Subservient in Serbia

A refugee-welcoming official (female, of course) in Serbia caused a ruction and got herself into hot water at a migrant camp when she accidentally trod on one of Allah’s sacred prayer rugs.

Many thanks to László for translating this article from the Hungarian-language Serbian media outlet

Rampage of invaders: migrants go wild and humiliate a Serbian woman into the dust at the immigration center

December 27, 2020

Migrants (young men only) housed in the Bogovađa reception center near Lajkovac in western Serbia recently caused a serious incident.

After a 34-year-old female official of the Serbian High Commissioner for Refugees, who supports unstoppable migration and provides comfort and privileges for immigrants, accidentally stepped on an Islamic doormat (or, to be polite: a Muslim prayer rug), the immigrants began to rage.

To calm the mood, the woman agreed to the humiliation of kissing the “desecrated” piece of cloth.

The satisfied migrants began to “Allahu Akhbar”.

After many people were able to see what happened via social media, the Serbian regime could no longer take it lightly.

The police arrested (for the sake of appearance?) two underage Afghans, although it is clear that many (perhaps the complete “population” of the reception center) were involved in the incident, and therefore mass deportation would probably be the only logical solution.

However, it is likely that the two arrested perpetrators will be released soon. Unfortunately, it is also possible that the humiliated woman will continue her activities.

One of the attached videos shows the incident and the other one reflects the atmosphere in the Lajkovac reception center.

See the original article for the videos. Without knowing the language or detailed context of the situation, however, I wasn’t able to get much out of them.

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  1. If Serbia had been independent things like that would not have happened. Serbian people have suffered so much at the hands of Turkish and Albanian invaders that they have no illusions about Muslim immigration. However, the country is governed by puppets of the woke Western politicians and financiers. Those puppets do whatever their masters demand and lead their country to its final destruction.

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