Canaries in the Coal Mine

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube about the massive ongoing “refugee” crisis in the Canary Islands:

Daily costs: €300,000! Tourism association issues ultimatum: 6,000 Africans have to leave hotels!

For 6,000 illegal migrants, the paradisiacal accommodation is likely to come to an end soon. The tourism association of the Canary Islands has given the state an ultimatum: the guests have to leave the hotels and be quartered in emergency shelters before December 31st.

The daily costs for the 6,000 illegal migrants amount to €300,000, an incredible €9 million in tax money per month. The accommodation in 16 hotels, partly four-star hotels like the Waikiki, was a temporary stopgap solution, but also a great insanity. The pictures of the front of the hotels, of the well-equipped apartments and hotel rooms, the pools, the buffets, etc. were sent home and so encouraged other illegal migrants to go on the trip and pay for a place in a boat to cross over to the Canaries. reports:

The patience of the tourism industry in the Canary Islands has run out. Fears that the current migration crisis could damage the archipelago’s economic recovery prompted the tourism association and the municipalities of Mogán and San Bartolomé de Tirajana to present the state with an ultimatum: The state is requested to move the 6,000 or so migrants quartered in 16 hotels to other accommodations before December 31, and to use the daily costs of around €300,000 for the announced emergency accommodation.

Afterword from the translator:

Governments and NGOs are always virtue-signaling so quickly with other people’s money. And at the same time those same governments and NGOs push for more draconian laws to battle a “pandemic” that never was and destroy the livelihoods of the same people they force to pay, with their taxes, for the upkeep of the invaders. Something has to give, and when the damn dam breaks it will be ugly, and can be laid fair and square directly at the feet of those advocating for mass immigration, Multiculturalism and Corona measures.

I seriously hope that there will be new Nuremberg Trials, when sanity finally triumphs over the virtue-signaling and immoral preachers of morality.

6 thoughts on “Canaries in the Coal Mine

  1. Who wants to stay in a disease ridden hotel. God knows what these disease ridden enemy aliens have left. Just think about it. These buildings need to be torn down and brand new certified environments build. Enough!

  2. Hmm, its a surprise to these fools that feeding pigeons or seagulls tends to attract a lot more of them and right quick? It also leads to one getting defecated upon too. I suppose elected officials are the same everywhere though, which is what one gets when the only demonstrated skill is the ability to win (or buy) an election.

  3. Send them back !!!, it’s no use of this savages, reapists, Spanish people should rise up for this catastrophic invasion, they want just money that’s all , and crime , crime .. what is the purpose to bring this 3th. World invasion,?? Disgusting and crime against Europeans..

    • Islamic State followers participators and ideology believers are ‘plotting Christmas terror attacks in UK and Europe for publication of Prophet Mohammed cartoons in France, ex-MI6 spy warns as Macron announces plans to close 80 ‘extremist’ mosques Inevitable really and the government would have known it would come to this. Wonder why they invited so many in to be paid for by the tax paying citizens? We are into a major war for our survival. Ban Mien Kamph (sic). Close the enemy barracks. Macron is strong. Bozo and Priti are fat and ugly..

  4. It is too late to fight it, or reverse it, through the means the state allow us – elections, and elected representatives. That is just masturbation, and is no more effective.
    The muslims will be my army. The muslims will go to war. The ruling elite, their jack-booted thugs, their informers and collaborators will be the targets.
    And they will fry, slowly, horribly.
    All we have to do at this point is remind the muslims that this is dar-al harb, and their god demands that muslims kill kufar.
    It is a duty and a virtue.
    Then, get out of the way; and never help the state or their supporters.
    Do harvest the proceeds of routine military corpse looting, but otherwise, let them boil in their own swill.
    It is the only weapon left.
    It is a terrible, and effective weapon.
    I am enjoying this enormously.

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