Sneaking the “Refugees” Into Spain

According to the following video report, the Spanish government has been quietly transferring some of the flood of migrants from the Canary Islands to the mainland, while denying that it is doing any such thing.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Following these videos circulated by WhatsApp, the unified police union denounces
00:05   the government for the transfer of 200 migrants from the Canary Islands
00:09   to Granada and other locations on the mainland.
00:12   The mayor accuses the Interior Ministry of shifting the problem from one place to another.
00:15   Minister Marlaska has relieved part of the situation by sending flights to the mainland
00:19   and randomly distributing them from there throughout Spain,
00:23   because they have no idea that today, we don’t know
00:27   these people who have arrived — where they are, where they have gone, what has been the roadmap.
00:32   The Vice President of the Andalucía union feels the government has been unfair in not advising
00:37   of a transfer, of which today a spokesperson for the government said they are unaware.
00:41   We are unaware of any authorized displacement, transfer
00:44   of persons who are not in legal status.
00:51   Government sources claim that the migrants came with their papers in order, and that they paid
00:55   for the flight from the Canary Islands where they also claim they were given a PCR [Covid test].
00:59   But the Office of Spanish Immigration Network of Andalucía does not trust this version,
01:03   suspecting that the government might be emptying the Islands to avoid saturation there.

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  1. What with all the old people being systematically kill off and the young leaving to find work, spain will in the near future be a negro, muslim out post of Africa .

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