses the fact that there is a significant faction within the Netherlands that is resisting the repatriation of “refugees” to Syria, even though the fighting there is largely at an end.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Mr. Baudet, Syria is safe again. There is going to be a conference in Damascus.
00:04   Syria is willing to take its people back, namely the refugees.
00:08   In the entire world, over five and a half million people, two hundred thousand in the Netherlands
00:12   I thought were necessary for the rebuilding.
00:15   The Chamber is not in agreement; you want the state secretary to go there.
00:20   Yes, what we see is as entire period of the Syrian events played out.
00:26   The largest parties have not wanted people to be able to return and actually go back.
00:30   And then we have elections, and we get all kinds of talk from the VVD (Forum for Freedom
00:33   and Democracy) and the CDA (Christian Democrats) that they want to curtail immigration.
00:36   But this is a very concrete example that people can return.
00:40   In many cases, the people want to go back.
00:44   In many cases, they have also been back there for a vacation to visit family.
00:48   Assad and the government in Syria have now said they will have a conference
00:52   to organize the return of the people. The conference begins tomorrow,
00:57   and I thought the Chamber must call for it,
01:00   and we have also asked the State Secretary about this question.
01:04   That is a call for the VVD to go there, fly there, let it be known that the Netherlands
01:09   in every possible way wants to cooperate to help people return,
01:12   and then solve several problems at once on immigration, integration problems in the Netherlands,
01:16   as well as the housing problem, because
01:19   at this moment 80,000 residence permits are held by status-holders from Syria
01:24   while we have a huge housing shortage in the Netherlands for Dutch people. So, altogether.
01:28   It is incomprehensible that the Chamber’s thinking is now just paralyzed.
01:32   Well, you are told here that you can’t send people back to a poison gas murderer,
01:36   terrorist, I know all the bad names he is called.
01:41   Yes, we have had many debates over this. I have a different view
01:45   of that conflict than the established parties.
01:49   I think that there has especially been a destabilization of Syria by the West,
01:55   and that without Assad, however far you are from Assad,
01:59   without Assad, the situation would be much worse than now,
02:03   but what you also find from the past, now it is in each case,
02:06   order is largely restored.
02:11   Syria is no longer a war zone, and the government has said,
02:15   “We will grant amnesty and bring everyone back, rebuild again, and go on.”
02:21   Yes, if you still say, based on the situation, “Yeah, never mind.”
02:25   Thus, you are there to promote immigration, then you must
02:28   honestly say it as you obviously want, but
02:31   you see what happens here in the Chamber. They refuse to cooperate to organize a return.
02:37   But can the people who want to go back return? —The people who want to go back
02:40   can just go back, and the allied state must take care of them. It is five years
02:44   since people came here. That means they all can now get a permanent residence permit.
02:48   That means they can bring their families over, let them come over.
02:52   That means they can gain access to our social benefits. Not wise.

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